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The Orienteering Achievement of 2011

Read about the fantastic achievements of the 2 French, 1 Norwegian, 4 Swedes, 1 Czech, 4 Swiss, 1 Romanian, 2 Finns and one Dane who are nominated for The Orienteering Achievement of 2012. Then post your vote for your favourites, and be part of the drawing for prizes worth nearly 2000 Euros!

2011 has been yet another year full of great orienteering achievements – and as we now are moving towards 2012, we follow the tradition and decide the greatest of achievements of the year. The annual poll to find the best Orienteering Achievements of the year is organized by the major source for international orienteering news on the Internet – World of O.

In the vote for “The Orienteering Achievement of 2011″, the best achievement of the year is to be named – and not necessarily the best orienteer of 2011.

Prizes for “Lucky voters”

Prizes valued to nearly 2000 Euro are drawn among lucky voters. The rules are as follows:

  1. A person can only vote once in each of the categories (if several people share one internet connection, only one can vote, as the IP address is used to identify the voter along with the email-address of the voter).
  2. Prizes from our sponsors will be drawn among all people voting.
  3. The winners will be made public after the poll closes at World of O.

Main sponsors for the Orienteering Achievement of 2011 are Prague Easter/Sandstones.cz and Croeso 2012 – each offering transferable prizes valued to 400-500 Euros consisting of a full orienteering package including hotel/apartment for 6 days! Other sponsors are POM 2012, OOCup, Croatia Open, Fjord-O West, JK 2012 and EOC Tour 2012 – more info about these sponsors and what they have to offer in the sponsor presentation below.


On December 5th, all nominees are presented at World of O. The winner is decided in a vote amongst all the readers of World of O between Monday December 5th and Monday December 12th. The winners will be announced December 14th. Go directly to the voting page for “Achievement of the Year 2011″ here:

Spread the news

Help making the poll as representative for the international orienteering community as possible! Spread the news about the poll, by publishing an article about the election on your website, and encourage people participating. Please use this link:

Of all websites with on average more than 50 visitors/day who link to the poll after it has been opened for voting, four websites will be drawn who will get a free “Sponsored Link” at World of O. Websites with on average more than 200 visitors/day will count triple when linking to the poll. Send an email to Jan@Kocbach.net with the sites address if you want to be part of this draw for free sponsored links. Sponsored links may be to any orienteering related page or product – must necessarily by the website drawn.

These images may be used when writing about the poll:

Big image with pictures of all nominees

Main sponsor 1: Prague Easter & Sandstones.cz
  • Prize offered: 2 transferable starts at Prague Easter 2012 + double room with half board for 6 nights at Lesni hotel, Doksy + sandstones.cz trainings of free choice.
  • The Prague Easter event (see website), organised by Kotlarka club in the nature protection area of Kokorinsko, has already become almost as traditional as the other unique-but-strange czech easter habits. 3-day event, ended by a chasing start, in the demanding rocky areas. Great opportunities for sightseeing as

  • Sandstones.cz (see website) is a project focused on group orienteering trips to the famous czech sandstone areas around Doksy. Sandstones.cz organizes performance elite camps, as well as club trips, where the enjoyment is the only goal.

Main sponsor 2: Croeso 2012
  • Prize offered: Free entry for two for 6 days of orienteering, 22-28 July 2012. Free campus accommodation for two, in a flat with single en-suite rooms (or same-sum subsidy for other accommodation), Free coach transport from the campus to each day’s event, Free rest day activity, either: a dolphin watching boat trip or a trip into the mountains on a narrow-gauge steam railway.
  • Croeso 2012 is a 6-Day event based in Wales, ‘croeso’ being Welsh for ‘welcome’. The event is organized from 22-28th July 2012.

Event sponsor: POM 2012
  • Portugal “O” Meeting offers two transferable packages of two starts each for the Portugal “O” Meeting 2012.
  • The Portugal “O” Meeting has become the international season opener for the world elite and hundreds of other orienteers spending a week or two in the Portugal in February and March.

Event sponsor: OOCup 2012
  • OOCup 2012 offers a package consisting of two transferable start places for the OOCup 2012 competition.
  • OOCup is a 5 Day orienteering event organized annually in Slovenia. The event is famous for its Karst orienteering and excellent combination of orienteering and holidays.

Event sponsor: Croatia Open 2012
  • Croatia Open offers a package of 2 transferable start places for the Complete Croatia Open week with accommodation in Sport Hall included
  • Croatia Open is a 4 day orienteering race – offering you 4 different types of terrain from extreme karst to mediteraean and continental terrain. “Croatia open” attracts more than 600 competitors from 30 countries offering you great orienteering holiday – combining orienteering with holidays on the Adriatic coast.

  • Fjord-O West 2012
    • Fjord-O West offers a package of 2 transferable start places for the complete Fjord-O West week 2012.
    • Fjord-O West is a four day race in the beautiful valley of Voss, organized from June 26th until June 29th 2012. Voss is a small village in the heart of the famous westcoast Fjords of Norway close to Bergen. The event can be combined with O-festivalen organized in Beitostølen the weekend ahead of Fjord-O West 2012.

    Event sponsor: JK 2012
    • The JK International Festival of Orienteering 2012 offers a transferable package of two starts for the 3 main days of the competition.
    • JK is a 3 Day event organized in Scotland, 6th – 9th April 2012. A full social programme will be available, including Wine or Whisky tasting and a Ceilidh.

    Event sponsor: EOC Tour 2012
    • EOC Tour 2012 offers a package of 2 transferable start places for the complete EOC Tour 2012.
    • EOC 2012 is an orienteering festival with four day public races which will be held in conjunction with EOC2012. 17th-18th May, Arena Skattungbyn, Orsa, 19th-20th May, Arena Lugnet, Falun.

    Orienteering Achievement of 2010

    The winners from the Orienteering Achievement of 2010 were Olav Lundanes and Simone Niggli. Help decide who will win “The Orienteering Achievement of 2011″.

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    1. i suggest a “team achievement” for 2012.

      • You wanted one for the French Team in 2011? :-)

        • Even if there are not so much relay in orienteering, but team achievements are at least as important/beautiful as individual achievements on my opinion. Want it in 2012, no more comment for this year ;-)