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JWOC Middle Final: Maps and Results

Miri Thrane Ødum and Emil Svensk won Gold medals on tricky middle distance courses in Czech Republic today. Very stony terrain (see the women’s course above) made the orienteering difficult – and few managed to get through the course without mistakes.

The tricky orienteering seemed to favor the Scandinavian runners

The tricky orienteering seemed to favor the Scandinavian runners. In the men’s class it was an all Swedish day with two other Swedes, Anton Johansson and Jens Wängdahl taking Silver and Bronze. The other medals in the women’s class went to Lisa Risby (Sweden) and Mathilde Rundhaug (Norway).

Long distance winner against Jukola winner

In the women’s class the fight was between Gold medalist from the long distance Lisa Risby and this years Jukola winner (with Pan Århus) Miri Thrane Ødum. Risby did around 2 minutes mistake on control 2 and 4 – nearly being caught with two minutes by Lucy Butt according to orientering.se. – I am in good shape, and that is probably the reason why I could come back after this start, Risby commented to orientering.se – explaining how she had a speed which was so high that it was risky towards the end.

Gold medalist Thrane Ødum did not start on the long distance on Monday due to injury problems – and has barely been running since Jukola a few weeks ago. Impressive to go from there to victory today by the Danish talent!

Medal from early start

In the men’s class Johansson started among the very first and looked more and more like a winner as one after another of the other runners made mistakes. In the end it was good enough for a medal – beaten only by the two other Swedes. The winner Svensk is last year’s junior – gets 20 later in July – and has a 6th place from JWOC sprint as his best result from earlier.

– We did extremely well. We had promised the girls a medal, but that we should get all the medals within 9 seconds is barely possible in the fantasies, the Swedish golden boys said according to orientering.se.


Click for maps for women (upper) and men (lower).




Junior World Champion Miri Thrane Ødum. Photo JWOC 2013.

1. Odum Miri Thrane DEN 25:05
2. Risby Lisa SWE 25:36 0:31
3. Rundhaug Mathilde NOR 25:45 0:40
4. Haataja Anna FIN 25:51 0:46
5. Basset Isia FRA 26:13 1:08
6. Hoydal Gunvor Hov NOR 26:14 1:09
7. Hulkkonen Johanna FIN 26:20 1:15
8. Chromá Kateřina CZE 26:52 1:47
9. Roggo Andrea SUI 26:54 1:49
10. Sandberg Frida SWE 27:04 1:59
11. Horčičková Vendula CZE 27:13 2:08
12. Hagström Sara SWE 27:17 2:12
13. Tesařová Markéta CZE 27:22 2:17
14. Haniszewska Angelika POL 27:47 2:42
15. Benjaminsen Andrine NOR 27:50 2:45
16. Arbter Anja AUT 27:55 2:50
17. Johansson Tilda SWE 28:01 2:56
18. Knapová Lenka CZE 28:24 3:19
19. Butt Lucy GBR 28:27 3:22
20. Simkovics-Nilsson Ann AUT 28:50 3:45



Junior World Champion Emil Svensk. Photo JWOC 2013.

1. Svensk Emil SWE 24:32
2. Johansson Anton SWE 24:33 0:01
3. Wängdahl Jens SWE 24:41 0:09
4. Anttolainen Aleksi FIN 24:45 0:13
5. Melsom Borger NOR 25:06 0:34
6. Minář Marek CZE 25:13 0:41
7. Chloupek Adam CZE 25:14 0:42
8. Huber Sindre Ronning NOR 25:17 0:45
9. Kuchmenko Ivan RUS 25:27 0:55
10. Schuster Marek CZE 25:36 1:04
11. Aldén Niklas SWE 25:48 1:16
12. Ahlund Ludvig SWE 25:58 1:26
13. Kuukka Elias FIN 26:02 1:30
14. Edsen Jakob Ekhard DEN 26:21 1:49
15. Schneider Florian SUI 26:42 2:10
16. Dislers Davis LAT 26:49 2:17
17. Sars Janis LAT 26:53 2:21
18. Hellmueller Sven SUI 26:56 2:24
19. Zernis Rudolfs LAT 27:02 2:30
20. Bartkevičius Algirdas LTU 27:17 2:45

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  1. According to the split-times Schneider punched 8 controls ahead of Svensk. Personally I would have prefered Schneider would have shown little bit more “Lundanes at WOC12-Middle Final after being catched up by Novikov”-attitude.

    • Interesting, Martin. Have you got a full split analysis? Would be nice to see your regular stuff.

      BTW: They are juniors, so it is tough to expect the Lundanes-attitude when you run the race of your life …

  2. My regular analysis does not work in this case as Schneider ran never solo being caught up by Svensk at the first control.

    [Of course are they juniors, but such an influence on such a nine seconds World Championships Podium makes me wondering, why it is impossible to introduce some simple rules in similarity to the rules for the individual time trial in cycling(page 36 bottom). There a caught up competitor is “second class”, he/she has to keep his distance]

    • Cycling uses the same route for everybody. Orienteering doesn’t. Thus where is “the distance”? 2 meters behind or left or right? Look at Risby. Being nearly cought up by Butt but still making a silver medal… Should she gave up (in a situation when Butt closed the gap) and kept behind? Lundanes vs. Novikov is a situation when 2 runners are equal in fact. Both physically and technically. We can’t expect same on a junior level. One mistake doesn’t destroy the race. Look at long and even middle distance. Incredibly many mistakes even for those on podium…