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Live TV broadcasting from Swedish League finals May 12th-14th

[Friday 14:45 CET, Saturday 10:45 CET, Sunday 09:45 CET] The Swedish League finals with live web-TV broadcasting from all 3 disciplines May 12th – May 14th. Commentator is Michael Hallner, assisted by orienteering experts Jerker Lysell (sprint, Friday), Joakim Ingelsson (middle distance, Saturday) and Kalle Dalin (finals with pursuit start, shortened long distance, Sunday).

Tover Alexandersson and Max Peter Bejmer are in the lead in Swedish League before the finals.

It is expected to be a professional coverage with a couple of cameras, a head cam runner from the forest and gps-tracking. It is commentated  in Swedish only, but might still be interesting to a larger orienteering audience. Swedish media corporation MittMedia is responsible for the production.

  •  Friday: The program starts at 14.45 CET. Commentator: Michael Hallner. Expert: Jerker Lysell.
  • Saturday: The program starts at 10.45 CET. Commentator: Michael Hallner. Expert: Joakim Ingelsson.
  • Sunday: The program starts at 09.45 CET. Commentator: Michael Hallner. Expert: Kalle Dalin.

The competitions can be followed at http://live.orientering.se. Speaker at the arenas is Per Forsberg. Maps and courses will be uploaded to www.livelox.com. Update: Note that following the live TV production requires you to register and pay one SEK (around 0.15 EUR).

Links to competition information, bulletins and facts:

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  1. Links to http://www.helahalsingland.se are not working, they result in page not found error. Link to live.orientering.se also doesn’t work. I figured out that I need to change https with http and then it works: http://live.orientering.se.

    • Thanks, Austris. The links the organizers sent me were obviously wrong, I have corrected the article. I now also see that unfortunately you have to register and pay one Swedish Krone (nearly nothing, but a hassle) to watch.