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Reminder: Price increase for registration for popular events!

For many of the popular multiday orienteering events this summer, there is a price increase if you don’t register by either May 31st (today) or June 1st (tomorrow). For some events this is even the last chance to register at all! So if you haven’t done it yet: Choose your events for the summer – and register today!

As a service to the readers of World of O (so you don’t have to pay extra) – and to all organizers who have been kind enough to put their event into World of O Calendar along with a map sample/scenery picture, I’ve included a table with all of these events between June 11th and August 31st below.

Note that a few of the big events this summer are missing in the table below – they have not used the opportunity to get some extra PR by adding a map sample/picture in World of O Calendar. Maybe next time?

3 days of Belgium 2011
Belgium – 2011-06-11
Alpe Adria Cup 2011
Croatia – 2011-06-17
TAKAS 2011
Lithuania – 2011-06-23
Wawel Cup
Poland – 2011-06-24
WRE middle + 100CP
Estonia – 2011-06-25
Midnattsolgaloppen(Fjord-O Arctic)
Norway – 2011-06-28
Dølauka 2011
Norway – 2011-07-01
ICE-O 2011
Iceland – 2011-07-01
Kaszebe O-Cup JWOC2011Public Event
Poland – 2011-07-02
World Masters Orienteering Championships
Hungary – 2011-07-01
Czech Canada 2011
Czech Republic – 2011-07-02
Hungary – 2011-07-09
6 Days of Austria
Austria – 2011-07-10
Kopaonik open 2011
Serbia – 2011-07-12
Uslar 5-Days-Orienteering
Germany – 2011-07-12
Mentor Silva Cup 2011 – Europe South-East Tour
Romania – 2011-07-13
Croatia open 2011
Croatia – 2011-07-13
HSH Vysocina Cup
Czech Republic – 2011-07-14
Slovenia – 2011-07-22
3 days in Tuscany MTB-O
Italy – 2011-07-29
Petit Prix 2011
Czech Republic – 2011-07-29
Pannon O-Days
Hungary – 2011-07-29
Swiss O Week 2011 Flims-Laax
Switzerland – 2011-07-30
Scottish 6 Days, Oban, 2011
Great Britain – 2011-07-31
Czech Republic – 2011-08-03
Argovia 3 days
Switzerland – 2011-08-12
Flanders 3-days
Belgium – 2011-08-13
O’Festival ERDF Savoie Grand Revard
France – 2011-08-14
Hungaria Cup
Hungary – 2011-08-17
Romanian Cup + Transylvania Open 2011 – WRE
Romania – 2011-08-26
O-Weekend Hamburg
Germany – 2011-08-26
Your summer orienteering plans?

My summer orienteering will be OOCup and the O’Festival ERDF Savoie Grand Revard (WOC spectator events). The reason: I think these are two of the places which I get the most challenging orienteering – important for me as I’ll be walking around in the forest. Swiss O-week, Croatia Open, Bohemia Orienteering, Kopaonik Open and Fjord-o Midnattsolgaloppen were also on my consideration list, but you can’t go everywhere. And I have to say that ICE-O 2011 on Iceland also looks very interesting, but I didn’t see it before writing this article, and now it’s too late for that…  Were do you plan to travel this summer for orienteering, and why?

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  1. I am going to the Swiss O-week. Terrains look fantastic!

  2. Going to ICE-O, but as an organizer and map-maker.

  3. Going to Krušove Open (3 WRE days) in Macedonia early in September, the event that is organized in parallel to the first South Eastern European Championships.

  4. I am going to O’Festival ERDF Savoie Grand Revard,to participate and see the best in action!!!!

  5. I´m going to O-ringen for the first time