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10Mila LiveBlog all day&night – 1400 unique visitors

Want to Replay the excitement of the 10Mila night? The 10Mila web-TV coverage was going down and up during the day and night – but the WorldofO.com LiveBlog was full of activity all the time from Saturday morning until Sunday morning. This was definitely the 10Mila-night I’ve felt the least tiredness – and this was thanks to everybody contributing to a nice night! You can take a look at the recorded version of the LiveBlog below.

Thank you to everybody contributing! I’m sure this is not the last time we’ve seen a Coveritlive.com Blog on an orienteering race. And of course – congratulations to the winners: Halden and Kristiansand who provided us excellent entertainment along with the others fighting in Sweden!

Some statistics:

  • Total unique readers: 1406
  • Writer Comments Published: 910
  • Reader Comments Published: 827
  • Images: 80 shown
  • Polls: 46 shown
Replay of LiveBlog

You can replay the excitement by scrolling through the LiveBlog below:

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