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The Orienteering Achievement of 2010

2010 has been another year full of great orienteering achievements – and as we now are moving towards 2011, it is again time to decide the greatest of achievements of the year. The annual poll to find the biggest Orienteering Achievements of the year is organized by two of the major sources for international orienteering news on the Internet – World of O and Ultimate Orienteering.

In this edition of Orienteering Achievement of the Year we have asked the experts to nominate runners for the Orienteering Achievement of 2010: National Team trainers and other people with excellent knowledge of the orienteering scene have been asked to nominate their candidates for “The Orienteering Achievement of 2010″:

  • Radek Novotny, Czech National Team trainer
  • Thomas Bührer, Swiss National Team trainer (until 2010)
  • Janne Salmi, Finnish National Team trainer (until 2010)
  • Kenneth Buch, Trainer of Halden SK (until 2010)
  • Jørn Sundby, Orienteering speaker/expert

Based on these nominations, up to 10 men and 10 women are set up on the final list for the poll where YOU decide in a vote. In addition we leave one wild card for our readers based on suggestions (including reason for the nomination) to this post or the post at Ultimate Orienteering by Sunday November 28th 12:00 CET. A prize from our sponsors will be drawn those suggesting a candidate / participating in the discussions.

Note that in the vote for “The Orienteering Achievement of 2010″, the best achievement of the year is to be named – and not necessarily the best orienteer of 2010. Thus it is not necessarily the gold medalists who have done the greatest orienteering achievements. All nominees for the Orienteering Achievement of 2009 and 2008 can be found here. Note that only individual orienteers can be nominated – not group of orienteers.

The winners from the Orienteering Achievement of 2009 were Daniel Hubmann and Simone Niggli. Help decide who will win “The Orienteering Achievement of 2010″.


On November 30th, all nominees will be presented at World of O and Ultimate Orienteering. The winner is decided in a vote amongst all the readers of World of O and Ultimate Orienteering between Tuesday November 30th and Monday December 6th. The winners will be announced December 9th. The following categories are included in The Orienteering Achievement of 2010:

Prizes for “Lucky voters”

Prizes will be drawn among the voters:

  1. A person can only vote once in each of the categories (if several people share one internet connection, only one can vote, as the IP address is used to identify the voter along with the email-address of the voter).
  2. Prizes from our sponsors will be drawn among all people voting. Sponsors and prizes will be announced on Monday November 29th.
  3. The winners will be made public after the poll closes and the winners have been presented at World of O and Ultimate Orienteering.

A full sponsor presentation will be given on November 29th. We have the following sponsors who will provide prizes for lucky voters and for the winners of “The Orienteering Achievement of 2010″:

  • Main sponsor: Trimtex
  • OOcup 2011
  • Midnattsolgaloppen 2011
  • Kopaonik Open 2011
  • Portugal O-meeting 2011
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  1. My nomination for wildcard is Kris Jones of GBR.

    This year he took silver medal at the JWOC sprint, the best JWOC result ever by a British junior.

    He also won gold at JEC in the sprint.

    • Thanks for the suggestions! Great performances by both Jones and Kubat – we’ll consider them based on which other suggestions come in here. If we don’t get more, one of them will get the “people’s wildcard” and be in for sure…

  2. May I propose to nominate as a candidate for Orienteering Achievement of the Year Award – Pavel Kubat from Czech Republic for his victory in M20 class at JWOC2010

  3. My nomination for wildcard is Rasmus Thrane Hansen from Denmark.

    He took gold at JWOC sprint.
    6th place at JWOC middle, 5th at long distance and 3rd at relay.

    Also, 4th place at JEC long.

  4. Ida Bobach
    1ºplace at O-ringen,Spring Cup,JEC,JWOC,PWT…and 3º place at WC sprint in Switzerland

    • If I can’t be the first to nominate Ida then I can be the second :-) Probably the only reason for her not to take all 4 gold medals in JWOC this year too was her ankle injury during the middle distance qualification.

  5. Hans Gunnar Omdal

    I propose Hans Gunnar for an improbable, yet amazing comeback to the Norwegian Orienteering Team and international competitions. His 2010 palmares include EOC long 8th and WOC long 9th places.

    His desperate efforts should encourage other orienteers to pursue dreams, which look beyond reach.

  6. Frédéric TRANCHAND

    I propose Frédéric Tranchand as he was the biggest surprise in this year’s WOC, taking the bronze medal only 2,4 seconds after gold medalist Matthias Müeller.

    Earlier this year, he also took the silver medal in the EOC relay together with Philippe ADAMSKI and Thierry GUEORGIOU.
    He is also CISM relay world champion together with Thierry GUEORGIOU and François GONON.

    Aged 22, those are the very first international medals for him (never got any in a JWOC), he deserves to be in the top 10 !

  7. Anders Nordberg

    Anders should be nominated for his decisive solo Jukola run:

    Alone in front, running on the course of the year, the most difficult night-O course in maybe 29 years, and leaving all the other elite teams far behind.

    (Yes, I do know Kalevan Rasti ran nearly as fast, but that was well back in the field, with lots of other teams in the forest.)

  8. After a not so great EOC (besides a third place in relay) and after a massive improvement in WOC and Norwegian national championchips, my men´s nomination goes to Olav Lundanes.
    The results speak for them self:
    1º WOC 2010 Long disntance
    2º Woc 2010 relay
    1º norwegian national championship long distance
    1º norwegian national championship middle distance
    1º norwegian national championship relay

    The women´s nomination goes to Ida Bobach. Great results in JWOC (1º in all distances except middle distance due to injury) and a massive 3º place in world cup final in geneva. She haves a great future ahead of her.

  9. The women’s nomination goes to Simone Niggli.During this session she has won everything she can. She showed again that she is the queen of orienteering.

  10. Thanks a lot for all suggested nominations! We have now chosen one of the suggestions who was not on the experts lists – and nominated that athlete as the people’s wildcard!