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WOC 2017 Relay: Maps and Results


[Updated with Sweden’s Gold in the women’s class] Norway did just as last year – winning WOC Relay Gold medal in the men’s race after Olav Lundanes ran away from the bunch on the second leg and delivering Magne Dæhli a one minute lead. France finished second after Thierry Gueorgiou’s last WOC race. Sweden took Bronze after a good race by Gustav Bergman – but never enough to see Gueorgiou’s back.

In the women’s class Sweden won after a fantastic team effort; Emma Johansson and Helena Jansson delivered Tove Alexandersson in the lead, and Alexandersson took care of the lead on the last leg.  Behind Sweden there was a tight fight between Russia and Finland in the first part of the last leg, but Russia managed to get a gap after mistakes by Finland – and Russia took silver with Finland in Bronze.



WOC relay Women leg 1 (15.00)

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1 Magne Daehli
94:50 (1)
2 Thierry Gueorgiou
96:06 (2)
3 Gustav Bergman
96:53 (3)
4 Lauri Sild
98:47 (4)
5 Matthias Kyburz
101:11 (5)
6 Leonid Novikov
Russian Federation
101:20 (6)
7 Edgars Bertuks
101:28 (7)
8 Fredric Portin
101:32 (8)
9 Tue Lassen
102:23 (9)
10 Ruslan Glibov
103:20 (10)


1 Tove Alexandersson
101:12 (1)
2 Natalia Gemperle
Russian Federation
103:53 (2)
3 Merja Rantanen
105:35 (3)
4 Sabine Hauswirth
108:41 (4)
5 Sandra Grosberga
108:45 (5)
6 Anne Margrethe Hausken Nordberg
112:21 (6)
7 Hollie Orr
Great Britain
113:51 (7)
8 Jana Knapova
Czech Republic
113:56 (8)
9 Isia Basset
114:58 (9)
10 Maja Alm
116:56 (10)

Statements from the men’s press conference

Magne Dæhli (Norway): –  Of course I was really nervous. I know that he was in very good shape, so I was very focused. I was focused in the start to get a good first control. I felt very well the rest of the course, except for the first control after the arena where I had a small mistake.

Thierry Gueorgiou (France): – I never saw Magne. I was very focused on having a good start. I was just focusing on my orienteering. I had some small struggles, but nothing big. I think I was not in super shape, but it was a good race, and I am happy with my race. I think he (Magne) fulfilled his mission, it is always difficult to run in the front. I don’t think we should be frustrated with a second place, Norway was very impressive here.  We are all three every happy.

Gustav Bergman (Sweden): – I felt quite relaxed going out. I knew from yesterday that when you try to much, you do mistakes. I was just focusing on my own orienteering, and I knew that if I just did my own orienteering I would be in the medals.

[Note that there was no women’s press conference]

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