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WCup Poland Middle: Maps and Results


[Results updated – Ridefelt now in third] Helena Jansson (Sweden) and Olav Lundanes (Norway) were strongest when the World Cup started with a middle distance in Poland earlier today. Sweden and Norway had a strong day – taking 5 out of 6 podium places.

Note that the results were updated after the flower ceremony. This article is updated accordingly with official results. Instead of shared second place between Godager Kaas and Ridefelt, Godager Kaas is now in 2nd and Ridefelt in third.

Jansson and Alexandersson

Tt was difficult for everybody, and I know that even Tove has made mistakes (Jansson)

In the women’s class the fight for victory was very close between Jansson and last year’s overall World Cup winner, Swedish Tove Alexandersson. In the end Jansson was one second two seconds faster than Alexandersson – with a gap of nearly one and a half minute down to Svetlana Mironova in third. Finland had a good World Cup start with two runners in the top 5 – Merja Rananen in 4th and Venla Harju in 5th. Last year’s sprint World Champion Maja Alm (Denmark) finished 6th.

– It was not a perfect race, and I had a feeling that I made far too many mistakes to win. But it was difficult for everybody, and I know that even Tove (Alexandersson) has made mistakes, Jansson commented after the race.

Norway and Sweden

In the men’s class Norway and Sweden dominated with all Top 7 being from the two Scandinavian countries. Fastest of the day was Olav Lundanes (Norway) who won more than a minute ahead of Carl Godager Kaas (Norway) and Albin Ridefelt (Sweden) who shared the second place. Albin Ridefelt (Sweden) took the last place on the podium, 5 seconds behind Godager Kaas. Johan Runesson  and Gustav Bergmann (both Sweden) finished 4th and 5th, with Magne Dæhlie (Norway) in 6th.

The Swiss runners who have dominated the World Cup the last years had a bad day – Daniel Hubmann all the way down in 19th place – losing nearly 2 minutes at the 9th control – a tricky stone in a stony area (see map above).

The World Cup continues with sprint tomorrow (finals from 17:00 CET). For live services, see this preview article.

Video interview with Helena Jansson from the Swedish Orienteering Federation (Swedish language)

Maps and GPS-tracking

Maps from the race are included below:

WCup Middle Men Poland

» See map in omaps.worldofo.com
WCup Middle Women Poland

» See map in omaps.worldofo.com

GPS-tracking is also available here, but was mostly unavailable during the event and is still unavailable several hours after the event.



1 Olav Lundanes NOR 35:19 5:26
2 Carl Godager Kaas NOR 36:28 +1:09 5:36
3 Albin Ridefelt SWE 36:33 +1:14 5:37
4 Johan Runesson SWE 36:40 +1:21 5:38
5 Gustav Bergman SWE 36:48 +1:29 5:39
6 Magne Daehli NOR 37:21 +2:02 5:44
7 Eskil Kinneberg NOR 37:27 +2:08 5:45
8 Ruslan Glibov UKR 37:32 +2:13 5:46
8 Florian Howald SUI 37:32 +2:13 5:46
10 Andreas Kyburz SUI 37:46 +2:27 5:48
11 Andrey Khramov RUS 37:59 +2:40 5:50
12 Oleksandr Kratov UKR 38:02 +2:43 5:51
13 Aaro Asikainen FIN 38:23 +3:04 5:54
14 Gernot Kerschbaumer AUT 38:30 +3:11 5:55
14 Matthias Kyburz SUI 38:30 +3:11 5:55
16 Soren Bobach DEN 38:35 +3:16 5:56
17 William Lind SWE 38:51 +3:32 5:58
18 Vojtech Kral CZE 39:04 +3:45 6:00
19 Daniel Hubmann SUI 39:16 +3:57 6:02
20 Christoph Meier SUI 39:29 +4:10 6:04


1 Helena Jansson SWE 38:31 7:07
2 Tove Alexandersson SWE 38:33 +0:02 7:08
3 Svetlana Mironova RUS 39:59 +1:28 7:24
4 Merja Rantanen FIN 40:09 +1:38 7:26
5 Venla Harju FIN 40:14 +1:43 7:27
6 Maja Alm DEN 40:22 +1:51 7:28
7 Denisa Kosova CZE 40:23 +1:52 7:28
8 Julia Gross SUI 40:55 +2:24 7:34
9 Ida Marie Naess Bjoergul NOR 41:13 +2:42 7:37
10 Dana Safka Brozkova CZE 41:30 +2:59 7:41
11 Emma Johansson SWE 41:33 +3:02 7:41
12 Rahel Friederich SUI 41:55 +3:24 7:45
13 Emma Johansson NOR 41:59 +3:28 7:46
14 Saila Kinni FIN 42:01 +3:30 7:46
15 Anastasia Rudnaya RUS 42:08 +3:37 7:48
16 Ursula Kadan AUT 42:17 +3:46 7:49
17 Sabine Hauswirth SUI 42:24 +3:53 7:51
18 Yulia Novikova RUS 42:44 +4:13 7:54
19 Hollie Orr GBR 42:49 +4:18 7:55
20 Adela Indrakova CZE 42:51 +4:20 7:56




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  1. And once more an important international race without properly working live center…not the best promotion for our sport. Is it like nobody from the iof feels responsible to fix that issue?

    • Non-working live services have unfortunately become more a norm than an exception when important races are organized by inexperienced organizers. Having a single team responsible for live services in all World Cup races would probably be the ideal situation, but getting there costs money which must be found somewhere …

      • I like the way FIS have done it – for all their disciplines. If you are on the FIS calendar you can request to use their live web support – even if you just organize a national event. The only thing the organizers have to provide is a fast internet connection.
        This has taken FIS many years to develop. But FIS have the money…

        If you look around, you will find that most international federations which are at Olympics, have a kind of “plug-and-play” solution to get a standard coverage of their events.

  2. Liveresults worked fine today (few incorrect times)? And they used plug-and-play -system?
    Also Livestream worked and that is plug-and-play provider by IOF too on the server-side?

  3. Where is IOF? No event website available at all, no gps, results too late and changed. Spain WC – controls removed too early. Portugal EOC – maps on internet evening before. Sorry but if IOF cannot do the controlling right then we need to remove O-“developing countries” from top level events…

    • How can you compare taking controls too early or publishing maps on internet an evening before to a technical problems with an event website? Official results were published and haven’t been changed. You can find all important information about the event here: http://worldcup2016.pl /// greatings from a developing country.

      • Thanks for the comment, M. I think Mike here lists up different type of problems with World Cup races – and does not compare the problem in Poland with the problems in Portugal/Spain (which were significantly more severe). It is more that the issues in Poland now with live services & official results being changed late adds up to the orienteering World Cup looking non-professional when looked at from the outside.

        However, I still think you downplay the problems a bit: It is fine that official results were not changed, but there was no info about official results possibly being different from live results, and official results were published very late (they were not available at 6 PM when I wrote my article). Due to this, Norwegian media still think Ridefelt was second (http://www.nrk.no/sport/norsk-dobbel-i-verdcupsopninga-1.12925604), and photos from the flower ceremony also show Ridefelt in shared second. I was very surprised that the information available online when I wrote my article at 6 PM – many hours after the event finished – were wrong and had to be updated. When I found that the results in IOF Eventor were different from the live results (I found this around 7 PM, I think), I checked the news articles at orienteering.org, and these were still based on the live results (i.e. with Ridefelt in shared second).

        I tried to reach out to the IOF via Twitter to find out which results were correct, but received no answer (IOF have earlier been very responsive on Twitter, I therefore thought this to be a good channel). I then checked with the Norwegian Federation, and they had talked to somebody present in Poland and could confirm that the results in IOF Eventor were the correct ones (i.e. Ridefelt in third). I later found that the news articles at orienteering.org were changed. I still have not heard anything from the IOF, and neither from the organizers on my request for split times. And the live results are still wrong – they should have been fixed or removed.

        Finally: The link you provided, http://worldcup2016.pl/, unfortunately takes me directly to http://aztv.pl/ ….

    • To be fair don’t forget Sweden last year. Course voided!!

  4. I don’t understand why there are so many common legs/controls. With only two categories it should be only radio/TV controls that are common.
    Men and women were starting together with 1’30 start intervall. Is it still fair ? As i know, it’s à international évent …

    • That problem was even worse during WOC-2011 in France (Long final). It was almost the same course (but shorted ending for women). When control locations are tricky then we have to avoid common controls and legs in case of simultaneous start from men and women!!

      And we have to do something with pack formations! 1:30 start interval is not sufficient to avoid pack formations!

      • When there is no (?) live coverage there is no external pressure to keep the even short enough to fill a TV/radio/web-time-slot – so no reason to squeeze the runners together…