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World Cup Norway/Sweden 2015: All You Need To Know


[Note! Arena production on webTV Saturday/Sunday] Orienteering World Cup Round 2 heads off with a Long distance race south of Halden (old map above) on Wednesday followed by a Mixed Sprint Relay at Fredriksten fortress in Halden on Friday and Sprint and Middle distance in Lysekil/Munkedal, Sweden in the weekend. Tove Alexandersson (Sweden) and Daniel Hubmann (Switzerland) are World Cup leaders ahead of these races – see the full standing further down.

Live info:

Most top runners on the start

The second round in the 2015 orienteering World Cup is organized in Norway and Sweden the coming week – nearly five months after the first World Cup round in Tasmania in January. This World Cup round is also pre-WOC as next years World Orienteering championships is organized in the same area at the Swedish side of the border.

Most top runners will be on the start in this World Cup round – contrary to the first World Cup round in Tasmania. This will also be the last time all the big stars meet ahead of the World Championships in Scotland in August.

Program (course lengths further down)

  • Wednesday June 3rd 10:00 CET: Long distance, Prestebakke, Halden, Norway.
    • “A little different terrain in Halden, not used for many years and only 4-5 km away from the WOC2016 terrain as the crow flies. Including several long rock formations with many distinct contour and rock features like cliffs, re-entrants and small knolls. In order to advance quickly you must find the small passages between these features (old map)”
    • Startlist
  • Friday June 5th 16:30 CET: Sprint Relay, Fredriksten Fortress, Halden, Norway. Start 16:00 CET
    • “The Sprint Relay is located at Fredriksten Fortress in Halden, a place of great historical interest. A mix of open park-land with paths and roads, semiopen forest including hilly parts with detailed contours, bare rocks and cliffs, minor paths. ”Castle” terrain with houses, walls and man made paths. The video below shows some of the challenges to be expected (old map)”
  • Saturday June 6th 13:30 CET: Sprint, Lysekil, Sweden.
    • “On the National Day of Sweden, the World Cup continues with a sprint distance event held in Lysekil. Urban area in an old small town with some narrow streets, some hilly parts and minor green areas. More than 90% of the distance will be on hard surface. Some route choices may offer smaller part with grass, forest or rocks”
  • Sunday June 7th 10:00 CET: Middle, Munkedal, Sweden.
    • “Most of the competition area has never faced an ax, chainsaw or a forest machine. Topography is in some parts rather steep due to lots of drop offs, but the level difference is never more than 25-30 meters when entering the heights. Numbers of details are mostly rather high of the mapped area and marshlands can be wet if the spring gives us lots of rain (old map)”

Links and live services

There will be live GPS-tracking and live results from all events. Web-TV broadcast is planned for Saturday and Sunday.

Alexandersson and Hubmann/Kyburz in the overall

After the first World Cup round Tove Alexandersson (Sweden) is in a clear lead in the women’s class after three straight victories earning 300 points. This gives a 115 point lead ahead of Swiss Sara Lüscher with Judith Wyder (also Switzerland) in third. In the men’s class the Swiss dominated the first World Cup round – Daniel Hubmann and Matthias Kyburz sharing the victories between them. Hubmann with one victory and two second places and Kyburz with two victories and one third place share the World Cup lead 85 points ahead of Olav Lundanes (Norway).


Course lengths

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