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WC Middle Liberec: Maps and Results

Pasi Ikonen and Dana Brozkova won the tight World Cup races over middle distance in Liberec, Czech Republic today. Ikonen – the WOC middle distance champion of 2001 – beat this year WOC middle distance champion Thierry Guergiou with 33 seconds.

In the women’s class Minna Kauppi did her best individual World Cup race this year with a second position – only 18 seconds behind Brozkova.

Note! Today’s middle distance race is the basis for a long distance chasing start Sunday which also counts for the overall World Cup. Again with live webTV and GPS-tracking.  Men start from 09:30 CET for the leader, 11:30 CET for the women. First 25 starting runners run with GPS. Courses are 16.7 km (680 m) / 10.6 km (480 m) with expected winning times of 95 / 75 minutes. Live video is available here live results at the WC Liberec page.



Above you see a comparison of the route of winner in the mens class – Pasi Ikonen – with the second runner in the mens class – Thierry Gueorgiou (click for larger map). As you can see Gueorgiou looses time in the first part of the course (note that the GPS-data seems to be a bit strange in the start) – and after that never managing to catch up with Ikonen again even if keeping the same speed.

In the women’s class Minna Kauppi had a very good start, and was in the lead in the first part of the course. A mistake at the 8th control and another one at the 10th control made Helena Jansson take over the lead in the race. Another mistake at the 16th control cost her her first World Cup victory of the year – from the GPS data it looks like Kauppi might have orienteered to the wrong control when leaving the 16th control. This mistake lost Kauppi 37 seconds to Brozkova – and thus also the victory.




1. Dana Šafka Brožková CZE 39:38.1
2. Minna Kauppi FIN 39:56.2 0:18.1
3. Helena Jansson SWE 40:29.0 0:50.9
4. Tove Alexandersson SWE 40:31.7 0:53.6
5. Ines Brodmann SUI 41:56.5 2:18.4
6. Eva Juřeníková CZE 42:02.2 2:24.1
7. Signe Soes DEN 42:48.9 3:10.8
8. Sara Lüscher SUI 43:25.0 3:46.9
9. Lena Eliasson SWE 43:25.7 3:47.6
10. Maria Magnusson SWE 44:21.6 4:43.5


1. Pasi Ikonen FIN 38:52.1
2. Thierry Gueorgiou FRA 39:25.1 0:33.0
3. Gernot Kerschbaumer AUT 40:00.7 1:08.6
4. Daniel Hubmann SUI 40:06.9 1:14.8
5. Olav Lundanes NOR 40:10.7 1:18.6
6. Peter Öberg SWE 40:32.4 1:40.3
7. William Lind SWE 40:38.4 1:46.3
8. Ionut Zinca ROU 40:39.0 1:46.9
9. Anders Holmberg SWE 40:55.8 2:03.7
10. Matthias Müller SUI 41:06.3 2:14.2
WC Liberec @ WorldofO.com
Replay the excitement

With both live webTV and GPS-tracking it was very interesting to follow today’s middle distance race in Czech Republic. Both the webTV transmission and the GPS tracking can be replayed.

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  1. How are the Fantasy Cup points calculated on Sunday: based on finishing sequence or on net running time?

    • As always like the World Cup points (World Cup points are actually taken directly from the IOF page). That means based on finishing sequence (as far as I can read the rules).