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JWOC 2013: All you need to know!


Follow the world’s best juniors LIVE from Czech Republic on Long Monday, Middle Qual Tuesday, Middle Final Wednesday, Sprint Friday and Relay Saturday. The organizers will provide live webTV, live results and live GPS-tracking – there should be excellent opportunities to follow the best junior orienteers from all over the world.

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The Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC) 2013 is organized in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic from July 1st until July 6th. The terrain used is very varied – with three different terrain types used for long, middle and relay (see below for details): Partly hilly with many route choice options (long), partly stony detailed terrain (middle) and partly flat forest (relay). The sprint is a city sprint in Hradec Králové.



All times below are in CET.

  • Monday: Long – 09:30 – 16:45. Men 9.9 km / 620 m (67 min). Women 7.1 km / 470 m (59 min)
  • Tuesday: Middle Qualification – 12:00 – 15:00. Men 3.3-3.4 km (22 min). Women 2.7-2.8 km (20 min)
  • Wednesday: Middle Final – 11:30 – 16:15. Men 3.6 km / 120 m (26 min). Women 3.0 km / 110 m (27 min)
  • Thursday: Rest day
  • Friday: Sprint – 12:00 – 15:15. Men 3.6 km / 60 m. Women 3.0 km / 56 m.
  • Saturday: Relay – 10:00 – 15:00 (Women from 10:00 – men from 12:00). Men 5.8-6.0 km / 80 m (36 min). Women 4.5-4.7 km (36 min).
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Terrain and maps


The terrain for the long distance will offer many route choice options. The terrain is moderately hilly to hilly, consisting of several ridges and valleys. 450–650m a.s.l. The forest consists of coniferous forest. Quite large sections of young forest and felled areas. There are grass fields, but grass does not hinder running. Runnability is very good to good – limited only on steep slopes and in young forest and dense areas. Developed network of forest roads and paths enables fast running.



The terrain for middle consists of stony slopes, 550–710 m a.s.l. – crowned by cliffs up to 10 m high! Plenty of boulders up to 5 m high. Uneven ground. The vegetation consists of old coniferous forest – with some areas of diffuse thickets. Runnability is generally good, but in places significantly limited by stony ground and fallen branches. Few paths and tracks.



The sprint is a typical city sprint in a mostly flat city – except for a 10-15 meter high steep slope around the old town. Partly urban area in the old city center and partly parks.



The relay is organized in a flat area with some gentle slopes. Mixed forest of variable runnability – some under-vegetation (grass). Developed network of forest roads and paths, partly rectangular. Major forest roads enable extremely fast running


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  1. Am I the only one around here… who can’t find live results?

    • I also got problems with the GPS – but live results seem to work fine now at least.

      • At the very beginning of the race there were no links to the live results at the organizers’ page. But everything worked just fine later.

  2. Hmm, the live pages does not seem to work. Same with GPS – never finish loading …

  3. Liveresults is now published!

  4. GPS still ain’t working

    • I had problems getting it to work in Google Chrome, but in Firefox it worked (with some patience)

  5. Anybody knows where to watch the TV live stream on the the web on saturday (i’m not in CZ)?!

  6. I think they promissed to much! Dissapointed :-(

  7. I can find neither GPS nor TV for todays middle finals. Can you help me?

    • On the JWOC page they say that GPS will be public only after the event. TV broadcast is shown delayed on Thursday.

      • Thank you, Jan. What a PR disaster this is! They promise TV, GPS and then you can watch it one day later… Take away all the excitement. I am sure this is not the right way for orienteering.

        • @Jens:

          About delayed TV: I’m not sure I agree with you that delayed TV broacast is bad for the sport. It is bad for interested orienteers as they want to watch it live – but for “normal people” I think they’ll be happy to watch a good TV broadcast where the interesting stuff is shortened to half an hour (and broadcast at a time where people are actually watching TV). But for orienteers, live TV would be a lot better, even with poorer quality.

          About GPS: Not sure why this decision is made, but I guess it must be some kind of server load issue?

  8. Is it some kind of limitation in tractrac? You can’t view it while recording for tv? Crazy. Can’t think of other reason to not let everybody watch it. Maybe if tv was shown live right now, then gps only for tv, but its shown tomorrow!

  9. Scream! Can’t watch the jwoc TV outside Czech Rep. *sob*

  10. If they dont let it work outside of czech its a f..king joke. As posted before: they promised to much