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WOC Sprint Relay 2016: Maps and Results


Denmark won the World Orienteering Championships Sprint Relay for the second year in a row after a tight battle with Switzerland and Sweden. Cecilie Friberg Klysner, Tue Lassen, Søren Bobach and Maja Alm ran on the winning team.

The secret behind the victory: Dedicated focus on the Sprint Relay.

On the last leg the fight was between the two best in Saturday’s individual Sprint, Denmark’s Maja Alm and Switzerland’s Judith Wyder and Sweden’s Helena Jansson – who skipped the individual Sprint.

Jansson started on the leg 12 seconds ahead of Alm with Wyder another 18 seconds behind. Alm caught up with Jansson already on the way to the first control – and her speed was clearly higher than the Swede. Wyder managed to cut some seconds around the third control where Wyder’s forking was shorter – but Alm was never threatened and could  celebrate with the Danish team 16 seconds ahead of Wyder. Jansson finished third for Sweden 1:01 behind. The below animation shows the battle for the Gold on the last leg.


WOC 2016 Sprint Relay Leg 1/4 Women

» See map in omaps.worldofo.com
WOC 2016 Sprint Relay Leg 2/3 Men

» See map in omaps.worldofo.com


1 Denmark 00:52:35 00:00
2 Switzerland 00:52:51 00:16
3 Sweden 00:53:36 01:01
4 Great Britain 00:54:15 01:40
5 Norway 00:54:36 02:01
6 Czech Republic 00:54:42 02:07
7 Finland 00:54:44 02:09
8 France 00:55:38 03:03
9 Estonia 00:55:59 03:24
10 Austria 00:56:01 03:26
11 Poland 00:56:05 03:30
12 Lithuania 00:56:09 03:34
13 Ukraine 00:56:16 03:41
14 Spain 00:56:17 03:42
15 Hungary 00:56:18 03:43


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  1. Why have RUS and BLR been disqualified?

    • RUS missed punch on one of the last controls at the first leg. BLR is also DSQ on the first leg as far as I know, but not sure why.

  2. On TV I noticed that a unpatient runner in the relay grabbed his own map, and should be DSQ – but I’m not sure it was BLR?