WOC Long Qual: Maps and GPS-tracking


Maps and GPS-tracking from WOC Long Qualification are now available. Map Heat 1 GPS-tracking (paid service – will cost you 10 Euro) Maps will be available here See also: WOC 2013: All you need to know WOC Long Qual: Live from 08:30 CET – including a look at the favourites, ...

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WOC Long Qual: Live from 08:30 CET


Live GPS (men only), live results and a “simple” live webTV production is promised from the opening race in this years World Orienteering Championships in Vuokatti, Finland.  The long distance qualification starts early Sunday morning – with the final being run on Tuesday. 15 runners from each of the 3 ...

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WOC 2013: All you need to know!


[Update: Direct link to live services] The World Orienteering Championships starts on Sunday July 7th at 08:30 CET (09:30 local Finnish time) with Long distance qualification east of Vuokatti, Finland. The first medals are handed out Monday evening in sprint – after a busy day with sprint qualification in the ...

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JWOC Sprint: Maps and Results


Gold went to Heidi Mårtensson (Norway) and Florian Schneider (Switzerland) in JWOC sprint in Hradec Kravlove, Czech Republic today. In the mens class it was very close to a Czech victory on homeground – with Michal Hubacek only 4 seconds behind Schneider – whereas Tim Robertson (New Zealand) secured New ...

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JWOC Middle Final: Maps and Results


Miri Thrane Ødum and Emil Svensk won Gold medals on tricky middle distance courses in Czech Republic today. Very stony terrain (see the women’s course above) made the orienteering difficult – and few managed to get through the course without mistakes. The tricky orienteering seemed to favor the Scandinavian runners ...

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JWOC Long GPS analysis: Parfianowicz vs Schneider


See how Piotr Parfianowicz won his JWOC gold medal based on this GPS-analysis comparing the race of Parfianowicz and silver medalist Schneider. GPS data of all athletes (nearly 170 athletes) are now in 3DRerun/2DRerun – ready for your analysis. Thanks to great work by TracTrac who helped exporting the GPS-data in ...

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JWOC 2013 Middle Qual: Maps and Results


Six heats – heat winners from six different countries: Latvia, Norway, Denmark, France, Sweden and Great Britain. Nice and technical courses met the competitors in Radvanice at today’s middle distance qualification. None of the biggest favourites missed the cut – we are ready for exciting finals tomorrow! Below you find ...

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JWOC 2013 Long: Maps and Results


Victory to Lisa Risby (Sweden) and Piotr Parfianowicz (Poland) took the victory in tough courses with many routechoice options in Czech Republic today. Sara Hagström (Sweden) and Ekaterina Savkina (Russia) took the other medals among the women – and Florian Schneider (Switzerland) and Andrey Kozyrev (Russia) among the men. – ...

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JWOC 2013: All you need to know!


Follow the world’s best juniors LIVE from Czech Republic on Long Monday, Middle Qual Tuesday, Middle Final Wednesday, Sprint Friday and Relay Saturday. The organizers will provide live webTV, live results and live GPS-tracking – there should be excellent opportunities to follow the best junior orienteers from all over the ...

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Jukola & Venla 2013: GPS Tracking


GPS tracking from all tracked teams from Jukola & Venla is now available. See also a comparison (autOanalysis) between the last leg races of Kalevan Rasti (Gueorgiou) and Kristiansand (D Hubmann) below – and a comparison between Matthias Merz (best time on the last leg) and Thierry Gueorgiou. Map: AutOanalysis ...

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