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Lundanes: – For me the discussion is about challenges

Olav Lundanes started it with a short Tweet – now he is back with a long explanation about his views about the future WOC program. – Since I was the one that picked up the discussion I should come with my opinion, Lundanes writes in a comment to the article “Lundanes: – Looks like I am supporting the destruction of orienteering” which has stirred a lot of discussion the last days.

Read Lundanes’ comment – and join in on the discussions if you have something constructive to say. But remember: If you have an opinion which you think is worth listening to, bring it on to your national federation and put pressure on them to bring it on to the IOF – that’s the best way to influence the future WOC program.

Read Lundanes’ full comment and relevant background information:

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One comment

  1. Lars V - FarumTisvilde OK

    It seems like more or less one Swedish person from Gothenburg in IOF technical commity has made this suggestion – maybe backed by the Norwegian federation?

    But anyone you ask in the top elite system says “this is crazy – we don’t want it”

    So please all you girls and guys in the top of our fantastic sport – join forced and tell IOF to change it with respect to our sport. But do it now before it is too late!!