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POM Day 3 WRE: Map and Results

[Updated with full map] Thierry Gueorgiou did it again: Crushing the competition in Portugal O-meeting – running an incredible sub 34-minute time on the 6.4 km course. Daniel Hubmann was closest – nearly 1:30 behind. In the women’s class Lina Strand took the victory – after Simone Niggli lost the victory due to a 2-minute time loss in the last part of the course.

The start field was a World Cup race worthy – especially in the men’s class were Olav Lundanes, Matthias Kyburz, Oleksander Kratov. Philippe Adamski, Tue Lassen, Baptiste Rollier and Dmitiy Tsvetskov followed Gueorgiou.

– The best terrain I found in Portugal, Thierry Gueorgiou said after his impressive win. – It was a very nice middle distance course with many micro route choices. It was really important to not get lost in the green.

In the women’s class Lina Strand’s victory was with nearly half a minute – with Lena Eliasson in third just behind Niggli. From Eliasson down to number 4 there was a gap of more than 3:30.

Video interview: Thierry Gueorgiou and Lina Strand

[Note! Not optimal sound/video quality for the interview]


Thanks to the organizers for providing full maps:

Partial maps:
men8-11 women1-2 women9-11


Webroute – what would you choose, Men 1-2?

This leg from 1-2 is typical of the type of challenges you meet in this type of terrain. You can choose to go all the way around to the left, but that is bound to be too long. Going straight is shortest – and probably also fastest if you can still hit the control at full speed. Going right and following the small path the first part of the leg you can keep high speed while still knowing where you are – but then you are “trapped” and need to cross over. Probably the best choice is a straight variant where you use the path in the green ahead of the control and the big cliffs just to the northwest of the control in securing a good hit.

Results men
1 101 Thierry Gueorgiou 79 [5326] G1 France O Team 33:51
2 102 Daniel Hubmann 83 [5137] G1 Swiss Orient 35:17
3 107 Olav Lundanes 87 [5285] G1 Halden SK 35:40
4 111 Mathias Kyburz 90 [5137] G1 Swiss Orient 35:59
5 108 Oleksander Kratov [5303] G5 Orievents Team 36:28
6 104 Philippe Adamski 85 [5326] G1 France O Team 36:35
7 110 Tue Lassen 85 [5134] G1 Danish NT 36:40
8 103 Baptiste Rollier 82 [5137] G1 Swiss Orient 37:07
9 123 Dmitriy Tsvetkov 83 [5102] Dmitriy Tsvetkov 38:01
10 116 Tomas Dlabaja 83 [5099] OOB TJ Turnov 38:08
Results women
1 510 Lina Strand 88 [5284] G1 Göteborg-Majorna 37:55
2 562 Simone Niggli 78 [5137] G1 Swiss Orient 38:22
3 502 Lena Eliasson [5302] G5 Domnarvets GoIF 38:25
4 514 Saila Kinni 87 [5201] Tampereen Pyrintö 42:08
5 522 Céline Dodin 79 [5326] G1 France O Team 42:56
6 505 Rahel Friederich 86 [5137] G1 Swiss Orient 43:09
7 509 Sara Lucher 86 [5137] G1 Swiss Orient 43:23
8 590 Annica Gustafsson [5322] G1 IFK LidingöSOK 43:24
9 516 Nadya Volinska [5303] G5 Orievents Team 43:42
10 535 Riina Kuuselo 78 [1816] Individual GBR 44:00

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