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WC Final 2017 Sprint Relay: Maps and Results


In a dramatic relay, Sweden’s second team won the World Cup Sprint Relay during the World Cup final in Grindelwald, Switzerland this Sunday. Norway’s first team was closest to the Swedes after leading the relay with nearly half a minute before the last leg. Switzerland’s second team finished third.

The two main favourites were disqualified and taken out of the relay after three legs when they were fighting in the top; Switzerland 1 for a mispunch on the second leg and Sweden 1 for running into a forbidden area on the first leg. This made the relay more dramatic and more open than expected – suddenly Norway was in a clear lead with Ida Marie Næss Bjørgul on the last leg with Sweden’s young star Sara Hagström chasing. Hagström proved to have the fastest finish, and could celebrate yet another relay victory for Sweden – and a clear victory in the overall relay World Cup.

Maps and GPS-tracking

WC-Final 2017, Sprint Relay leg 1

» See map in omaps.worldofo.com
WC-Final 2017, Sprint Relay leg 2

» See map in omaps.worldofo.com
WC-Final 2017, Sprint Relay leg 3

» See map in omaps.worldofo.com
WC-Final 2017, Sprint Relay leg 4

» See map in omaps.worldofo.com


Official results (one team per nation)

Results of all teams


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  1. An apparently spectacular and quite extreme Wolrdcup weekend in Grindelwald, SUI.
    Where did the 1st runner of SWE1 in the sprint relay enter the forbidden area?
    What is the current policy regarding disqualification in the following yellow cases?
    GREEN: A runner does not enter a forbidden area.
    RED: A runner enters a FA intentionally.
    YELLOW: A runner enters a the forbidden area unintentionally,
    (i) notices that, and leaves the FA on the same way he/she entered,
    (ii) notices that, leaves the FA on the fastest way out, and does not benefit from entering the FA wrt a resonable, allowed route,
    (iii) does not notice that, passes the FA, but does not benefit from entering the FA.
    During the middle distance, there was both a case (ii) and (iii). (iii) was disqualified, (ii) was not. IMO, a wise decision, but what if an additional case (i) had happened?

  2. Hard to see where Karolin Ohlsson from Sweden I would have stepped in to a forbidden area. Looking at the GPS it seems she’s running pretty much where everybody else does.
    For better understanding of the judgement it would be nice with some official statement / explanation what and where the incident was all about…

    • I think it must have happened running out from control 8 and entering olive green east from Control 2.
      Norway 1 made a mistake there on the last leg, but returned and got caught by Sweden 2.

  3. Still hard to tell, but I think you are right. There is some kind of wall there and Norway I on the last leg obviously gets inbetween that and the house, and turns around…
    My wish is that these jugdements is presented by the competition staff afterwards. To better understand the game for the spectators. Now it’s a little bit like showing the penalty kick in football, but not showing what led up to it…
    If this is done somewhere officially, I have missed it.