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Jukola GPS: WOW – what a night of mistakes!

Halden mistake control 10
What a Jukola night! Getting through the night without big mistakes was the road to success in this year’s Jukola. A lot of interesting mistakes to study now when the GPS tracking has been released.

Only a few of the “highlights” are included in this article – please add a comment if you find some which should have been mentioned…

Halden – leg 4

The big mistake which cost Halden the possibility to fight for the victory was the 10th control on leg 4. This was a massive one! Millegård explained after the race that he injured himself already on the way to the start control, and had to fight all the way with the injury.

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Here is another one for Millegård – at control 3:

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Leg 4 – control 1: The control that crunched a lot of hopes

The first control at the 4th leg crushed a lot of hopes. There was not one team making a 6-7 minute mistake – but rather 5-6 teams. You can feel the frustration of the runners out there ….

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Leg 4 – control 7: Another one bites the dust

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Leg 1 – control 1: The problems started already from the start

Of the teams having the southern control – none of the GPS tracked teams had the “mental strength” to break away from the queue and run towards their own control. Results: Nearly 2 minutes lost for many top teams.

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Leg 1 - control 1

All the GPS tracking from Jukola & Venla

Here you find all the GPS-tracking from Jukola & Venla. Remember that you can also compare your own GPS tracks with the best runners in 3DRerun.

Replay all the action: LiveBlog

You can replay all the action in the WorldofO LiveBlog from Jukola 2012:

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  1. It wasnt millinger, but millegård.

  2. Thank you for compiling this excellent coverage! It’s nice to have the ‘juicy bits’ picked out for my viewing. :)

    Rebecca Jensen, COC, Seattle, WA


  3. I suspect that the southern control 1 on leg 1 (as well as leg 2 & 3) is actually located 15-30 m further east from the center of the control circle, very close to where there is a boulder on the map:

    When you study the GPS tracks above, you’ll notice that pretty much every runner stops and punches very close to the edge of the control circle.

    A single GPS track is obviously not reliable, but when nearly all of them seem to punch in the same location, independently of the direction they hit the control from, then it is very likely that the map has a localized error there.

    PS. The fact that I personally lost 8 minutes here on the 3rd leg, has of course nothing to do with my analysis. Jukola is always the best organized event of the year! :-)

    • Hard to tell where the control is actually located since all tracks on the video above go first to the western edge then to the center and then a bit to the east.

      Personally don’t know, did not go there.

  4. One more nice mistake is on 1st control of 2nd leg. Turun Metsänkävijät has just made a great gap on Halden and loses it all + over 1 minute on 1st control. Priceless.