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Course of the Year 2022: Pomeranian Sprint Cup Stage 4

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For the second time in the history of the “Orienteering Course of the Year”, a very special urban sprint course takes the honors! Back in 2013 the Monsanto evening sprint in Portugal won the “Course of the Year” title – this time the 4th stage of the Pomeranian Sprint Cup in Poland was the people’s favourite!

Although this year’s winner was not a World Championships course, the course was definitely a true masterpiece, giving the competitors very demanding challenges and a lot of fun orienteering. And although not all old-school orienteers may be the biggest fans of this type of orienteering courses, it definitely resonates with many orienteers out there. Have you ever been running through 1-metre wide and 1,8-metre high underground dark tunnels and corridors with lots of branches going in completely crazy directions?

There is even a YouTube video taped by one of the competitors:


The course was also suggested by several of WorldofO’s readers, for example Zuzia Gielec who wrote the following description of the course:

– For me the best course was definitely the 4th stage of the Pomeranian Sprint Cup 2022 at the Citadel in Grudziadz. The course was not only super fun, but really challenging, as the route choices were quite unusual. It was something completely different than i have ever run [before], demanding physically and mentally. Additionally the surroundings, mix of small, dark corridors and open fields of the Citadel made for a wonderful atmosphere.
And a leg from the event was featured in Route to Christmas 2022 – at Day 11.
Pomeranian Sprint Cup 2022 Stage 4

» See map in omaps.worldofo.com

Before heading over to the interview with the course setter – a big thanks to all the sponsors of “Course of the Year” – without you this would not have been possible. Dear readers: Please head down to the bottom of the article and consider the fine sponsor prizes. Information about “lucky voter” prizes will be published within the end of the year.


Long and Middle course of the year

The “Long distance Course of the Year 2022″ was also a high level course – the JWOC long distance in Portugal in highly technical terrain with many interesting route choices (overall 3rd).  “Middle distance Course of the Year 2022″ (overall 4th) was the stage 4 of O-Ringen this summer  the middle distance course at the World Cup Final in Switzerland! See full results below the interview with the course setters of the winning course.

Edit: As Simon Hector pointed out in the comments, O-Ringen Stage 4 was a middle distance race, sorry for the mistake  in the early version of this article.

Interview with the course setter: Rafal Podzinski

This special race had the same map maker and course setter – Rafal Podzinski. Read on for an interview with Rafael about the course and the competition.

Q: I have good news for you: The 4th stage of the Pomeranian Sprint Cup is the winner in the “Course of Year 2022″ – actually a clear winner. Big congratulations! 

Great news! Thanks a lot!

Q: This is a very special area and race – can you tell more about the background of the race?
Grudziadz Citadel is a military area, so it was really difficult to get permission for the competition there. However, Tomasz Muller – event director of Pomeranian Sprint Cup – did a great job and after weeks of talks it was made possible. We were not allowed to use the area of the military unit, only the part around it presented on the map. During our works in the terrain, the staff was really friendly and helpful and opened a lot of normally closed tunnels for us. If you are a visitor, you can only book a guided tour through one tunnel – the one under the finish area on the map. So we can say that the competitors got a really unique chance to explore all of them.


Q: Can you tell more about the area where this course is set? Will there be more races here?
For those interested in history I can add that Grudziadz Citadel is a system of forts from XVIII and XIX centuries, which got destroyed in 1945 and rebuilt in the three following years. As for the second part of the question, I think that this race was such a blast for the competitors that in some years we will simply have to make a sequel!


Q: What was your overall plan behind how you wanted to challenge the athletes on this course?
When I plan courses, I usually try to make them in a way that I personally – as a runner – would like to run. Firstly, I decided that a normal sprint winning time of 12-15 was not enough for such a terrain. That’s why I decided to prolong the courses up to 20-25 minutes. However, I still got ‘complaints’ just after the race from some of the people asking why their course was so short: ‘We want more’! I wanted to make the most of the multilevel structures and as well give people enough time simply inside the tunnels to make them live that unique moment. On the other hand, I was very careful regarding the youngest competitors. I didn’t want them to spend too much time in the tunnels without any ‘open air interruption’, because I thought they might get a bit too scared. All in all, setting the courses for this stage was simply outstanding and I loved every moment of it!


Q: Did you have any special worries about the courses on the race day?
Oh yes, I did. I was sure everything was buttoned up the last button, but I couldn’t be in control of two things. The 1st one – bats. In some of the tunnels there were little families of sleeping bats. However, when they got awakened, they started to fly like crazy. I was really anxious that some of the younger competitors might get too scared to punch a control at the end of the tunnel in such a situation. To be honest, during my cartography work I also got scared once and ran away in a hurry. My 2nd worry was about the size of the tunnels – 1m wide and only about 1,8m high. I was really afraid that some people might get hurt – that’s why I recommended running in a helmet in an event bulletin and some of the tallest runners followed this advice! I was also a little bit anxious about the capacity of the tunnels. But none of these cases ever happened, phew!


Q: What is your favourite leg in the course – and why? I chose one myself for “Route to Christmas”, but that might not have been your favourite.
My favorite leg in the nominated course is surely 6-7. I put the 7th control deliberately as much to the west as possible to make the left routechoice look more tempting. However, it makes you run through the tunnel almost 75% of the whole leg, which is very adventurous for sure, but not too fast. The right is not only much faster in running speed, but also… shorter by 30 metres! However, to find it, it is compulsory for the runners to perfectly understand the area east of the 7th control and that’s what I really like in a properly set sprint race: if you are not prepared beforehand, you lose time. I think I can even call it one of my own main principles when setting a sprint course.


Q: Did you get any surprises with respect to which routechoices were fastest, which routes were taken, or were the athletes made mistakes?
The one thing that surprised me a bit was the fact that people told me that it was not as incredibly difficult as they had thought before. Don’t get it wrong – it was a very positive surprise, because before the race a lot of people had been talking that it was going to be an “orienteering walk” competition, but it turned out that they were able to move quite smoothly in this terrain. Even the race winner in M21 – Michal Olejnik – who usually doesn’t like too strange (the so-called fun) courses, told me straight after his race that he almost felt like during a normal sprint race and he wasn’t overwhelmed but happy with the challenge. Finally, I would like to add that that day I saw something for the very first time in my life. I had never seen so many grateful, happy and smiling from ear to ear faces after any race in my life before. This was surely the best gift I could have got for all the work involved!

Q: You were both map maker and course planner – how much time did you spend on this project overall?
Usually, when I prepare maps and courses for a competition, I do 3 visits into the terrain.

  • The 1st one is of course about cartography works in the terrain. This one went surprisingly well and smoothly and took only about 6 hours. I had had no templates of the tunnels before, so this was quite a challenge, but fortunately the angles of the curves were quite obvious.
  • The 2nd one is about checking the map and looking for good places for controls. This one took about 4 hours. I got to know that I somehow ‘got lost’ during the 1st visit and missed one of the tunnels at all! One very interesting thing is that I drew all of the tunnels by hand and all of them appeared to be twice as long on the map than in reality. That’s why I decided to count my steps in each of the tunnels and make the lengths of them appropriate. These tunnels are completely dark, so you have to use your headlamp all the time and it’s really funny how different you feel the distance when in dark compared to when in open space!
  • The 3rd one is the last check about 1-2 weeks before the competition. It’s usually quite short, if there are any major changes to the map. Let’s say – 2 hours.

Sprint cartography and course setting is mainly about computer works. Summing it up, I think I spent about 25 hours in front of the screen making the map (my biggest issue was to make the map as readable as possible) and about the same amount of time preparing the courses. I had known it was going to be a unique competition, so I triple-checked all of the line and circle cuttings, not to make any mistake. In total, if my Maths is correct, it makes around 62 hours.

At the end I would also like to invite all of the readers for Pomeranian Sprint Cup 2023 which is going to take place on 26-28 May. I am also the main cartographer and course setter for this event and I can reassure you we’ll do our best to make this event a long-lived memory for the competitors. I think I can also add that we are preparing a special surprise race for the elite classes. Thanks a lot for all the votes and see you in May, then!

Results: Course of the Year 2022

After having two long distance courses in the top in the 2021 edition, we had two sprint courses at the top in the 2022-edition. This is maybe fitting as this is the first year we have a sprint only World Orienteering Championships.

We have 6 different countries in the Top 6 – Poland, Denmark, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and Italy, thus a good geographical spread. In addition, we have a Norwegian course in the Top 10 – the Norwegian Championships Ultralong.

1. Pomeranian Sprint Cup 2022 Stage 4
    26200 points
2. WOC 2022 Individual Sprint, Men
    13300 points
3. JWOC 2022 | Long | Men
    10840 points
4. O-Ringen 2022 Stage 4 M21E
    9940 points
5. World Cup Final 2022, Middle Distance Men
    9720 points
6. Coppa Italia Long Cansiglio Men
    9680 points
7. WMOC Long 2022 M35
    9190 points
8. Norwegian Champs Ultralong 2022 M21
    7770 points
9. JWOC 2022 | Middle | Men
    7170 points
10. Swedish Champs Long 2022 M21E
    6150 points
11. Gdańsk City Race 2022 Stage 2
    5970 points
12. Ukrainian Champs 2022 M21E
    5950 points
13. Pomeranian Sprint Cup 2022 Stage 1
    5730 points
14. Grand Prix Pomorza Day 3 M21E
    5700 points
15. Maximus O-Meeting 2022 Sprint M21E
    5640 points
16. World Cup Final 2022, Long Distance Men
    5590 points
17. 5 Days of Italy 2022 Stage 2 M21E
    5440 points
18. Czech Championships Long Men
    5290 points
19. Antalya Orienteering Festival Stage 4 M40
    4640 points
20. Maximum O-Meeting 2022 M21E
    4620 points
21. WOC 2022 Knock Out Sprint Semi Final Men
    4520 points
22. Spanish Middle Champs 2022 Men Elite
    4100 points
23. Czech O-Tour 2022 Stage 1 – M21E
    4070 points
24. Swiss O Days 2022 – Long
    4030 points
25. JWOC 2022 | Sprint | Men 20
    4030 points

See all nominated maps here.

Prizes from our Sponsors

Prizes from our Sponsors always makes it more fun! There will be a prize for the first one suggesting the course which ends up becoming “The course of the Year 2022″, and prizes drawn among the ones suggesting and voting. All prizes are transferable to other persons (you don’t have to travel yourself). Note that in those cases where prizes are race entries, the race organizers may decide to withdraw prizes or transfer prizes to another competition/year if races are canceled due to COVID-19.

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