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WOC Long Qual: LIVE from 13:00 CET

The WOC long distance goes in typical Swiss “Mittelland” terrain (see old map above)- the qualification being better runnable than the final according to the terrain description. This “Mittelland” terrain suits the Swiss runners especially well – and the biggest favourites in this race are no doubt Swiss Matthias Merz and Simone Niggli.

In the qualification today it should be “a walk in the park” for the top runners. However, expect runners to run quite fast today in order to get a good start time for the final. With the terrain at hand in the long distance final, the time difference between starting first and last can be a few minutes. Expected winning times are 59 minutes in the mens class and 46 minutes in the womens class.

The first start is at 13:00 CET – and the start interval is three minutes.

Maps Sex Courses Length (km) Climb (m) Controls
Winning time
Map Scale Contour
Bière / Ballens Men A,B,C 12.2 280 23/24 59 1:15’000 5 m
Bière / Ballens Women A,B,C 8.2/8.3 160 16/17 46 1:15’000 5 m

Course planners: Roland Hirter and Dieter Hulliger

Winners 2011:

Men 2011

. Thierry Gueorgiou
. Pasi Ikonen
. François Gonon
4. Baptiste Rollier
5. Daniel Hubmann
6. Olle Boström
7. Philippe Adamski
8. Marc Lauenstein
9. Tero Föhr
10. Olav Lundanes

Women 2011

. Annika Billstam
. Dana Safka Brožková
. Helena Jansson
4. Eva Juřeníková
5. Heidi Østlid Bagstevold
6. Anni-Maija Fincke
7. Signe Søes
8. Merja Rantanen
9. Aija Skrastiņa
10. Julia Novikova

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