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EOC 2016 Sprint Women analysis by Vinogradov

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Mikhail Vinogradov – the coach and husband of bronze medalist Galina Vinogradova from the European Championships Sprint, has made an analysis of the course from the sprint final from Sunday.

Vinogradov has high focus on analytical analysis of sprint races in order to help Vinogradova to get all the way to the top. Vinogradova has had impressive improvements over the sprint the last seasons. In 2014 and 2015 she was an important part of the Russian Sprint Relay team taking bronze on both occasions. Also in 2015 Vinogradova took her first individual World Championships medal with bronze on the sprint.

In 2016 Vinogradova has continued with individual bronze medal at the EOC sprint and gold with the Russian Sprint Relay team at EOC in a race where her excellent last leg race was very important for the victory.

Analysis – EOC 2016 Sprint

The full analysis is available here. The takeaway from the analysis is that both Wyder and Alm have taken many wrong routes, but both Wyder and Alm had excellent running speed, securing respectively gold and bronze. Vinogradova and Volynska also did some non-optimal routes, but generally did better route choices.

Leg 3-4 is an example of where Wyder loses 16 seconds to Alm by taking the wrong route (D), according to Vinogradov’s analysis:



Leg 5-6 is an example of where Alm looses 19 seconds to Wyder due to non-optimal route and probably also non-optimal execution.


Legs 10-11 and 6-7 are also very interesting legs with significant timelosses among the best.

Link to full analysis



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