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World Cup Sprint Finland Men: Quick GPS and Splits Analysis


The nice course at the World Cup  Sprint in Lohja (Finland) deserves some analysis. There were several legs were significant parts of the field took a slower choice as you can see in the leg-by-leg GPS-analysis below. An excellent example of how a  good modern sprint course can be made in flat terrain.

Green means fast – red means slow. An example of one of the most decisive legs is shown above – the leg to the 17th control. Looking at this specific leg, you lose 6-8 seconds by running left – even though the length difference is marginal. The reason for the time loss must lie in the extra corners and more complex running.


Here is also a comparison Kyburz vs Michiels (from official split times):



Michiels goes into two of the course setters traps – to the third control were he loses around 5-6 seconds due to routechoice and to the 8th control were he loses 3-4 seconds due to routechoice. His speed is however slightly higher than Kyburz’s, giving him the victory in the end.

Here is also a splits comparison of the top athletes. Kyburz and Michiels are in a separate league:

plot (1)

Leg-by-leg routes

Below routes for all legs in the men’s course are shown with routes with correct split times. Split times shown are official split times (note that there are some entries in the split times which are not correct, these are not included in the analysis below).  No full analysis is provided, but these illustrations should provide good training in understanding the challenges in modern sprint courses.

wcfinmen01_blank wcfinmen01_routes wcfinmen02_blank wcfinmen02_routes wcfinmen03_blank wcfinmen03_routes wcfinmen04_blank wcfinmen04_routes wcfinmen05_blank wcfinmen05_routes wcfinmen06_blank wcfinmen06_routes wcfinmen07_blank wcfinmen07_routes wcfinmen08_blank wcfinmen08_routes wcfinmen09_blank wcfinmen09_routes wcfinmen10_blank wcfinmen10_routes wcfinmen11_blank wcfinmen11_routes wcfinmen12_blank wcfinmen12_routes wcfinmen13_blank wcfinmen13_routes wcfinmen14_blank wcfinmen14_routes wcfinmen15_blank wcfinmen15_routes wcfinmen16_blank wcfinmen16_routes wcfinmen17_blank wcfinmen17_routes wcfinmen18_blank wcfinmen18_routes wcfinmen19_blank wcfinmen19_routes wcfinmen20_blank wcfinmen20_routes wcfinmen21_blank wcfinmen21_routes wcfinmen22_blank wcfinmen22_routes wcfinmen23_blank wcfinmen23_routes wcfinmen24_blank wcfinmen24_routes wcfinmen25_blank wcfinmen25_routes

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