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Isia Basset’s favourites: France for city – Czech Republic for forest


– This sprint  was really interesting because the terrain is a residential area with many towers where a lot of pedestrian streets in-between the buildings are on several levels, Isia Basset says about her favourite Sprint course of 2018. – You had to think twice before taking a route choice that sometimes could be quite far away from the red line.

French Isia Basset had her big breakthrough in 2018 with a bronze medal at the World Orienteering Championships (WOC) Middle distance – probably the biggest surprise in all of the WOC! Basset’s brother Lucas has been part of the world elite for some years already, now they are two in the family with WOC medals.

This interview is part of the “Course of the Year 2018″ contest organized by World of O. In the introduction article you can suggest YOUR favourite course for “Course of the Year 2018″ – there are prizes to be won worth more than 6000 Euro.

Interview Isia Basset

Q: What was the best forest course you ran in 2018 – and why?
 The best course I ran in the forest in 2018 was the World Cup Middle distance in Czech Republic in Turnov. The sand stone terrain is so special, such a cool terrain to run in, very clean on the ground but really steep and the boulders are very impressive by their size. The course offered many routechoices that could make huge differences. It was a great race to end the international season in the forest.


Q: What was the best sprint course you ran in 2018 – and why? 
I ran many good sprints this year (WOC Sprint, EOC Sprint, …), but the best one is a course that I test-ran. It was the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Sprint championship (regional championship) that my club organised in Le Tonkin- Villeurbanne. This sprint  was really interesting because the terrain is a residential area with many towers where a lot of pedestrian streets in-between the buildings are on several levels. You had to think twice before taking a route choice that sometimes could be quite far away from the red line. The course was also well balanced; there were some part where you could decide to take easier choices, less risky, where you could run maximum speed.
Map1-Championnat de ligue sprint - Tonkin.H20_2500
Q: What was the most interesting orienteering terrain you ran in in 2018 – and why?
One of the best terrains I ran in in 2018 was during a training camp in January with the French team, where we went for the first time to a region called Lozère and we discovered some brand new maps which were really technical. The forest is made of boxtrees, which is very dense with  low visibility, but the green is still crossable. In some areas you have to orienteer a bit like during the night when the huge boulders only appear in your sight at the very last moment. I didn’t expect to discover such a tricky terrain in a new area, and that was very enjoyable.
Map2 Cauvel
Q: What is the most interesting course you ran (or saw) in your own home country in 2018?
The most interesting course in France according to me was the 4th stage of the OOCup week in Les Plans d’Hotonnes. I couldn’t run it since it was only a couple of days before the beginning of WOC, but it looked very interesting and everyone I heard talking about this race absolutely loved it.  It was a long middle distance (winning time around 50 minutes) with some longer legs and some parts with a lot of short controls in very detailed areas. I could run on the map this autumn, and it is fantastic there. Even if it is really detailed, the map is easily readable (the scale 1:7500 helps though) and the forest is very open. The ground is also very clean compared to similar areas nearby. There are not so many stones on the ground, so you can run fast.
Q: What is the most interesting routechoice leg you remember from 2018? Did you take the right choice?
Probably the EOC Long with the choice 9-10. There was this huge hill that we had to avoid either by the left or the right side (not a good option to climb it), and I picked the left side. My choice was the wrong option since a lot of the best girls lost times there, and in addition I completly missed the last part of the routechoice where I lost even more time running extra distance and attacking the control as if I had picked the right route choice (it’s quite often not good to run an S route^^).
Q: Did you set any courses in 2018? If so, is it possible to share the best (in your opinion) with World of O’s readers? 
This year was actually the first time that I was the course setter for a real competiton (I have set only trainings before). It was a regional competition, a Mixed-relay by teams of 3 on a campus. The race took place only a few hours after the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes regional sprint championship (that I am mentioned earlier in this interview). The terrain is very simple and fast, but I tried to put a lot of forkings into the course to make it fun.
Q: What is the race you look most forward to in 2018?
WOC Middle! It is always the race I look the most forward and that I prepare the most for.
Q: What are your goals for next year – and do you plan to change your training and/or focus in order to reach your goals in 2018?
For next year the biggest change in my training is that I am working fulltime during the whole winter (to finish my engineering degree) so the winter volume will be slightly reduce without as many training camps as it used to be. But the WOC is quite late in the summer, so I will have time to get some proper orienteering training camps to prepare specifically for Norwegian terrain.
My goal for next year is to be more stable during the entire season, both physically and technically. And off course to be fit and ready for WOC!
Q: Thanks a lot for your answers – and good luck with the new season!

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