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World Cup Final: Photos and Ranking updated

Runner profiles have now been updated with 1000+ pictures from the World Cup Final, the World of O Ranking has been updated, the results archive has been updated and photos from the World Cup final have been added to the World of O Facebook page and many have been tagged with runner.

Gueorgiou and Jansson

The best orienteers at the end of 2011 according to the World of O Ranking are Thierry Gueorgiou in the mens class and Helena Jansson in the womens class. The World of O Ranking is designed to tell who is the best orienteer when it really counts (see details)! Points for different results are set based on this – giving a lot more credit for a gold medal compared to silver medal – and very little points when you are out of the top 10. Also, the World Champs count twice as much as the European Champs, and four times as much as a World Cup race (NOC and JWOC results also count).

This year it is interesting to see that the official IOF World Ranking gives the same two runners on the top as the World of O Ranking.

Best in each discipline

The World of O Ranking is also designed to tell who is the best runner in the different disciplines – as there is currently no other ranking scheme for international orienteering giving any information about this. At the end of 2011 Daniel Hubmann is on top in the Sprint ranking while Thierry Gueorgiou tops both the middle and long distance ranking. In the womens class Linnea Gustafsson leads the sprint ranking, Helena Jansson the middle ranking and Dana Brozkova the long distance ranking. Note that in the overall ranking, Simone Niggli is still in second spot overall after her fantastic season last year.

Who was the best man and woman orienteer in 2011?

With 3 individual WOC gold medals to be given out in both the men and women classes – in addition to the overall World Cup – it is not always clear how to determine who was the best orienteer of the year. What is most important – a WOC gold medal or the overall World Cup? Is the winner of the classical long distance the best orienteer in 2011? The World of O Ranking is one way to answer the question of who was the best orienteer in 2011 ; Thierry Gueorgiou among the men and Helena Jansson among the women. What is your opinion?

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