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WoO Wall Calendar 2008: December preview

The runner chosen for December is Klaus Schgaguler from Italy. Back in 2005, Schgaguler made his best international result until now with his 19th place over the middle distance at the World Orienteering Championships in Japan. After being in at least one A-final in the WOC every year since 2003 (41th Long 2003, 25th Sprint 2004, 19th Middle 2005, 37th Sprint 2006), Schgaguler missed the A-final in Kiev, Ukraine in 2007. Maybe this is what it takes to get out the little extra in 2008? Read more about Schgaguler’s preparations (and here, here and here )for WOC 2008 in Czech Republic at his excellent homepage.

Maybe this is what it takes to get out the little extra in 2008?

The first time Klaus Schgaguler really impressed me with his abilities, was also in Czech Republic – like the World Orienteering Champs will be later this year – but the challenges will be a bit different this autumn than they were back at the Bohemia 5-days in 2003. Schgagulers abilities at the special accompanying relay were quite remarkable (picture below).


See full statistics and pictures for Klaus Schgaguler in World of O Runners. See also this short interview with Klaus Schgaguler at woO-TV made in June 2007 after the World Cup round at the Norwegian O-Festival:

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This is a preview of World of O Wall Calendar 2008: 12 runners – 12 countries. It will be available for free download as a high-quality PDF-file in January 2008. The preview of the calendar is shown to give organizers time (and motivate them) to add their competitions to World of O Calendar. All international orienteering competitions inside World of O Calendar at January 5th will be included in World of O Wall Calendar 2008. The pictures in the calendar are selected from World of O Runners – choosing 12 runners from 12 different countries to show the spread of orienteering around the world.

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