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Alternative Orienteering Activities during COVID-19


[To be updated] Creative orienteers all around the world find alternative orienteering activities in these difficult times when most orienteering races are cancelled due to the COVID-19 crisis. The activities range from different types of online orienteering competitions to mapping your own home. And those who are lucky enough to be able to train outdoors run orienteering competitions without controls in the forest.

Here we list some activities for you to try out – or to inspire you to make your own variants. Note that some of the activities are time limited (and may already be finished when you read this) – others are limited to participants from a certain club or country.

Please use the comments below to add further activities and events – and help fellow orienteers to be able to enjoy different types of orienteering activities. The ambition is to update this list with further activities from the comments.

Online virtual orienteering competitions

Daily orienteering-related puzzles


Course setting competitions

Mapping activities

Outdoor orienteering activities

Lucky enough to be able to train outdoors, but no orienteering competitions and no controls in the forest? Here are some ideas.

  • UsynligO. UsynligO (which means ‘InvinsibleO’ in Norwegian) is an app which makes orienteering courses available year round – with no need for flags to mark the control points.

  • “GPS-art” on any map / blank piece of paper. If you can’t get to the forest, or you know the forest too well, draw something nice or funny on a map (or a blank piece of paper if you feel very confident in your orienteering) and make some nice orienteering art. Good map reading training. See Frederic Tranchand’s Around the World in 28k here – and see also here

Other online orienteering activities (not COVID-19 specific)

  • Running Wild. Choose your on different courses fast. Many courses to pick from – great orienteering technical trainig.


  • RouteChoice game. Small game where your task is to pick the shortest route on urban legs.

  • Catching Features 3D orienteering game/simulator. The original 3D orienteering game – used for orienteering technical training by many elite orienteers – this is more than just fun. Lots of maps, courses and online competitions available.

  • Virtual O orienteering 3D orienteering game/simulator. Arguably the orienteering game with best graphics. Limited number of maps/courses compared to Catching Features and you need a faster computer, but until you have played the maps/courses available this is a great game.


  • Virtual Trail-O. Try out virtual trail-orienteering puzzles – lots of them!
  • Go4orienteering.  In- and outdoor orienteering exercises – more than 3200 in total!

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  1. Hello jan, thank’you very Michel for all these great ideas and for’your everyday route choice.
    Ludo from France

  2. Terje Wiig Mathisen

    We are just finishing (winner to be revealed tomorrow) the first (Long distance) open course setting competition here in Norway, with 40+ entries from 7 or 8 countries. A dane just got second place, beating Olav Lundanes in 3rd. There are three more such course setting events here. It is all in Norwegian but Google Translate will probably be enough to get the gist.

    • Thanks, I updated the article with info about them. One or a few long legs from the first course setting competition are also planned in Route To O-Season the coming week.