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WOC 2012 Highlights in Pictures!

A week full of pictures! More than 13.000 photos – of which the 3.500 best have been posted on runners.worldofo.com. Below are some of the highlights from the championships in pictures. Thanks to all WorldofO.com readers for following through a fantastic WOC week here in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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You are allowed to use all pictures online as long as you attribute properly with “Photo: WorldofO.com” and link back to worldofo.com and runners.worldofo.com (preferably to the runner profile).

Czech victory in WOC Relay

The Czech victory in the WOC Relay was an emotional moment for Jan Prozachka – the last leg runner. – Finally a medal, was the Czech runner’s comment. On the team: Tomas Dlabaja, Jan Sedivy and Jan Prozachka.

janprochazka_WOC2012Relay 10

janprochazka_WOC2012Relay 2

Swiss victory in WOC Relay

Emotional moment for the Swiss girls after winning the WOC relay. The relay gold was the 20th WOC gold medal for Simone Niggli ; winning with the team tastes even better than an individual gold medal.





Norwegian Relay bronze after tight fight with Russia

The emotions were extra strong as Anne Margrethe Hausken of Norway managed to come back from a big mistake and take the medal.

annemargrethehauskennordberg_WOC2012Relay 4

Olav Lundanes: Gold on WOC Long distance

Fantastic race by Norwegian Olav Lundanes at WOC Long distance – crushing his competitors in the traditional long distance discipline.

olavlundanes_WOC2012LongFinal 8


olavlundanes_WOC2012LongFinal 18

Simone Niggli: Gold on WOC Long distance

Niggli was the big favourite for the long distance – but going out there and winning is a different story. The 19th gold in an incredible fashing – in the lead from start until end!

simoneniggliluder_WOC2012LongFinal 11

simoneniggliluder_WOC2012LongFinal 26

simoneniggliluder_WOC2012LongFinal 2

Edgars Bertuks: Gold on WOC Middle distance

What a surprise! Everybody was waiting for the duel between Thierry Gueorgiou, Olav Lundanes, Valentin Novikov, Carl Waaler Kaas and the Swiss runners – and then Edgars Bertuks came and took the first ever WOC gold medal for Latvia. What a race and what a day!

edgarsbertuks_WOC2012MiddleFinal 7

edgarsbertuks_WOC2012MiddleFinal 19


Minna Kauppi: Gold on WOC Middle distance

After a lot of problems in the spring, Minna Kauppi did it again! The popular Finnish runner took her third WOC gold medal over the middle distance after 2008 and 2010.

minnakauppi_WOC2012MiddleFinal 21

minnakauppi_WOC2012MiddleFinal 28

WOC Sprint: The Swiss day

The sprint opened the WOC 2012 in Lausanne – and what a day for Switzerland! Triple in the mens class – and victory in the womens class by Simone Niggli!

matthiasmerz_WOC2012SprintFinal 4

matthiaskyburz_WOC2012SprintFinal 3

simoneniggliluder_WOC2012SprintFinal 13

simoneniggliluder_WOC2012SprintFinal 6

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