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WOC Sprint 2015: Maps and Results


Jonas Leandersson (Sweden) won the men’s class 2 seconds ahead of Martin Hubmann (Switzerland) with Jerker Lysell (Sweden) in 3rd at 0:05. Maja Alm (Denmark) won the women’s class 40 seconds ahead of Nadiya Volynska (Ukraine) with Galina Vinogradova (Russian Federation) in 3rd at 0:52. 

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Maps and GPS-tracking

WOC Sprint Final Women

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1st Jonas Leandersson Sweden (SWE) 13:12.1
2nd Martin Hubmann Switzerland (SUI) 13:14.0
3rd Jerker Lysell Sweden (SWE) 13:16.6
4th Marten B Bostrom Finland (FIN) 13:19.9
5th Yannick Michiels Belgium (BEL) 13:20.0
6th Daniel Hubmann Switzerland (SUI) 13:21.0
7th Andreu Blanes Spain (ESP) 13:21.8
8th Kristian Jones Great Britain (GBR) 13:24.1
9th Soren Bobach Denmark (DEN) 13:24.8
10th Jonas Vytautas Gvildys Lithuania (LTU) 13:26.8
11th Tue Lassen Denmark (DEN) 13:33.5
12th Vojtech Kral Czech Republic (CZE) 13:39.3
13th Scott Fraser Great Britain (GBR) 13:39.8
14th Andreas Kyburz Switzerland (SUI) 13:40.8
15th Robert Merl Austria (AUT) 13:41.1



1st Maja Alm Denmark (DEN) 13:32.5
2nd Nadiya Volynska Ukraine (UKR) 14:12.3
3rd Galina Vinogradova Russian Federation (RUS) 14:24.5
4th Sara Luescher Switzerland (SUI) 14:26.5
5th Hanny Allston Australia (AUS) 14:26.7
6th Minna Kauppi Finland (FIN) 14:27.1
7th Rahel Friederich Switzerland (SUI) 14:29.9
8th Silje Ekroll Jahren Norway (NOR) 14:42.8
9th Julia Gross Switzerland (SUI) 14:50.4
10th Karolin Ohlsson Sweden (SWE) 14:52.5
11th Denisa Kosova Czech Republic (CZE) 15:12.8
12th Jana Knapova Czech Republic (CZE) 15:13.1
13th Svetlana Mironova Russian Federation (RUS) 15:14.4
14th Cecilie Friberg Klysner Denmark (DEN) 15:14.9
15th Alison Crocker United States (USA) 15:17.3

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