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10Mila video selection: Get in the 10Mila mood!

trackinghighHere is a selection of 10Mila videos to get you in the right mood ahead of 10Mila. Relive the Slowmotion video from 10Mila 2008, the tracking highlights from 10Mila 2007, the 10Mila Petzl video from 2008 or some of the other great 10Mila content available on the Internet. Enjoy!

Do you know about more great 10Mila videos which can set the WorldofO.com readers in the right mood? Please add a comment below – and I’ll update the post accordingly… All videos are courtesy of either YouTube.com or Blip.TV.

10Mila 2008 – Slow Motion video (really sets you in the mood…)
10Mila 2007 – Tracking highlights
10Mila 2008 – Petzl video

10Mila 2008 – Summary from WebTV broadcast
10Mila 1984

10Mila 1985

10Mila 1986

10Mila 1987

10Mila 1988

10Mila 1989(1)

10Mila 1989(2)

10Mila 1989(3)

10Mila 1990

10Mila 1992

10Mila 1993

10Mila 1995(1)

10Mila 1995(2)

10Mila 2002

10Mila 2003

10Mila 2006 – suggestion from Ivan Banov

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  1. Translated lyrics to the clip soundtrac suggested by Ivan Banov


    I surround myself with emptiness, so I could see
    To learn what I feel
    And to know
    Now I must go alone
    Move without a shadow
    Some must be left behind, so another can find the end

    I shun this moment, avoided, I feared it so
    It must come to an end
    The time has come

    Until the last hourglass
    This will be the end for so much good,
    So much Beautiful
    Which limbs have died
    It has to go like this
    Even if I wanted to deny, tried to preserve
    But I know it will be in vain to
    Postpone mercy

    Evil signs of silence fill everything
    Every moment present so distressing, even if I turn my head away
    Even if I close my eyes, the picture will remain and will not go away
    But does not come to me, but keeps on staring

    This road will bring us down
    Can not go on
    It can’t be like this
    It must end
    The time has come