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NAOM 2015: Maps and Results

Two of the big names in international orienteering last year, Olav Lundanes of Oleksandr Kratov, had a tight fight for victory at Norte Alentejano O’ Meeting in Portugal last weekend. Finally Kratov won the NAOM overall while Lundanes won the World Ranking sprint race. In the women’s class Nadiya Volynska took the overall victory ahead of Olha Panchenko – the two sharing the victories in the individual races.

Most of the orienteering elite visits Portugal/Spain as part of their winter training between January and March – and NAOM is the first of the bigger races this season. 700 runners from 15 countries participated in this edition. As these races are part of a tough training period for all athletes, you can not put too much into the results. However, these top athletes usually want to win when they stand at the start line. NAOM has usually been a playground for Thierry Gueorgiou, but Gueorgiou destroyed his toe during a training camp in Spain in early January and might not be fully recovered.

Men: Kratov against Lundanes

– It’s really pure joy to run and read it. It was a perfect period in the winter training.

Oleksandr Kratov has spent a lot of time in Lundanes’ Halden lately to exploit Halden’s excellent training opportunities and to prepare for the World Championships in Sweden 2016 – just over the border from Halden. In Portugal the two had a friendly fight over three races; two middle distance races and one sprint race. In the technical middle distance races in the forest the two took one victory each – but Kratov’s victory in the second middle distance race was so clear that the Ukrainian also took the overall victory.

– As always, I’ve got a really nice experience and good competitions. I enjoyed the races, the terrain as well and the maps, Kratov said after his overall win. – It’s really pure joy to run and read it. It was a perfect period in the winter training.

Women: Volynska against Panchenko

– I was really upset with my result yesterday

In the women’s class the fight for overall victory was between Nadiya Volynska and Olha Panchenko. The favourite Volynska failed in the first stage – being beaten by Panchenko with 8 seconds. This made Volynska give it all on stage 2.

– To win it was very motivating, especially because I was really upset with my result yesterday, Nadiya Volynska commented. – It was time to take a more serious test race, pushing hard most of the time and I think this was the right time to do that and I succeeded well.

This was enough for a nearly two minute win at stage 2 – and a clear overall victory.

Sprint victory for Lundanes and Volynska

As the World Ranking gets more and more important in international orienteering – determining the starting order – traditional forest specialists like Olav Lundanes who seldom run sprint races when they don’t have to – need to use opportunities like the World Ranking sprint race at NAOM to improve their rating. Olav Lundanes did this to perfection, winning the sprint race at NAOM with more than a minute. In the women’s class Volynskat won ahead of Lea Vercelotti.

Results Stage 1 (Middle)

Men (6,5 km)
1. Olav Lundanes (NOR Halden SK) 33:47
2. Oleksandr Kratov (UKR OK Orion) 34:42
3. Artem Panchenko (UKR IFK Mora) 35:19
4. Valentin Novikov (Russia) 35:24
5. Manuel Horta (GafanhOri) 38:23
6. Eduardo Gil (ESP Frontela-O) 39:46
7. Fábio Kuczkoski (BRA ADAAN) 40:14
8. Daniel Portal (ESP CODAN Extremadura) 40:19
9. Pedro Nogueira (ADFA) 41:26
10. Sergei Rjabyshkin (RUS Paimion Rasti) 41:40

Women (5,1 km)
1. Olha Panchenko (UKR IFK Mora) 34:04
2. Nadiya Volynska (UKR OK Orion) 34:12
3. Lea Vercellotti (FRA Maximus) 38:47
4. Yulia Novikova (Russia) 40:46
5. Magalie Mendes (COC) 43:21
6. Ekaterina Savkina (RUS ESSU) 43:33
7. Patricia Casalinho (COC) 43:47
8. Stepanka Betkova (ADM Ori-Mondego) 46:50
9. Andreia Silva (COC) 51:27
10. Inês Pinto (GafarnhOri) 53:29

Results Stage 2 (Middle)

Men (6,0 km)
1. Oleksandr Kratov (UKR OK Orion) 32:33
2. Valentin Novikov (Russia) 34:20
3. Olav Lundanes (NOR Halden SK) 34:29
4. Tiago Romão (GafanhOri) 35:46
5. Eduardo Gil (ESP Frontela-O) 38:02
6. Artem Panchenko (UKR IFK Mora) 36:06
7. Tiago Martins Aires (GafanhOri) 38:36
8. Manuel Horta (GafanhOri) 39:17
8. Sergei Rjabyshkin (EST Paimion Rasti) 39:17
10. Miguel Reis e Silva (CMo Funchal) 41:45

Women (4,5 km)
1. Nadiya Volynska (UKR OK Orion) 34:47
2. Olha Panchenko (UKR IFK Mora) 36:28
3. Yulia Novikova (Russia) 37:17
4. Léa Vercellotti (FRA Maximus) 39:54
5. Stepanka Betkova (ADM Ori-Mondego) 45:12
6. Magalie Cordeiro Mendes (COC) 46:12
7. Ekaterina Savkina (RUS ESSU) 46:46
8. Patricia Casalinho (COC) 53:00
9. Andreia Silva (COC) 54:24
10. Elaine Lenz (COC) 59:58

NAOM 2015 overall (counting two middle distance races)

Men Elite class
1. Oleksandr Kratov (UKR OK Orion) 1:07:15
2. Olav Lundanes (NOR Halden SK) 1:08:16
3. Valentin Novikov (Russia) 1:09:44
4. Artem Panchenko (UKR IFK Mora) 1:13:25
5. Manuel Horta (GafanhOri) 1:17:40
6. Eduardo Gil (ESP Frontela-O) 1:17:48
7. Sergei Rjabyshkin (EST Paimion Rasti) 1:20:57
8. Tiago Romão (COC) 1:21:27
9. Pedro Nogueira (ADFA) 1:23:58
10. Diogo Miguel (Ori-Estarreja) 1:24:52

Women Elite class
1. Nadiya Volynska (UKR OK Orion) 1:08:59
2. OLha Panchenko (UKR IFK Mora) 1:10:32
3. Yulia Novikova (Russia) 1:18:03
4. Léa Vercellotti (FRA Maximus) 1:18:41
5. Magalie Cordeiro Mendes (COC) 1:29:33
6. Ekaterina Savkina (RUS ESSU) 1:30:19
7. Stepanka Betkova (ADM Ori-Mondego) 1:32:02
8. Patricia Casalinho (COC) 1:36:47
9. Andreia Silva (COC) 1:45:51
10. Catarina Ruivo (COC) 1:54:04

NAOM 2015 WRE Sprint (not counting in overall)

Men (3,0 km)
1. Olav Lundanes (NOR Halden SK) 14:58
2. Eduardo Gil (ESP Frontela-O) 15:58
3. Sergei Rjabyshkin (EST Paimion Rasti) 16:10
4. Artem Panchenko (UKR IFK Mora) 16:27
5. Daniel Portal (ESP CODAN Extremadura) 16:48
6. Tiago Romão (GafanhOri) 16:57
7. Miguel Silva (CMo Funchal) 17:01
8. Valentin Novikov (Russia) 17:20
9. Paulo Franco (COC) 18:06
10. Alvaro Prieto (ESP Malarruta) 18:20
10. Diogo Miguel (Ori-Estarreja) 18:20

Women (2,4 km)
1. Nadiya Volynska (UKR OK Orion) 15:06
2. Léa Vercellotti (FRA Maximus) 15:21
3. Olha Panchenko (UKR IFK Mora) 15:36
4. Yulia Novikova (Russia) 16:28
5. Patricia Casalinho (COC) 17:53
6. Ekaterina Savkina (RUS ESSU) 18:17
7. Magalie Mendes (COC) 19:08
8. Yevheniya Chystyakova (Maximus) 20:25
9. Catarina Ruivo (COC) 20:37
10. Maiki Jaadmaa (EST OK Võru) 20:47

Thanks to Joaquim Margarido for providing maps and information.

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