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Today Live: WUOC Middle distance from 0900 CET

The World University Orienteering Championships (WUOC) starts continues with Middle distance in Tartu today with the first start at 0900 CET. You can follow the race online with both text commentary and several split times.

Report from WUOC middle distance 2006 (source International University Sports):
For the women, Norwegian Line Hagman took the day, but she had to struggle for it, and the times were very close. Russian Larisa Stanchenko clocked in just 13 seconds behind her, and Finnish Maria Rantala came in only 38 seconds later. “The itinerary was not as easy as I thought” Line said just after the race, “but I made no errors, and that’s what gave me this excellent score, the best of my career”.

The men’s race was undecided up to the end. Lithuanian Simonas Krepsta, French Phillippe Adamski and Norwegian Stig Alvestad fought it out to the end. They crossed the line in that order. An excellent race for Krepsta who managed to do his best in this magnificent but difficult course.

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The championships starts with the sprint distance at 0900 CET today Wednesday July 30th. The organizers promise live results and live commentary from all the events. There are no qualifications in the WUOC, and each nation is allowed to enter three runners for the sprint and four runners for the middle and long distance.

  • Wednesday July 30th 0900 CET: Sprint
  • Thursday July 31st 0830 CET: Long
  • Friday August 1st 0900 CET: Middle
  • Saturday August 2nd 0830 CET: Relay

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