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Number Three: – Because this is real orienteering

– Maybe the best course I have ever run, was the comment from a very tired reigning World Champion Olav Lundanes after the race. – This is the kind of courses I long for all the year, he continued. The readers of World of O have voted the course to be the third best course in 2010 – we are of course talking about the World Cup race in France in the Annecy region this October (see map above).

Links to the map and coverage of the race:

The voting for “The course of the Year 2010″ finished yesterday – now the top 3 courses are presented one each day until the winner is revealed on Thursday along with the complete list.

  1. Revealed November 25th 2010
  2. Revealed November 24th 2010
  3. World Cup France 2010, 8370 points

The courses at the World Cup races in France were tricky, but still had several interesting route choice legs.

Example leg: W21 control 12-13

Below you see the route choice leg from 12 to 13 in the womens course. The fastest one on three of the main alternative routes (of the runners with GPS tracking) is shown – runners are Simone Niggli, Sara Lüscher and Lena Eliasson. The positions at which the runners have used the same time for the leg are connected (kind of a “contour plot”), in order to show the development on the leg. From the illustration it is clearly seen how all runners have the same speed for the two first minutes, but then Niggli increases her speed for the next few minutes down the track – and also chooses the best route in the last part of the leg. You can see the complete course in GPS replay here. There was also an option to go even more right, but that option was even slower than the ones shown here.


Another interesting way to compare the routes of Niggli and Eliasson is to draw a line between their routes every second, to see how they move along the routes relatively to each other. Expect to see more of these types of illustrations in Route to Christmas starting early in December.


Prizes from our Sponsors

Prizes from our Sponsors always makes it more fun! There will be a prize for the course setter in “The course of the Year 2010″, a price for the first one suggesting the course which ends up becoming “The course of the Year 2010″, and finally prizes drawn among all suggesting and voting.

Sponsors for “The course of the Year 2010″:

  • trimtexTrimtex sponsors “The course of the year 2010″ with 10 prizes. More information about the prizes to come. Trimtex Sport make technical team wear for athletes in clubs and companies. Trimtex’s products are world-leading within function, design and quality, whether it’s for cycling, running, skiing or orienteering.
  • sun-o.com sponsors “The course of the year 2010″ with a voucher for a 2011 Sun-O Camp, value of 150 Euro. Sun-o offers orienteering travel-packages in Spain and Portugal, combining high quality terrains and varied O-maps, in regions with rich culture and sunny climate – organizing your O-holidays from from start to finish.
  • For the record: All sponsor gifts/income related to “The Best Course of 2010″ goes directly to the WorldofO.com readers.

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