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Öberg chooses technical orienteering in Finland

– I really enjoyed to run such a big event in a challenging forest on a course that offered demanding orienteering from the first to the last step, Swedish orienteering star Peter Öberg answers when asked about the best course he run in 2010. Öberg’s pick is the Jukola relay, where he ran a great race andhad the best time on the 6th leg with nearly 2 minutes for OK Hällen.

WorldofO.com has interviewed Peter Öberg for “The Course of the Year 2010″ – you can read more about “The Course of the Year 2010″ here, including all the suggestions by WorldofO.com readers – and also suggest your own courses and win great prizes by Trimtex and sun-o.com (more info about prizes and sponsors below the interview).

Interview with Peter Öberg

Thanks a lot to Peter Öberg who took the time to answer a few questions for “The Course of the Year 2010″.

Q: What was the best course you run in 2010 – and why?
The Jukola relay (see map here). I really enjoyed to run such a big event in a challenging forest on a course that offered demanding orienteering from the first to the last step..

Q: What is the worst course you run in 2010?
I don´t want to judge what´s worst but I got disappointed at the WC-race in Finland before Jukola because I know there is so much good orienteering terrain to offer in south west Finland.

Q: What is the best course you have run ever – if you must pick one from the top of your head?
The world cup sprint race in Sälen during O-ringen 2008 (Editors comment: see map here).

Q: Are the courses generally getting better, worse or staying on a level?
In general it´s getting better but sometimes the organizers are focusing so much on getting a good arena that they forget to think of the map and the course.

Q: What is the most important ingredients in a course in order for it to be a good course – in your opinion?
At first it has to be a great area and a very good map. Then it´s even better with a good atmosphere at the arena. A good course offers a good mix of legs and demands many different orienteering skills such as, direction, detail reading, simplification, route decisions, etc.

Q: What are your goals for next year – and how do you change your training and focus in order to reach your goals in 2011?
I have recently had a surgery in my heel so right now I´m focusing on getting back on track again. If I´m back in full training in march I will aim for WOC in France. I have not been so much in that area but I guess I need to train hills, running and orienteer on stony ground. Mabye also some altitude training in the beginning of summer and before the championship.

Prizes from our Sponsors

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