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Quick analysis of Silva League & Co

Thierry Gueorgiou and Simone Niggli both showed that they will be very difficult to beat this season – with clear victories in very strong startfields at the Silva League Long distance race in Sweden today. Meanwhile Hans Gunnar Omdal/Mari Fasting and Topi Anjala/Minna Kauppi won the national races in Norway and Sweden.

Three men had the legs (and nearly the technique) to win at Silva League today

With GPS-tracking from all three races, there is a lot of interesting stuff to look at – and many interesting observations to be made. I have had a look at all the GPS tracking and split times, and pushed out some interesting illustrations. If you are a Facebook user, please comment on the illustrations.

I am sorry for only providing a very brief analysis and linking to Facebook for illustrations, but this is what was possible today. I hope it is still better than nothing.

Observations Silva League, Sweden

Some interesting observations from Silva League here:

Lørdagskjappen, Norway

From Norway:

  • DSQ for Nordberg who would have been up there just behind the winner Omdal. Now Omdal won ahead of Kinneberg. GPS comparison here – the races did not look exceptionally stable (this was “only” a middle distance – in Norway there is a long distance chasing start tomorrow. Lundanes and Dæhlie skipped this weekend in Norway to focus on more WOC relevant races at Silva League instead – getting a “proper” long distance race).
  • Mari Fasting won ahead of Heidi Østlid Bagstevold (GPS comparison) – see also performance index
FinnSpring, Finland
GPS-tracking and results

Links to GPS-tracking and results:

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  1. Thomas Höjsgaard

    Thank you for an interesting analysis. Lundanes a little mystery though. If he really not is in shape I guess he would gone training instead of Elitserien. Time will show.

    • Well, assuming that, I think this race would still be the best training for Lundanes as his main target this season is WOC gold in Finland. And looking at his technical performance, that looks more than solid enough (although I have not analyzed it in big detail).

  2. E.Kinneberg is now ranked nr. 2 in Lördagskjappen, if the result list is right updated.