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10Mila 2011: All you need to know!

10MILA countdown: Two days left until one of the main highlights of the spring season for an orienteer: 10MILA. World of O will of course follow 10Mila all night on the LiveBlog – I hope to see many of you there!

Countless hours of 10Mila 2011 Web TV with GPS tracking (will set you back 90 SEK = about 10 Euros) is offered. There is also free audio available (speaker sound) and live results available. Start is at 14:30 CET Saturday April 30th for the women and 21:30 CET Saturday 30th for the men.

As always in 10Mila, the women run 5 legs and the men run 10 legs. The women run from 4.7 km (third leg, ungaffled) to 9.5 legs (last leg). All legs except for the third leg are gaffled. The men run from 7.2 km (7th leg, ungaffled) to 16.5 km (last leg, gaffled and 4th leg, ungaffled). All legs except for the 4th leg (“Långa natten” – the long night) and the 7th leg are ungaffled. The 5 first leg are run in darkness – the 6th and 7th in dawn, and the three last legs in daylight.

New! The 10Mila Tip 2011!

Click to set up your 10Mila 2011 tips
Who will be the top teams in 10Mila 2011? Submit your tip for the results in 10Mila 2011 here! Requested are tips for the Top 5 men and women teams, and intermediate results after the 1st leg and “Långa natten”.

Can Kalevan Rasti repeat their 2010 win in the mens class? In 2010 the margin down to Kristiansand OK was more than 6 minutes. Can Anton Sjökvist of Stora Tuna win the first leg again? Can IFK Lidingö take another win in the womens class? And is Ulricehamn ready for another first leg victory?

Leg lengths & key relay information



10Mila Tip 2011 preview material

More 10Mila 2011 preview material:

Poll: Who wins 10Mila 2011 (mens class)

If you don’t feel like setting up a full tip, you can quickly tip the winner in the mens relay in the poll below:

Team composition for some of the top teams

Not all teams have published their 10MILA 2010 team yet – but here is the team composition of some of the top teams in the mens class (note – these team compositions may change – see also startlist men and startlist women):

1 Kalevan Rasti 1
1) Kiril  Nikolov 12,0 km
2) Miika  Hernelahti 13,0 km
3) Hannu  Airila 11,7 km
4) Jere  Pajunen 16,5 km
5) Adam   Chromy 8,4 km
6) Simo Martomaa 8,4 km
7) Jan   Prochazka 7,2 km
8) Philippe  Adamski 12,3 km
9) Fabian  Hertner 8,7 km
10) Thierry  Gueorgiou 16,5 / 12,3 km
2 Kristiansand OK 1
1) Audun  Bjerkreim Nilsen 12,0 km
2) Jostein  Andersen 13,0 km
3) Isak  Bergman 11,7 km
4) Rasmus  Djurhuus 16,5 km
5) Andreas  Høye 8,4 km
6) Vegard Danielsen 8,4 km
7) Martin  Hubmann 7,2 km
8) Mats  Dahlén 12,3 km
9) Daniel  Hubmann 8,7 km
10) Baptiste  Rollier 16,5 / 12,3 km
10 OK Hällen 1
1) Jan-Baptiste  Bourrin 12,0 km
2) Oskar  Carlborg 13,0 km
3) Benjamin  Lepoutre 11,7 km
4) Kristian  Algers 16,5 km
5) Jonas  Engström 8,4 km
6) Per Öberg 8,4 km
7) Tommy  Söderberg 7,2 km
8) Robbin  Kantarp 12,3 km
9) Peter  Öberg 8,7 km
10) Frédéric  Tranchad 16,5 / 12,3 km
14 Malungs OK Skogsmårdarna 1
1) Johan  Lindberg 12,0 km
2) Thomas   Carlsson 13,0 km
3) David   Andersson 11,7 km
4) Roman  Bondarenko 16,5 km
5) Martin  Hammarberg 8,4 km
6) Anders  Åkerman 8,4 km
7) Jonas   Bäckström 7,2 km
8) Erik  Rost 12,3 km
9) Julian  Dent 8,7 km
10) William  Lind 16,5 / 12,3 km
15 Vaajakosken Terä 1
1) Antti  Anttonen 12,0 km
2) Jouni  Kahelin 13,0 km
3) Timo  Joensuu 11,7 km
4) Jani  Lakanen 16,5 km
5) Lasse  Kautto 8,4 km
6) Aapo Summanen 8,4 km
7) Juha  Sorvisto 7,2 km
8) Pasi  Ikonen 12,3 km
9) Jonne  Lakanen 8,7 km
10) Anders  Nordberg 16,5 / 12,3 km
19 NTNUI 1
1) Felix  Breitschädel 12,0 km
2) Espen   Fiskum 13,0 km
3) Vegard  Ruttenborg 11,7 km
4) Knut Sveinung  Rekaa 16,5 km
5) Hans Petter  Mathisen 8,4 km
6) Øyvind Enger 8,4 km
7) Martin  Hoset 7,2 km
8) Thomas Natvig  Årstad 12,3 km
9) Anders   Einum 8,7 km
10) Olav Johannes  Deelstra 16,5 / 12,3 km
10Mila 2011 LiveBlog

Here you get the 10Mila LiveBlog. You’ll get polls during the race, expert commentary, help with your technical problems, and all you need to be on top on what is happening in the Swedish forest. The most fun way to experience 10Mila if you can’t run yourself!

If you are interested in being part of the LiveBlog team for a few hours (or all of the night) – moderating comments, uploading pictures and getting your comments published directly on the LiveBlog, please send an email to jan@kocbach.net saying a few words about yourself. It is a long night – so it is good to be a good team!

Use the hash-tags #10mila and #tiomila to get your Tweets directly into the LiveBlog.

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