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Suunto Games 2016 Long: Maps and Results


Helena Jansson and Olav Lundanes were fastest in the Long distance race of Suunto Games 2016 in next years’ World Orienteering Championships (WOC) area in Estonia.

Lundanes had another tight battle with Swiss Matthias Kyburz – winning with only 16 seconds. Jansson had a crushing victory with nearly 6 minutes down to Judith Wyder in second place.

Men: Lundanes best in tough part – Kyburz faster in fast part

The men’s race developed as a classic battle between Norwegian Olav Lundanes and the fast Swiss runners. The first part of the course was in very tough terrain where Lundanes could use his strength to open up a one minute gap to everyone – including Swiss Matthias Kyburz. The second part was much faster, and Kyburz got closer and closer. A bad route choice to the 17th control cost Kyburz the chance to catch Lundanes – and in the end the victory was 16 seconds. Swedish Rassmus Andersson continued his strong second half of the season with a 3rd place. Lithuanian runner Jonas Vitautas Gvildys shows that he will want to challenge the Nordic and Swiss runners at next years’ WOC with a 4th place.


Women: Jansson decides early

Helena Jansson did not have the best World Championships on homeground earlier this year, but showed in Estonia that she is still one of the very best orienteers in the world. Jansson decided the race with a very good and fast routes to the second and sixth control – building up a 4 minute lead already after 30 minutes running at the 6th control. A few minutes later she caught Swiss Judith Wyder, and together they ran a strong last part of the race, Wyder returning to the finish some seconds ahead of Jansson.



GPS-tracking is available here:

Suunto Games Long 2016 M21E1

» See map in omaps.worldofo.com
Suunto Games Long 2016 W21E

» See map in omaps.worldofo.com



1. Olav Lundanes Norwegian Orienteering Federat 82:35 (+0:00)
2. Matthias Kyburz Swiss Orienteering 82:51 (+0:16)
3. Rassmus Andersson Swedish Orienteering Federatio 86:54 (+4:19)
4. Jonas Vytautas Gvildys Lithuanian Orienteering Federa 87:04 (+4:29)
5. Gustav Bergman Swedish Orienteering Federatio 87:28 (+4:53)
6. Frederic Tranchand French Orienteering Federation 87:56 (+5:21)
7. Fredrik Bakkman Swedish Orienteering Federatio 88:11 (+5:36)
8. Andreas Kyburz Swiss Orienteering 88:16 (+5:41)
9. William Lind Swedish Orienteering Federatio 88:28 (+5:53)
10. Timo Sild KJSK 88:32 (+5:57)
11. Kenny Kivikas Ilves OK 89:51 (+7:16)
12. Florian Howald Swiss Orienteering 90:13 (+7:38)
13. Olli Markus Taivainen Pellon Ponsi 90:19 (+7:44)
14. Jonas Leandersson Swedish Orienteering Federatio 90:23 (+7:48)
15. Magne Daehli Norwegian Orienteering Federat 90:58 (+8:23)


1. Helena Jansson Swedish Orienteering Federatio 70:09 (+0:00)
2. Judith Wyder Swiss Orienteering 75:51 (+5:42)
3. Saila Kinni Finnish Orienteering Federatio 76:08 (+5:59)
4. Tove Alexandersson Swedish Orienteering Federatio 76:50 (+6:41)
5. Kamilla Olaussen Fredrikstad SK 78:08 (+7:59)
6. Sabine Hauswirth Swiss Orienteering 78:24 (+8:15)
7. Venla Harju Finnish Orienteering Federatio 78:33 (+8:24)
8. Svetlana Mironova Russian Orienteering Federatio 78:34 (+8:25)
9. Sarina Jenzer Swiss Orienteering 78:37 (+8:28)
10. Julia Gross Swiss Orienteering 79:04 (+8:55)
11. Anna Bachman Swedish Orienteering Federatio 79:35 (+9:26)
12. Miia Niittynen Koovee 79:42 (+9:33)
13. Anastasia Denisova Savedalens AIK 79:52 (+9:43)
14. Ingjerd Myhre Norwegian Orienteering Federat 80:30 (+10:21)
15. Karolin Ohlsson Swedish Orienteering Federatio 80:48 (+10:39)

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