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Route to Christmas: Day 8 2015


Today’s leg in Route to Christmas is the major leg of “The Course of the Year 2015” – the M21 course in the World Championships Long distance in Scotland. Accompanying today’s Route to Christmas is an analysis of the leg by World Champion on this very course Thierry Gueorgiou – and ...

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Course of the Year 2015: WOC Long distance!


A fantastic long distance course in Scottish wilderness takes the honors as “Orienteering Course of the Year 2015″. The men’s course in the World Orienteering Championships Long distance wins with nearly three times as many votes as the World Cup long distance in Tasmania in second place – a massive victory!  ...

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Midnight Dec 7th: Last Chance to Vote!


Orienteering Course of the Year 2015: Tonight at midnight CET is the last chance to vote for the best course in 2015. Vote here before Monday December 7th Midnight CET! Note! The voting does currently not work very well on mobile – there may also be issues in some older ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 7 2015


A 3200 meter long leg in Lithuania is what meets you in Route to Christmas on December 7th. The chosen leg is the 2nd leg in the H21E course from Pavasario Taure (Spring Cup) organized at April 25th 2015. Help me! Have you got good ideas for Route to Christmas? I’d really like ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 6 2015


Today Route to Christmas travels to Germany to a long, complex leg at the Junior European Cup. The 4th from JEC Long in the H20 course at October 10th 2015 is the chosen one. Up or down? Going straight is not an option! We are ready for day 6 in this year’s ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 5 2015


Today we visit Italy and the legendary Venice orienteering meeting – MOV – in Route to Christmas. To disturb less tourists (and to scare the few who are roaming the streets at night more?), this year’s edition was held as a night orienteering race. The date: November 14th.  Venice is the same ...

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4 Days Left: Vote & Take a Look at the Courses fighting for Top 10


World Cup Long Tasmania, French National race South-East, JWOC Long, WOC Long and the Danish Sprint Championships are among the courses battling for the first place in Course of the Year 2015. Below are the courses that are currently in Top 10 shown. Vote here before Monday December 7th Midnight ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 4 2015


Today’s leg in Route to Christmas is from Norwegian Championships Ultralong 2015 – the 5th leg in the H21E course . [Did you vote for Course of the Year 2015 yet? More than 2.500 Euro prizes for voters – vote here!] The Norwegian Championships Ultralong has often been stages in wilderness ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 3 2015


Helena Jansson offers us a very interesting long leg in tough Swedish terrain for today’s leg in Route to Christmas. The is the 8th leg in the D21E course from the Swedish Championships Long 2015 at September 13th. For me the whole race was a bit special, since it was ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 2 2015


A long leg in one of the most beautiful races this year: Today’s leg in Route to Christmas is presented by Aleksandr Kratov – and is a leg some of you might have taken a look at already. The leg is the long leg (leg 8) in the H21E course ...

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