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World Cup Poland: All You Need To Know


[Updated with info about best way to find race results&information] The Orienteering World Cup 2016 starts this Saturday – Monday with three races in Poland; a Middle distance on Saturday, a Sprint on Sunday and a Sprint Relay on Monday. This is a the same program as in World Games in 2017 in Poland, and can thus be viewed upon as a preparation for World Games.

The races are organized in the Wroclaw area in the southwestern corner of Poland – quite close to the Czech and German border. In total 154 men and 110 women are registered for the events. Of the Top 10 ranked runners in the World, the 6 best men and women are at the start. Notably absent are reigning World Champions long distance Thierry Gueorgiou and Ida Bobach.


  • Saturday April 30th. 10:00 – 13:45 Middle distance.
  • Sunday May 1st. 09:00 Sprint Qual Women. 10:00 Sprint Qual Men. 17:00 Sprint Final Women. 18:00 Sprint Final Men
  • Monday May 2nd. 14:00 Sprint Relay

Useful links

There was a lot of trouble with the event webpage and GPS-tracking during Saturday’s middle distance. Below are links to information about the event along with information about where you might have the best chances to find information:

Live services

You can follow the live stream from Middle Distance, Sprint Final and Sprint Relay. Link to streaming, live results and GPS Tracking will be available via the IOF Live Center or via the World Cup website.

Registered athletes – sorted according to WRE position

WRE pos Name (Men) Country
1 Daniel Hubmann SUI
4 Matthias Kyburz SUI
5 Olav Lundanes NOR
7 Gustav Bergman SWE
8 Oleksandr Kratov UKR
10 Magne Daehli NOR
12 William Lind SWE
13 Carl Godager Kaas NOR
14 Ruslan Glibov UKR
15 Baptiste Rollier SUI
16 Edgars Bertuks LAT
17 Jan Prochazka CZE
18 Fredric Portin FIN
19 Jan Sedivy CZE
22 Gernot Kerschbaumer AUT
23 Albin Ridefelt SWE
24 Johan Runesson SWE
25 Lauri Sild EST
26 Timo Sild EST
28 Marten B Bostrom FIN
29 Valentin Novikov RUS
30 Hector Haines GBR


WRE pos Name (Women) Country
1 Tove Alexandersson SWE
2 Ida Bobach DEN
3 Catherine Taylor GBR
4 Nadiya Volynska UKR
5 Helena Jansson SWE
8 Svetlana Mironova RUS
9 Emma Johansson SWE
11 Merja Rantanen FIN
12 Sabine Hauswirth SUI
13 Judith Wyder SUI
14 Natalia Vinogradova RUS
17 Maja Alm DEN
18 Rahel Friederich SUI
19 Julia Gross SUI
21 Sofia Haajanen FIN
23 Saila Kinni FIN
29 Lilian Forsgren SWE
30 Anastasia Rudnaya RUS

Middle distance April 30th


The middle distance terrain is located approx. 190-450m above sea level on slope of Ślęża mountain. It consists  of two main parts: steep slope with a partly stony ground and erosive forms of relief with complex contour details, ravines and deep valleys. Slope of mountain with moderate height difference, in some parts erosive forms of relief with complex contour details, ravines and deep valleys. Mixed forest with deciduous and coniferous trees. There are some thicket area. A dense network of roads and paths, however they can vary in runnability. No qualification or A/B-final is organized for the middle distance – that means very big start fields.




The Sprint distance will be organized in partly urban area with very good runability on paved surface and irregular buildings. Another part is semi-open area with undergrowth. Terrain for both sprint races is flat. Runnability is good to poor in open and semi-open area, excellent in urban area. For the qualification there is 50% hard surface, 50% softer ground. For the final there is 90% hard surface, 10% softer ground (grass).



Sprint Relay

The Sprint relay will be organized in urban area with very good runability, mostly on paved surface and irregular buildings. The terrain is moderately hilly. Mostly public areas with grass with some bushes. Small park area with high trees. Runnability is from good to very good. 75% hard surface, 25% grass.


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  1. One forest race but 2 sprints, it’s the end of orienteering as we know it I tells you, the end.

  2. GPS Tracking does not work.
    502 Bad Gateway

    Maybe do some tests before the event ….???

    • It does work from time to time, just try a few times… I can not get the live results…

      • Live results work here. Tracking does not.

        The live stream is working, but the production is terrible. Jumping around, no information about who/where. The commentator also seems lost. Running time to 1/100 of a second, but orienteering is timed to a second. Running time does not stop when the runner pass the finish line and there is no rank information.

        • Commentator doing a great job. Lots of information. Excellent English. Not the most charismatic, but he knows his orienteering. Keep it up. on a different tack, the Results window obscuring the live footage is very annoying.

  3. johnnyrockfort

    can someone put the link of live gps?

  4. Hmm, just noticed that Lundanes and Bergman finished together. That should mean that Lundanes’ time would be 1:30 better than Bergman. But the difference is 1:12. Is there an explanation for this?

    • The times have been changed. And the difference between Lundanes and Bergman is 1:40 …

      • I see in WorldOfO that the times have changed again. Now the difference between Lundanes and Bergman is 1:29 …
        And there is no tie for second place anymore. But when I saw the picture from the podium they were tied …???
        What happened?

  5. Been trying to go to the official web page for a while, but I only get:

    [403] Forbidden : Dostęp zabroniony

    Zapytanie odrzucone przez serwer. Nie masz dostępu do / na tym serwerze.

    You don’t have permission to access /

    Worked fine this morning.

  6. We as the sport of orienteering want to become part of the Olympic Games, right? At least, that’s the goal for the IOF. Do we/do YOU IOF really believe we can make it into the program if we are not even able to provide a proper live coverage of the pre-games for the World Games next year? Do you really think that the IOC would be happy to see results changed several times after the flower ceremony? Not to speak about non-existing start times, non-functional gps, bad overall performance concerning online services at all…
    Please guys from the IOF, I believe you are doing a great job, honestly, but you have to exept that this is not the 80’s anymore – nobody is waiting for us if we are providing official results a day later or present us as the super-dooper hidden sport with no chance for the audience to follow the competitions! In my very personal opinion, the so-called “live services” have to be checked and double checked prior to the event by the TD and the IOF Senior Event Advisor. If just a single person from the IOC is observing this “performance” (remember: we are talking about the pre-games for the second most important sport event on earth – the World Games!), there is no need to worry about the future development of our sport if it will be included into the Olympics as the possibility to happen is way below zero!