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Course of the Year 2021: WOC Long


For the second time in the history of the “Orienteering Course of the Year”, the World Orienteering Championships (WOC) long distance takes the honors! Just as back in Scotland in 2015, this years’ WOC long distance in Czech Republic was set in special and exciting terrain, and highly anticipated by the competitors ahead of the competition.

The course setter Petr Karvanek used the Czech sandstone terrain to challenge the competitors with demanding routechoices and tricky navigation – a truly deserved victory!

– The course had it all

– The course had it all – challenging route choices where no-one was sure about his choice. Even we “locals” didn’t always find the  right ones. This is how Milos Nykodym described his favourite long distance course of the year, the WOC long distance in an interview given in relation to the “Course of the Year 2021″.

The WOC 2021 Long course was also suggested by several of WorldofO’s readers, for example Revenger Dalberg who wrote the following description of the course:

Long demanding legs with several equal options combined with shorter legs where there was difficult orienteering and many micro choices. And for this, the coursesetter had really managed to use the competition area to a maximum, with a nice arena-passage in the end for the spectators.

Before heading over to the interview with the course setter – a big thanks to all the sponsors of “Course of the Year” – without you this would not have been possible. Dear readers: Please head down to the bottom of the article and consider the fine sponsor prizes. Information about “lucky voter” prizes will be published within a few days.


Sprint and Middle course of the year

The “Middle Course of the Year 2021″ was also a high level course – the Middle distance race at the World Cup Final in Italy in highly technical terrain (overall 3rd).  “Sprint Course of the Year 2021″ (overall 4th) was another course from the World Orienteering Championships in Czech Republic – the WOC Sprint! See full results below the interview with the course setters of the winning course.

World Cup Final Middle 2021

» See map in omaps.worldofo.com
WOC 2021 Sprint Final Men

» See map in omaps.worldofo.com

Interview with the course setter: Petr Karvanek

Q: Congratulations with setting the orienteering course of the year! Was this a one-man-job, or did you work as a team with other course setters?
I have to say that winning this prestigious poll made me very happy. Naturally, during the planning of the course, a multi-person team was involved. I had several opponents who helped me, especially in grasping the nature of the terrain. We consulted also the basic conceptual ideas. We did a lot of long legs, and later we fine-tuned the specific locations of the controls directly in the forest.

There were discussions about small details, where the control was moved by just ten metres. Even such a detail can play a role in deciding on a route choice.

So I would like to thank Dan Wolf, Jan Fiala, Roman Zbranek and Radek Novotny, who helped me lot with setting the course.

2021-12-31 00_15_57-Greenshot

Q: What was your overall plan behind how you wanted to challenge the athletes on this course?
One of the most beautiful terrains that can be found in the Czech Republic was chosen for the long distance race. Coincidentally, it is located about 15 kilometers from the place where I live.

Although the last race was organized here forty years ago, I know this terrain from many walks, trips and runs.

Thanks to this, I was familiar with many of the places where controls have been placed.

The plan was simple, prepare courses where the best, most prepared racers would win. The execution, however, proved to be much more difficult.

Q: Did you get any surprises with respect to which routechoices were fastest or were the athletes made mistakes? For example the first long leg?
You know, it is necessary to realize where orienteering has moved nowadays. Thanks to modern technologies and the perfect training of top runners, the number of real opportunities to surprise them has decreased rapidly. Orienteering in its original way, when competitors had to tackle unfamiliar terrain, is long gone.

Consider for example the first long leg, that had two basic variants, north and south.

Editors comment: See below for the leg in question.


Then, of course, there were lots of different sub-variants. The southern choice seemed to be better while testing, and the fact that it was a bit faster was also shown in the race itself (assuming the fastest runners would realize it). Crucial in deciding on this option was the reluctance of most competitors to invest their efforts in a riskier solution. In short, they chose a more comfortable track where they saved their strength for the rest of the race. Certainly this leg could have been better balanced, I mean in favour of the southern (riskier) option. However, the overwhelming impression among most of my opponents in this particular case was that more racers would choose the southern option.

Editors comment: See below for the leg in question including route choice alternatives. WorldofO’s analysis of the leg: Theoretically, assuming runnability is the same, it is slightly better to climb 40 meters more (left, red below) than running 400 meter extra (right, blue below) when considering this leg isolated (a factor of about 8 seems to be good in this kind of terrain, i.e. 40 meter climb represents around 320 meter extra running). On the other hand this was a long race with lots of climb, so it was good to conserve energy and reduce climbing early on in the course. Thus from a theoretical point of view these two variants should be quite equal.  


Q: Did you have any special worries about the courses in the morning of “the big day”?
It was probably only when I entered the arena and I realized that “my” course would soon be raced by the world’s best runners. This of course brought a kind of nervousness to my feelings. A lot of familiar people stopped me and almost everyone wanted to talk or exchange at least a few words. Then I moved aside and watched the race near Daniel Hubmann’s fans. There I also saw their big disappointment when Daniel missed the medal by a few seconds.

Q: Did requirements from TV or media give you any special restrictions which made it more tricky to make a good course? Can you maybe share some early variants of the course if they are available?
From the very first drafts of the courses, we planned three more TV sections in addition to the TV at the start location and TV in the arena. The one furthest from the arena (between controls 10 and 11) was covered by a drone, while cables were pulled to the other two.

Karel Jonák, the producer of the TV coverage, took part in several meetings directly on the TV spots in the forest, and it has to be said that he kindly accepted all our proposals without any comments.

Far greater restrictions were due to nature protection. The management of the protected area designated areas in which we were not allowed to run at all and another relatively large area in which we could not place controls. For clarity, the very first draft of the route was implemented on a tourist map around mid-2019:

Attachment 1_2000

At this moment the mapping was already in progress and the first more specific proposals could be made. For example this one 2 is from November 2019:

Attachment 2_4500


with the longest leg here:


Q: What is your favourite leg in the course – and why?
Most favourite may not be the right word. But I’ll mention the part from the third to the eighth control. I think it was the most successful part of the course.



There were a lot of very different choices on each leg there. And if the first long leg was far from important for the outcome of the race, I dare say that here (and later also on the next long leg between controls 15 and 16) was shown the big importance of mental and physical readiness of the individual competitors.

Q: When did you start planning the courses for WOC Long – and how many hours do you think you spent on it? Can you take us through part of the planning process?
I think sometime in the beginning of 2019, Jan Picek offered me the opportunity to prepare the long distance course. I thank tJan very much for this opportunity.
The first drafts, as I mentioned, were made sometime in mid-2019. In total, I have about 40 drafts in my archive which led to the result of final version dated  13.6.2021.

I haven’t counted the number of hours, but I believe it was hundreds of hours spent at the computer and in the fforest. On the other hand, this July I was preparing one stage of the five-day Bohemia Orienteering race and it took me only two days to prepare a total of 64 courses and according to the competitors’ reactions, they also liked the courses.

But back to the World Championships: The final location of the start took about a year to be finalized. The location of the arena was also changed, especially to put the relay race in the most interesting part of the terrain.

Almost until the last moment we were solving the location of the first control. The originally agreed location proved to be too unclear when approaching from one side, and in the end a place a few tens of meters away was chosen.

At this point I would like to mention the mapping skills of Zdenek Sokolár. Zdenek is a “sandstone genius” in my eyes. When I go into the forest with his map (in my case, properly enlarged for my eyesight), my feeling of harmony with his interpretation of the terrain is perfect.

Q: Can you tell more about your experience as a course setter?
I got my first opportunity to build courses at the national level in 2006, when our club organized the long distance Czech championship on the map “Supí hora” (Vulture mountain). It was a bit of a coincidence, because the selected course setter was struggling with lack of time and actually only managed to finish the main men’s category. After all these years, I can perhaps reveal that I finished the rest of the courses for him.

And since our club OK Jiskra Nový Bor regularly organizes big races every year – the national championship, the Czech Cup or the 5-days Bohemia Orienteering races, I am part of the course setters team every year. In retrospect, I value the course from the Czech Republic Championship on the long distance in 2014 the most. I consider it as my most successful course. The terrain didn’t offer much, which made it all the more challenging to prepare a course of the highest level here.

In 2023, hopefully there will be several World Cup races in the Czech Republic. And so the course I have already prepared for the Euromeeting 2020, which was cancelled due to the pandemic, should be used. I am looking forward to these races very much, as the sprint events will probably take place in the town where I live. And maybe I’ll be waving to the competitors from behind my bookstore window.

Q: Thank you very much for your time – and congratulations again for winning the “Orienteering Course of the Year 2021″ contest!

Results: Course of the Year 2021

We have two long distance courses in the top in “Course of the Year″ in the 2021-edition, with both a middle distance course anda  sprint course within Top 4. The second best course overall was the Spanish championships long distance, also in very interesting and stony terrain.

This has been a special year with fewer competitions than in a normal year due to COVID-19, and that is maybe part of the reason why we have as much as three courses from WOC 2021 within the top 5 – nearly a clean sweep for WOC 2021! We have 5 countries in the Top-10 – Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Sweden and Finland.

1. WOC 2021 Long Men
    15210 points
2. Spanish Champs Long 2021
    14730 points
3. World Cup Final Middle 2021
    12280 points
4. WOC 2021 Sprint Final Men
    12060 points
5. WOC 2021 Middle Final Men
    11690 points
6. 5 Days of Spain – E2 Trofeo Quijotes 2021 – Muela de Marojales
    10140 points
7. World Cup Idre 2021 Long Men
    7770 points
8. Jukola 2021 Leg 3
    7480 points
9. LabyrinthO Zbihory I
    6750 points
10. Campionato Italiano CO Middle – WRE – ME
    5820 points
11. World Cup Middle Idrafjäll 2021
    5790 points
12. Wawel Cup Hit the Pit – Mens Final
    4960 points
13. Obygdshelgen 2021 Middle W21E
    4650 points
14. Australian 3 Days – Day 2 2021 – M21E
    4490 points
15. Sudety open E3
    4080 points
16. Legoland Sprint Denmark
    4000 points
17. Gdansk City Race 2021
    3930 points
18. Polish Champs Middle 2021
    3780 points
19. Norwegian Champs Middle 2021 – H21
    3570 points
20. WOC 2021 International Test race Long Men
    3540 points
21. Luxembourg City Race
    3310 points
22. World Cup Final Long Italy 2021
    3290 points
23. Danish Champs Sprint 2021
    3040 points
24. EOC 2021 Knock-Out Sprint Final
    2810 points
25. Polish Champs Long 2021
    2660 points

See also all the nominated maps here (or as a slideshow).


Prizes from our Sponsors

Prizes from our Sponsors always makes it more fun! There will be a prize for the first one suggesting the course which ends up becoming “The course of the Year 2021″, and prizes drawn among the ones suggesting and voting. All prizes are transferable to other persons (you don’t have to travel yourself). Note that in those cases where prizes are race entries, the race organizers may decide to withdraw prizes or transfer prizes to another competition/year if races are canceled due to COVID-19.

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