Interview: Vojtech Kral talks about 6 good courses and one bad course from 2017


World Cup winner in this season’s last World Cup race sprint, Vojtech Kral,  chooses his favourite 2017 course – and talks about other great courses from this year while he is at it.   Read on for a long interview with Czech upcoming star Vojtech Kral – a runner who climbed onto the top of the ...

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Florian Howald: About Course of the Year 2017


Swiss world class athlete Florian Howald chose a sprint course as his favourite course in 2017.   Read on for a long interview with Swiss upcoming star Florian Howald – a runner who is very close to climbing all the way to the top of the podium in important races. This interview is part ...

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Tranchand: About the Course of the Year 2017


–  The courses and terrain were demanding enough and offered decisive route-choices possibilities, Frederic Tranchand explains about his favourite orienteering course this year.  Read on for a long interview with French star Frederic Tranchand – a runner who was back in the very top, claiming an individual WOC medal, several years after last time. This interview ...

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Elena Roos: – I think it was a really good long distance course


The course Elena Roos chooses as her absolute favourite this year is one of the toughest races this year – a course which featured hard battles with the forest nearly from start to finish: The World Orienteering Championships Long distance. Read on for a long interview with the new rising Swiss ...

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Course of the Year 2017: Submit your suggestions!


What was the best orienteering course of 2017? The last stage of France 5 won in 2016, the World Champs long distance in Scotland won in 2015 and the World Champs middle distance in Italy won in 2014. Before that we had two years with Portuguese winners: a spectacular sprint between boulders and old ...

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PWT China Tour 2017


[Maps & Results from Stage 1 now out] Some of the world’s best sprint orienteers are gathered in China for the PWT China Tour 2017 this week. The PWT China tour consists of 5 races, of them 2 WRE sprint races. The first stage was won by Robert Merl (Austria) and Maija ...

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WC Final 2017 Sprint Relay: Maps and Results


In a dramatic relay, Sweden’s second team won the World Cup Sprint Relay during the World Cup final in Grindelwald, Switzerland this Sunday. Norway’s first team was closest to the Swedes after leading the relay with nearly half a minute before the last leg. Switzerland’s second team finished third. The ...

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WC Final 2017 Middle: Maps and Results


Matthias Kyburz (Switzerland) and Tove Alexandersson (Sweden) won the World Cup final middle distance in Grindelwald, Switzerland – both also securing the overall World Cup victory with this win. Kyburz won the men’s race 56 seconds ahead of his teammate Daniel Hubmann with Emil Svensk (Sweden) in third nearly 2 ...

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WC Final 2017 Long: Maps and Results


Switzerland was on top in both the men’s and the women’s class in the World Cup final long distance in Grindelwald, Switzerland on Friday. Matthias Kyburz took yet another World Cup victory while Elena Roos took her first World Cup victory. The athletes got very interesting orienteering challenges in steep, ...

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