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JWOC Sprint: Maps and Results


Gold went to Heidi Mårtensson (Norway) and Florian Schneider (Switzerland) in JWOC sprint in Hradec Kravlove, Czech Republic today. In the mens class it was very close to a Czech victory on homeground – with Michal Hubacek only 4 seconds behind Schneider – whereas Tim Robertson (New Zealand) secured New Zealand a popular medal.

In the women’s class Denmark took another medal – this time silver with Nicoline F Klysner. Bronze went to Anastasia Denisova (Belarus).

Higher speed

– I had a great race today. I knew I was very well physically prepared, so I wanted to concentrate not to make any mistake. I must say I succeeded despite of making a small mistake on my way to the second last control. I am so happy to become the World Champion, Heidi Mårtensson commens at the JWOC website.

The Norwegian coach was also very impressed with the new Norwegian Junior World Champion.

– She has higher speed than the rest of the start field, and wins even if she does a small mistake at the end, Norwegian Junior coach Torben Wendler comments to orientering.no about the Norwegian winner in the womens class – Heidi Mårtensson. Mårtensson is the daughter of the Swedish top runner Jörgen Mårtensson – and shows that she has some of the same abilities as her father when it comes to performing when it really counts.

Second medal for Schneider

For Florian Schneider – gold medalist in the men’s class – this was the second medal in this Junior World Championships for Schneider.

– I lost 10 seconds – that could be it for me. At least one will probably come through without mistakes, Schneider said to swiss-orienteering.ch while waiting for the last of his more than 160 competitors to finish their race.

Schneider took silver on the long distance – and proved also on the middle distance that he has the speed of the best – although some large mistakes there destroyed his medal chances.


Photo: JWOC website

1. Schneider Florian SUI 14:35
2. Hubáček Michal CZE 14:39 0:04
3. Robertson Tim NZL 14:47 0:12
4. Heggedal Sigur NOR 14:57 0:22
5. Meier Christoph SUI 14:58 0:23
6. Pedersli Trond Einar NOR 15:00 0:25
7. Crickmore Jonathan GBR 15:04 0:29
8. Parfianowicz Piotr POL 15:06 0:31
9. Bloemen Tristan BEL 15:08 0:33
10. Niemi Aleksi FIN 15:10 0:35
11. Edsen Jakob Ekhard DEN 15:12 0:37
12. Aldén Niklas SWE 15:13 0:38
13. Hann Nick NZL 15:14 0:39
14. Svensk Emil SWE 15:16 0:41
15. Johansson Anton SWE 15:17 0:42
16. Wolowczyk Krzysztof POL 15:20 0:45
17. Ahlund Ludvig SWE 15:24 0:49
18. Minář Marek CZE 15:26 0:51
19. Wängdahl Jens SWE 15:29 0:54
20. Polyakov Dmitry RUS 15:30 0:55


Photo: JWOC website

1. Martensson Heidi NOR 14:33
2. Klysner Nicoline Frib DEN 14:45 0:12
3. Denisova Anastasia BLR 14:48 0:15
4. Savkina Ekaterina RUS 14:49 0:16
5. Benjaminsen Andrine NOR 14:52 0:19
6. Sandberg Frida SWE 14:59 0:26
7. Hulkkonen Johanna FIN 15:00 0:27
Tomashevskaya Veronik RUS 15:00 0:27
9. Forsgren Hilda SWE 15:02 0:29
10. Krasilnikova Daria RUS 15:10 0:37
11. Schubnell Lisa SUI 15:12 0:39
12. Ahlsand Anine NOR 15:17 0:44
Horčičková Vendula CZE 15:17 0:44
14. Basset Isia FRA 15:19 0:46
15. Gustafsson Jannina FIN 15:22 0:49
Backscheider Emilie FRA 15:22 0:49
17. Klysner Cecilie Fribe DEN 15:24 0:51
Klingenberg Ita DEN 15:24 0:51
19. Neverova Anastasiia RUS 15:25 0:52
20. Haikonen Henna-Riikka FIN 15:26 0:53

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  1. Am I right that the best to 2 was climbing the bridge, and the best to 5 was jumping from the bridge?

    • If somebody did so, they should/would be disqualified

      • There is no any reason for such DSQ, because crossing a bridge (in any direction) is not forbidden by any document.

        • forbidden in page 21, Bulletin 4

          • Well done by organizers by noticing it (and I think it is forgivable for me as a stupid spectator to miss this). Nevertheless, what is written is ”
            There are bridges in the terrain. A bridge (512.1) is
            unfortunately not defined by ISSOM as a “forbidden
            to cross” object. However runners must note that all
            bridges in the terrain cannot be climbed from the sides”. This is very ambiguous: (1) it does not say anything about disqualification (2) it does not say anything about jumping down. Well, there are little pictures below this statement, which, however, do not clarify much, because states only “not possible” without any circumstances of disproving this statement.
            So, still, there is no document which says that jumping down a bridge leads to disqualification.

      • If the Bulletin is correct and it really is not possible to pass the bridge over the sides, then there will never be a need for a discussion if it is forbidden to do the impossible?
        I find the information in the Bulletin to be a clarification to the runners when deciding rout-choices, “do not expect to be able to go this way” rather than” it is forbidden to go this way”. So it probably is not forbidden, but that is not necessary since it is not possible? But I agree that information could have been even better, since they start with regretting that bridges are not marked as forbidden to pass objects, and that indicate that they would have liked it to be so, but they are not forbidden?
        If someone does the impossible, that is ok ;-)

  2. Is the bridge symbol forbidden to cross? I did not find so in ISSOM.