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JWOC Sprint 2018: Maps and Results + small GPS-analysis


JWOC Sprint brought a surprise win for Germany’s Colin Kolbe in the men’s class and a favourite win by Simona Aebersold (Switzerland) in the women’s class.

Kolbe took Germany’s first victory in the Junior World Orienteering championships in 27 years – on a course which was described as very technical with many tricky routechoices and several artificial boundaries/fences to make the orienteering more interesting and tricky. Kolbe won 8 seconds ahead of Matthew Fellbaum (GBR) with Kasper Fosser (NOR) and Otto Kaario (FIN) in shared third place. See GPS-analysis of the men’s race below the map section.

In the women’s class Simona Aebersold was the big favourite. The Swiss took the lead already at the first control, and kept it all the way to the finish. Even with a rather big mistake she managed to have a winning margin of nearly half a minute down to Czech Tereza Janosikova in second with another half minute down to Hungary’s Csilla Gardonyi – a popular bronze medal for the organizing federation.

Tight battle in the men’s class

The fight for victory was close; Matthew Fellbaum (lost 10 seconds at leg 5, finished 8 seconds behind in 2nd), Otto Kaario (lost 11 seconds at leg 5, finished 9 seconds behind in 3rd), Kasper Fosser (lost 23 seconds at leg 12, finished 9 seconds behind in 3rd), Jesper Svensk (lost 13 seconds at leg 6, finished 12 seconds behind in 5th) and Timo Suter (lost 36 seconds at leg 15, finished 34 seconds behind in 9th) were only one control away from beating Colin Kolbe.

Jannis Bonek took the lead at the first control. The race lead then changed between Tomas Krivda (leading at the 2nd control), Jesper Svensk (leading from the 3rd to 4th control), Colin Kolbe (leading from the 5th to 7th control), Kasper Fosser (leading from the 8th to 11th control, losing 23 seconds and the lead at the 12th), Colin Kolbe (leading from the 12th to 13th control), Otto Kaario (leading at the 14th control, losing 7 seconds at the 15th control and falling down to 4th place), Colin Kolbe (leading at the 15th control) and Jesper Svensk (leading at the 16th control, losing 11 seconds and the lead at the 17th) until Colin Kolbe took over the lead at control 17 of 25 controls and kept it until the finish.

Clear victory in the women’s class

Simona Aebersold was in the lead all the way from the first control to the end of the race and won 10 of 22 legs. Simona Aebersold had an estimated time loss of 30 seconds, the largest being 24 seconds (leg 17). Tereza Janosikova had an estimated time loss of 18 seconds, the largest being 9 seconds (leg 6).No timelosses were found for Csilla Gardonyi based on the performance index.

Maps and GPS-tracking

JWOC 2018 Sprint Women

» See map in omaps.worldofo.com

Quick GPS-analysis men’s race

Below is a quick GPS-based analysis of the decisive legs in the men’s race. The routes of the top 6 finishers on each decisive leg are compared to the three fastest runners on the leg.

Leg 2

Silver medalist Fellbaum loses 10 seconds, but runs the same route as leg winner Aston Key. Imark also loses 11 seconds on a more direct route, but routechoice alone is not the reason for the time loss.


Leg 3

Several runners lose some seconds by running right, including the winner Kolbe.


Leg 5

Fellbaum (silver) and Kaarlo (bronze) lose 10 and 11 seconds, taking the wrong routechoice to the left.


Leg 6

Suter and Svensk take the wrong route to the left and lose 13 and 15 seconds. Kaarlo alsos loses significant time here. Kolbe and Fosser are the only two of the top runners who execute this leg well.


Leg 8

Complex leg where several runners get trouble and lose some 5-10 seconds – including winner Kolbe and Svensk.


Leg 11

Some small time losses for Kaarlo, Imark and Jonsson here.


Leg 12

Big lapse of concentration for Kasper Fosser – this is all that separates Fosser from a clear victory.


Leg 15

Another leg, another top runner with a big lapse of concentration. This time Swiss runner Timo Suter loses 36(!) seconds by a beginner mistake.


Leg 16

Simple leg – still several runners take non-optimal route and lose time.


Leg 17

Svensk and Imark take wrong routes and lose 9/13 seconds.




1 Colin Kolbe GER Germany 15:48 3:52
2 Matthew Fellbaum GBR Great Britain 15:56 +0:08 3:54
3 Kasper Fosser NOR Norway 15:57 +0:09 3:55
3 Otto Kaario FIN Finland 15:57 +0:09 3:55
5 Jesper Svensk SWE Sweden 16:00 +0:12 3:55
6 Simon Imark SWE Sweden 16:13 +0:25 3:59
7 Elias Jonsson NOR Norway 16:14 +0:26 3:59
8 Tamas Barany HUN Hungary 16:20 +0:32 4:00
9 Aston Key AUS Australia 16:22 +0:34 4:01
9 Timo Suter SUI Switzerland 16:22 +0:34 4:01
11 Reto Egger SUI Switzerland 16:23 +0:35 4:01
12 Vit Horcicka CZE Czech Republic 16:25 +0:37 4:02
13 Mathieu Perrin FRA France 16:30 +0:42 4:03
14 Axel Granqvist SWE Sweden 16:34 +0:46 4:04
15 Einar Melsom NOR Norway 16:35 +0:47 4:04
15 Guilhem Elias FRA France 16:35 +0:47 4:04
15 Joseph Lynch NZL New Zealand 16:35 +0:47 4:04
18 Eirik Langedal Breivik NOR Norway 16:37 +0:49 4:04
19 Vojtech Sykora CZE Czech Republic 16:38 +0:50 4:05
20 Tuomas Heikkila FIN Finland 16:40 +0:52 4:05
20 Uldis Upitis LAT Latvia 16:40 +0:52 4:05


1 Simona Aebersold SUI Switzerland 15:35 4:15
2 Tereza Janosikova CZE Czech Republic 16:01 +0:26 4:22
3 Csilla Gardonyi HUN Hungary 16:37 +1:02 4:32
4 Florence Hanauer FRA France 16:40 +1:05 4:33
5 Vilma von Krusenstierna SWE Sweden 16:46 +1:11 4:34
6 Emma Waddington CAN Canada 16:53 +1:18 4:36
7 Maria Prieto ESP Spain 17:03 +1:28 4:39
8 Lea Widmer SUI Switzerland 17:07 +1:32 4:40
9 Veera Klemettinen FIN Finland 17:15 +1:40 4:42
10 Victoria Haestad Bjornstad NOR Norway 17:19 +1:44 4:43
11 Zsofia Sarkozy HUN Hungary 17:20 +1:45 4:44
12 Elisa Bertozzi SUI Switzerland 17:21 +1:46 4:44
12 Jasmina Gassner AUT Austria 17:21 +1:46 4:44
14 Hedvig Valbjorn Gydesen DEN Denmark 17:31 +1:56 4:47
15 Fiona Bunn GBR Great Britain 17:33 +1:58 4:47
16 Anu Tuomisto FIN Finland 17:34 +1:59 4:47
17 Grace Molloy GBR Great Britain 17:44 +2:09 4:50
17 Elena Pezzati SUI Switzerland 17:44 +2:09 4:50
19 Amy Nymalm FIN Finland 17:45 +2:10 4:50
20 Tereza Cechova CZE Czech Republic 17:48 +2:13 4:51

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  2. Knut Wiig Mathisen

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