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Course of the Year 2018: Submit your suggestions!


What was the best orienteering course of 2018? The World Champs middle distance in Estonia won in 2017, the last stage of France 5 won in 2016, the World Champs long distance in Scotland won in 2015 and the World Champs middle distance in Italy won in 2014.

Before that we had two years with Portuguese winners: a spectacular sprint between boulders and old buildings in 2013 and some great technical orienteering at Portugal O-Meeting in 2012.

The search for the orienteering course of the year  is always fun and interesting – with many nice courses and maps surfacing! The rules are simple: Suggest a course from a competition or training in 2018, and state the reason why you think this course deserves to be “The course of the Year 2018″. The best among all the suggestions will be chosen – and there will be a voting process among the readers of “World of O” in order to name “The course of the year 2018″. We will also identify the best course in each category: Sprint, Middle and Long.

And please state the reason for your suggestion – that’s where the fun & the passion for orienteering comes in! YOU are the one to decide who takes the prestigious top spot this year- first by submitting suggestions – and then by voting. As part of the “Course of the Year 2018″ we have some great interviews from top runners where they talk about their favourite courses and maps from the last year. Stay tuned during the next days.

More than 6000 Euro worth of prizes for YOU

Prizes from sponsors make it more fun to be in on the suggestions and voting. This year we again have some great sponsors and prizes – with a total value of more than 6000 Euro! We hope this means many good suggestions & a lot of interactivity from YOU! See all details about the sponsors & prizes below! Use the comments below, and submit either

  1. The course which in your opinion is the best course you run in 2018 yourself!
  2. The best course you set this year as a course-setter.
  3. The overall best course you have seen/heard about in 2018

Most course-setters surely have to make some compromises, so finding the perfect one is probably not possible. Still, it is interesting to see which is the best course you run or set in 2018!

Starting point

To provide you with a starting point, I’ve picked out a few different candidates for you based on maps and courses I have seen in omaps.worldofo.com and comments on various webpages:

  • The European Championships Long in Switzerland was organized in steep and interesting terrain, and managed to give the athletes many different challenges: From routchoice-challenges like the long leg to 25 in the men’s class to some tricky shorter legs and some tough physical challenges in the uphills. And that’s typical of a good course – putting together many different challenges for the athletes, trying to surprise the athlete.


  • One course the comes to mind when looking back at 2018 is JWOC Middle distance in Hungary – definitely a course which caused some interesting discussions and lots of mistakes in the tricky terrain. But the course, terrain and mapping is probably too controversial to get high up on the list of “Course of the Year 2018″ – but still a course to remember.



I am sure you have a lot of better suggestions than the one I gave above – this is just a starting point to see the wide variety of candidates there are out there. Submit your suggestions now!


The following rules are given for “The course of the Year 2018″.

  • The course must have been run in competition or training in 2018 (an exeption for courses in December 2017 as they were not covered in last year’s contest)
  • Suggestions are submitted as a comment to this post – including link to the map with course in a quality which is good enough for the readers to understand the course and the challenges involved. Please add information about location/date if that is not clear from the link provided. Also include which sponsor prize you are interested in if you win (please do check out the sponsor prizes and choose one, it is much nicer to win something you really want!).
  • You must give a reason for why you think this course deserves to be named “The course of the Year 2018″ (or why it is the best course you run/set this year). All reasons are valid. Examples can for example be “varied orienteering challenges”, “extremely technical orienteering”, “high fun-factor”, “fantastic map”, “spectacular orienteering”, “fantastic nature” – a combination of these – or a totally different reason. To get all the way to the top you should probably have a combination of reasons…
  • The course may be any foot-orienteering discipline – e.g. a long distance, a middle distance, a sprint distance. It may also be a technical training course – like e.g. a corridor orienteering exercise.
  • There will be a voting process among the readers of “World of O” in order to name “The course of the year 2018″. This is your second chance to win sponsor prizes!

Prizes from our Sponsors

Prizes from our Sponsors always makes it more fun! There will be a prize for the first one suggesting the course which ends up becoming “The course of the Year 2018″, and prizes drawn among the ones suggesting and voting. All prizes are transferable to other persons (you don’t have to travel yourself).

Event sponsor: WMOC 2019 Public Race. July 4th – 12th (Latvia)

  • Prize offered: Competition + accommodation package for 2 persons including: 5 races (two sprints in Riga, 3 forest races),  accommodation 8 nights with breakfast in twin/double room, 4-12 July 2019 . Total prize value: EUR 820.
  • Watch the world’s best master runners in action and find out how good you are in the same terrains! Be equally prepared for a maze of narrow streets in Riga and a fast run in a perfect dune forest. Watch out – it may be 8 nights! And, certainly, enjoy the sun and beach immediately after your run! Read more: www.wmoc.2019.lv


Event sponsor: 52nd Kainuu Orienteering Week (KOW), June 30th – July 5th 2019 (Finland)

  • Prize offered: 4 packages, each consisting of 2 free participations for the whole week in any class (competition classes or open courses) at Kainuu Orienteering Week 2019. Total value up to 800 EUR. Transferable to other persons.
  • Open and International Orienteering Week in Finland, Sotkamo, Tipasoja (WOC2013 terrain)
  • More information: Kainuu Orienteering Week is the Finlands’s biggest orienteering week and the world´s second oldest orienteering week, as it has been held annually since the year 1966. Kainuu O-Week is held in the Kainuu region of Finland and traditionally the event is held in the beginning of July the week 27. In 2019 Kainuu Orienteering Week will go back to perfect pine forrest and moor terrains of the WOC2013 events. Come to enjoy the orienteering and holiday week for the whole family in the great sceneries and terrains and pure and beautiful nature of Kainuu region in Finland. First entry period will be closed on 30th of november 2018. For more information see www.rastiviikko.fi.


Event sponsor: Murcia O-Festival. February 16th – 24th

  • Prize offered: Competition and Training Package – including entry to Lorca-O-Meeting and Costa Calida WRE (6 events in total), 9 nights accommodation in Apartamentos Aixa, and a 8-map package to train on diverse terrains between the 2 events. Value about 680 Euro. Transferable to other persons.
  • 9 days of fun trainings and high level competitions in surprising Murcia! More info at https://sun-o.com/en/camp/murcia-o-festival/


Event sponsor: MOC 2019 – March 15th – 17th 2019 (Malta)

  • Prize offered: Competition and hotel package for two persons: Entry for two  person at the 15th anniversary of MOC Mediterranean Orienteering Championship in Malta, including 3 nights accommodation half board. Value about 650 EUR. Transferrable to other persons.
  • You are welcome to MOC 2019! The 15th anniversary Mediterranean Open Championship Orienteering 2019 is organized on March 15th – March 17th. Great events with World class runners with 3.000 euro of prize money! Follow the sub! Read more at the competition web-page and on www.orienteering.it and www.facebook.com/pwtorienteering


Event sponsor: Durmitor Orienteering Challenge 2019. August 27th – 31st 2019 (Montenegro)

  • Prize offered: 2 packages – each for 2 people– consisting of: Entry to complete 5 Day Durmitor Orienteering Challenge, + 2 x 2 special T shirts „My life, my sport-Orienteering“ product of Oland. Total value about 620 EUR. Transferable to other persons.
  • At the end of summer 2019, after WOC in Norway, you can visit the exceptionally nice and beautiful 5 Days of orienteering in the Montenegro mountain pearl Durmitor. For most orienteers this is a new area, offering much more than orienteering. Also excellent conditions for club trainings with new maps and terrains at 1500 meters altitude. More infomation: Dochallenge.me

DOC 2019 advertisement

Event sponsor: 5th Antalya Orienteering Festival 2018 – October 27th– November 3rd

  • Prize offered: One Big Antalya O-Meeting package consisting of 1 complete Antalya Orienteering Festival package: Accommodation + Entry for all 6 races for one person. Value about 540 Euro. Transferable to other person.
  • Antalya Orienteering Festival will be held for the 3rd time in Side by the Mediterranean coast of Antalya, Turkey. We provide 6 different terrains and challenging courses, good maps and good weather for orienteering holiday. See more at www.antalyaofest.com


Event sponsor: Sprint Scotland, June 20th-23rd 2019 (Scotland)

  • Prizes offered – 2 complete packages for 2 people each – All training / races + event t-shirt. Total value around 400 EUR. Transferable to other persons.
  • Sprint Scotland will again host 4 days of high quality sprint orienteering in the Stirling/Edinburgh area. 2 training days with warm-up sprint races, followed by a weekend with 3 sprint/urban races (WREs), as well as three talks about sprint orienteering. Short travel from Edinburgh and Glasgow. More information here: http://sprintscotland.co.uk


Software sponsor: OCAD Orienteering 3-year license

  • Prize offered: One 3-year licence for the software “OCAD Orienteering″.  Value about 350 EUR. Transferable to other person (before activation).
  • More information: OCAD 2018 Orienteering – Perfect to Produce Orienteering Maps. This edition is dedicated for orienteering map making with a step-by-step wizard for analyzing of LiDAR data, mobile geodata capturing, smart editing and drawing tools, generalization tools, desktop publishing, course setting and much more. Read more at ocad.com.


Event sponsor: OOCup 2019 – July 24th – 28th (Slovenia)

  • Prize offered: 2 packages – each for 2 people – consisting of: Entry for the complete 5 days OOCup competition plus OOCup 2019 T-shirt for each competitor. Total value around 325 EUR. Transferable to other persons.
  • In 2019 OOcup goes back to where it all started back in 2002. Stunning orienteering areas around Soriška planina will deliver memorable orienteering challenge for everyone. Even though Soriška planina is well known among orienteers, we’ve mapped a lot of new exciting areas, so there will be plenty of unseen for all participants.  Gorenjska region with Lakes Bohinj and Bled and Triglav national part is considered as the most beautiful part of Slovenia by many. More at oocup.com.


Event sponsor: 22. International Thuringian 24-Hour relay. May 31st – June 2nd 2019 (Germany)

  • Prize offered: Two packages, each package consists of one 6-person team for the 24-Hour-Orienteering Relay (min age 15) and one 4-person team for the youth relay. Included in the 24-Hour Relay is also opening party, parking, camping and open-air swimming pool.  Total value about 300 EUR. Transferable to other persons.
  • Description. Be part of the world’s longest orienteering relay starting on Saturday June 1st 2019 at 9:00 AM and finishing on Sunday 2nd of June 2019 at 9:00 AM. The competition takes place in a typical German low mountain range in the middle of beautiful nature. More information here: https://www.24h-ol.de/en/


Event sponsor: VARIANT 5 DAYS – August 13th – 17th 2019 (Bulgaria)

  • Prize offered: Package for two persons consisting of entry fee and accommodation for Variant 5 Days 2019 – 5 days of orienteering in Stara planina mountains, Kalofer, Bulgaria. Value about 270 EUR. Transferrable to other person.
  • Enjoy an unforgettable orienteering holiday in the beautiful nature of Bulgaria.Five races in mountain terrain including a chasing start. Variant 5 Days is an affordable way to experience and explore the Stara Planina mountain region near Kalofer, just below the highest peak of the mountain – Botev, 2376m asl. Besides the great terrains there are many sightseeing options around including mineral pools, which makes it a perfect place to visit during the summer of 2019. Plan a trip to Bulgaria now and you will have a splendid vacation in August. Find out more at http://5days.variant5.org or email us at teamcontact@variant5.org. Visit also our facebook page at: com/variant5cup.


Event sponsor: Kapa 2019 – June 28th – 30th (Latvia)

  • Prize offered: Two family entry packages to Kapa 3days, where each package includes entry for two adults and one child, space for a tent at the event camping and a car parking voucher. Total value around 250 EUR. Transferable to other person.
  • More information: Kapa 3-days is the largest orienteering event in Baltics with 2000 participants from around 20 countries. It is a nice, long o-weekend for families – from Friday to Sunday. The best new maps and terrains are available, kindergarten at the event centre, fantastic prizes and great atmosphere, including live music in the evening. Just come with your family and relive WOC 2018 as the course planners are the same! This year’s event page: 2019.kapa.lv. Facebook page: facebook.com/Kapa3days, Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/912631195590739/


Event sponsor: Orienteering Adventure 2019. August 7th – 11th (Czech Republic)

  • Prize offered: Entry fee for two persons with accommodation in hotel Lenka in the event centre during the competitions (6th -11th of August). Value: 250 EUR, transferable to other persons. Note that the package is available only until the first entry deadline (April 30th 2019).
  •  Orienteering Adventure take place in the biggest mountains in Czech – The Giant Mountains. It is a national park nicknamed as “Tundra in the heart of Europe”. You can expect clean mountain forest with poor path network, stone fields, a few rocks, one stage in poor visibility area, sprint in a mountain village, beer relay and even more. Read more here: http://www.o-adventure.cz (In English from early December)


Event sponsor: Easter4 2019 – April 19th – 22th (Slovenia)

  • Prize offered: One package for 2 people – consisting of: Entry for the Easter4 competition in the beautiful Izola & Kras regions, Slovenia + accommodation in pension (B&B). Value about 250 EUR. Transferable to other persons.
  • After the 2018 edition on Cres island, in 2019 we go back to Slovenia. The race will be organized by the same team and quality standard as you might be used to from Lipica open, OOcup and Bubo cup. Excellent mixture of tough karst terrain and one Sprint stage, partly on newly mapped areas. Did you know that Swiss star Simona Aebersold took part in all 3 editions so far? More at easter4.com.



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  1. Hi
    Here a beautiful race on a wondeful terrain, stage 4 of OO’Cup in Ain (France) last July
    What more and what best for orienteering?
    Prize: Oo Cup 2019 of course!

  2. Finnish Championship relay. http://www.tuomomakela.com/doma/show_map.php?user=Mikko&map=1721
    Good map and quite different orienteering than “normal” in Finland. 2020 Jukola will be great!
    Prize: Kainuu Orienteering Week

  3. Hi!
    I would like to suggest the Middle distance final from JWOC, Hungary. It is an amazing terrarian. I have never seen anything similar before. These juniper labyrinth are quite challenging for the experienced runners as well. You have to read the map carefully, and navigate without mistakes. It is easy to get lost there.
    I ran in the B final, which was very similar to final A, but a little shorter.
    Map: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1s9bsD4g62VeGqg8sDlPahcUUmw-Z1VxA/view?ts=5b48f1af
    Prize: MOC 2019

    • Thanks, Tamas. Yes, definitely very interesting orienteering, although maybe a bit controversial among mapping experts (although most orienteers who have been there seem to really enjoy)!

  4. Hi
    I suggest the forest men relay of woc 2018 in latvia, even if it is not a classical middle. (I think you already own the map 😉)
    I think the course setter did a great job with forkings and routchoices, specially the final long one, and the thrilling final is a clear evidence! Really enjoying to be performed but also to be seen as spectator, as the future of orienteering requires.

    Price: malta MOC 2019

  5. Hello!
    I suggest the world cup final, Middle distance from the Czech Republic.
    This is the best world cup race I have seen this year. This lime stones are increadible, the course contains lots of interesting route choices, even the best runners made several mistakes.
    Map: https://www.wcup.cz/upload/dokumenty/20181006-middle-men.png
    Prize: MOC 2019

  6. Hi!
    I want to suggest woc long distance. http://www.tulospalvelu.fi/gps/2018wocLongM/?v=m3 A very though course with a lot of good routechoices that decided the race.

    Price: Murvia O-festival

    • I had a lot of fun analyzing this course, especially based on the preparations. Great course!

  7. Hello!
    I suggest World Cup Final Round in Czech Republic – KO sprint – especially final round of KO sprint. Small race area, but very tricky course. It is quite new format of orienteering sprint, but for me as spectator it was interesting and I enjoyed a lot. And win of home competitor Vojta Král was top!

    map: https://www.wcup.cz/upload/dokumenty/20181004-kosprint-menf.png
    GPS tracking: http://www.tulospalvelu.fi/gps/20180410KO_F_M/

    Price: OCAD (I prefer) or MOC

    • Thanks, Luho. I’m sure the courses where excellent for the runners, so I guess if that’s how you evaluate they definitely deserve to be on the nomination list. However, for TV they were not top notch, I’d argue…

  8. Since OOCUP stage 4 has already been suggested I‘ll switch to Hollola Jukola. Technical negative terrain during a beautiful summer night in Finland.
    Prize OOCUP 2019

  9. A course which I wish I would run is district championships ultra long distance in Norway (organised by IL Bull Tromsö in September) https://www.livelox.com/Viewer/KM-Ultralang/H-21-?classId=166970 Beautiful nature and interesting orienteering terrain, which I believe would be appreciated by most orienteers. The H21 course offers some interesting route choices, you do not just run straight. I have spent quite a few time studying the course and thinking about what route choices I would take.
    Also the Norwegian champs ultra LD would deserve to be nominated (for same reasons): http://www.tulospalvelu.fi/gps/20180819H21/
    Prize: OCAD

  10. I’ll go for a real tough long distance with route choices deciding the race: EOC Long Distance: http://www.dxdeluxe.se/linnekartparmen/show_map.php?user=alri&map=5558.

    PRIZE: Easter 4

  11. Hello,
    I suggest French regional orienteering race before the CNE (7-man relay)
    Nice open landscape and raining in “ravines” are two best things make this year during orienteering race
    In th link : map of M16 Détection for Young French Team

    Prize : Scotland Sprint or Kainnu Orienteering Week

  12. I suggest the Finnish long distance championships and the men’s class. It’s a nice special terrain and an interesting course including long and varying route choices and shorter more technical sections.


    Prize: KOW 2019

  13. O-ringen 2018 stage 4 –
    Extremely beautiful terrain and great long distance courses with varying challenges.

    Map (H21E-course): https://www.livelox.com/Viewer/O-Ringen-Hoga-Kusten-Etapp-4-lang/H21-Elit?classId=155171

    Price: MOC 2019

    • Thanks, Kirsi – the same as Ruslan Glebov suggested in the interview. Definitely a great course!

  14. French Sprint orienteering championships 2018 QUALIFICATION

    A very nice sprint course with constant route choices and variety between different characteristics.
    Not just about finding the shortest route but also need to consider elevation and adjust your choices based on personal strenghts. Also places with more technical character. Overall, a very nicely set sprint course.
    Did not run this myself but sure as hell would have liked to.

    Price: MOC 2019

  15. Hello

    Swiss Long Distance Champs: https://www.tulospalvelu.fi/gps/20180819_LOM_HE/

    A really challenging Long Distance in a beautiful terrain. Physical demanding with a lot of climbing. Decisive Route Choices where several options were chosen. And some short technical controls.

    Price: Easter 4

    • Thanks for another nice long distance, Kaspar. Looks like I might find a nice leg for Route to Christmas here as well ….

  16. I would like to nominate this year’s Czech Sprint Champs (https://www.tulospalvelu.fi/gps/20180519H21/). The old town of Tábor is a fantastic area for sprint and when the course setter was the (now former) national team coach Radek Novotný, the result were very challenging and tricky courses with many routechoices. In my opinion one of the greatest sprint competitions in the Czech Republic ever.

    Prize: O-Adventure

  17. Course of the year – WOC 2018 Relay in Latvia https://www.woc2018.lv/files/WR/WOC_RELAY_MEN.jpg
    This was probably the tightest men`s relay competition in WOC history with 8 teams finishing in less than a minute. Pretty sure the course setter had something to do with that.. :)
    Prize – MOC.

  18. Marcus Millegård

    Apart from the almost all already mentioned (except the sprints of course:)), Swedish champs long distance had great courses:

    Prize: OCAD

    • Thanks, Marcus! Ruslan suggested the same in the interview, so with both you and Ruslan suggesting this course it is definitely a hot candidate…

  19. Long Distance in EYOC in Bulgary (http://eyoc2018.eu/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/LONG-M18.pdf), physically demanding race with decisive route choices and also short technical controls.

    Prize : Durmitor O’Challenge

  20. I suggest Auvergne Rhones-Alpes Regional sprint championship in France. The event was held in a district of Lyon with lots of residential tower with different ground level. It was tricky but still very easy to understand the different level. Even if i didn’r run it (as was the original mapmaker), all the runners said the course was a real challenge both thanks to an excellent course settings and by a interesting terrain. Amongst the anecdotes of the race:

    – It was the first official course set by Lucas Basset.
    – The course was control and verified by former relay world champion Philippe Adamski.
    – One of the very first use in France of SIAir in competition.
    – The only one race of Frédéric Tranchand in France in 2018
    – The map was the first (an only one) I ever map.

    Map with analysis: http://asul-sportsnature.fr/media/rokgallery/9/9b3466d8-ee29-4a6b-d721-07a09e397cf4/Choix-CL-H20+.png
    Results can be found here: http://helga-o.com/webres/?lauf=2503

    PRIZE: OCAD Orienteering (to map my second map)

    • And also :

      – a very strong start field for a district champ with most of the French team
      – a kind of “cultural shock” between the competitors and the locals; as mentionned by the city representant in his prize giving speech : <> ;-)

    • Thanks, Clem. The same course also suggested by Isia Basset – definitely looks interesting!

  21. I would like to suggest also Finnish Champs Long 2018, Men Elite Course. Very challenging and steep hills, with very interesting route choices.

    Prize: KOW 2019

  22. My suggestion is 10Mila Leg 4: http://www.tulospalvelu.fi/gps/2018042810milaH4/

    Technical terrain at night, long, maybe slight rain..

    Prize: Murcia O-Festival

    • Thanks, color – always good suggestions from you both here and for Route to Christmas. Looking forward to some nice routechoices this year again …

  23. I would suggest Hungarian Sprint Championship. Complex routchoices, and also hard to execute them well. http://rg.mtfsz.hu/cgi-bin/reitti.cgi?act=map&id=1000&kieli=
    Prize: Murcia o-festival

  24. I would like to suggest the norwegian champs ultralongdistance in Høydalsmo. Amazing 20 km course for the mens elite without barely any path running. Also incredible surrondings with open mountain terrain. The 2 km leg to the 16. control is truely one of a kind and also has several possible routechoices.
    Prize: OCAD

  25. Some pretty good maps are nominated already, so I won’t repeat them, but I think I had luck to visit several really nice competitions this season and here are 2 that are not mentioned yet.
    1) SEEOC (Cerkno cup) Middle distance in Slovenia – typical terrain for that part of Slovenia, but not seen around Europe. Real karst terrain that requires additional navigation skills and tactics to move through the rocks. Since it was SE European champs + WRE, there were few strong names on start list and some of them made some pretty big mistakes in this tricky area.
    GPS: http://www.tulospalvelu.fi/gps/2018seeocMiddleM/

    2) PWT China Tour – Stage 3
    Had opportunity to visit China for first time and this map on stage 3 really made an impact. Course and terrain required additional sprint skills that you cannot see on many events today. Changing from fast running between small parks, to real technical challenge inside every one of them. Lots of details and route-choices: http://p-w-t.org/download/china18/map3.jpg

    Prize: OCAD or Durmitor Orienteering Challenge

  26. How about some more non-European courses:

    North American Middle Championships


    Japanese Middle Championships


    Australian Middle Championships


    prize: OCAD

    • I forgot to give any reasons:

      NAOC middle: this was near Whitehorse Yukon in the far NW of Canada. A long way to travel. But so worth it. There is alot of good of great terrain up there and the middle terrain was the best of the best that week. Complex glacial sand dunes made that extra bit harder by the low visibility (even in the white). The courses demanded very good map contact all the way. And the finish area was spectacular, beside a lake surrounded by mountains.

      Japan middle: this is small corner of the famous terrain used for the world cup races in 2000. It is on the lower slopes of Mt Fuji: the snow-capped peak looming over the finish area. This terrain is old lava flows which creates very detailed and demanding terrain – made that extra bit harder by being very rocky underfoot making it more difficult to read the map on the run.

      Australian Middle: Actually I wasn’t there so don’t know all that much about it. This is another quite remote area near Renmark, about 300km NE of Adelaide The terrain is on the banks of the Murray River (largest river in Australia). Perhaps someone who was there can say some more about it.

    • I definitely like seeing some non-European here. Thanks a lot!

  27. I would like to suggest Finnish championships long distance. Terrain was really tough and course setter used it to it’s best potential. Personally, I ran H18 course which had some similar long legs and they were quite a challenge to figure out the best route.

  28. I would like to suggest M21Ultimate day 3 at OOcup this year. It was a really interesting course with many short legs in the beginning in a detailed area where you had to keep the attention all the time. After that there was a change with longer legs and also some route choices in one or two different kinds of terrain where also the fine technique changed. And all in all it was a really enjoyable forest to run with generally really good runnability apart from the stony parts.


    Prize: OOcup 2019

  29. Terje Wiig Mathisen

    My personal favorite this year was the Middle distance at O-Festivalen, mainly due to very varied terrain (from open, fairly flat & runnable to steep and/or green), a wonderful map and good course planning.

    I also ran the public race during the Norwegian Ultra, this race (the 20+ km Men’s course) has been mentioned by others as well: I don’t think I have seen any previous course in Norway with this much interesting orienteering in great terrain.

    Finally, I think Jukola also deserves a mention due to the extreme terrain, I certainly did not understand how to handle it. :-(

  30. My suggestion is NM Ultra 2018 (https://www.tulospalvelu.fi/gps/20180819H21/)
    One of the longest leg I ever seen and really demanding terrain! Fantastic mix and a good job made by the course setter…So ultra loooong ;)
    Prize: Murcia O-Festival

    • Terje Wiig Mathisen

      I agree with you that the course setter that a fantastic job with NM Ultra! I was asked a year or two ago to extend the base map I made before the 2015 JWOC races, and from the funny shape of the extension I now suspect that the planner (Asbjørn Byggland) must already have planned rough drafts of the courses and found that extremely long leg: Now he just needed a good surveyor (Helge Gisholt) to map the area. :-)

  31. Hello!
    I would like to suggest corridor orienteering exercise in Halden. This course is technically challeging, also this corridor looks beautiful and unusual :)


    Prize: WMOC 2019 Public Race

    • Thanks, Tatiana. A very different, and artistic course. I know the master behind those …

  32. Bakelants Siegfried

    My suggestion is the spint final at WMOC in the center of Kopenhagen (Denmark) last summer.

    (map: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipPQJW-k3UaF17lTN0yhuHOT7C150RZJwOyLahTu5l8E-knFNNaYQ3c-SGPiOAWKsw/photo/AF1QipPFggB_dir-_clh2NEPi86R6UA34GrAVAv8C0or?key=aUZRVHM2Q3ZmVzBwZ0hlLTRrUGxFT2FEN3NTdEFR)

    Kopenhagen is the nicest city in the world! And you could reach all the spint events by public transport or bike. The map and the setting of all the different courses was perfect as always and the location was very cool in the heart of the city (have you seen the TV series ‘Borgen’? Well it was there!). How did they do that?

    In my catogorie H35 my good friend became first and I was very pleased with my result as well in the A final.

    It was fast, very fast, but tricky because of all the other courses and controls. Spint and city o fun at its best!

    Also a big up for the social media team of WMOC in Denmark! They did a fantastic job.

    It was a big promotion for city orienteering and the first city woc in 2020!

    (ps: MOC prize is nice :))

  33. Hello, I suggest a french relay CFC near Paris. A good moment with my team.
    The forest is great with wild animals. The course setter put the spectacle control in the moats of the castle of Neuville !


    Prize : OOCUP 2019 or WMOC 2019

  34. Hallvard Nordbrøden

    I would like to nominate the ultra long championship in Troms county, organized by my club, BUL Tromsø.

    It was held in the somewhat mythical NOM terrain from 1984. The terrain is fantastic, with a detailed map with surprisingly distinct features which makes the orienteering really fun and interesting. The map, which is 35 years old, still holds a very high quality – even by today’s standards. The Map is huge, and the whole map (this is another course, nominated course further down) can be seen here: http://www.alfonsson.com/maps/show_map.php?user=Gjermund&map=352

    The course was simply a really fun and intricate old school long distance with some really good route choice legs. It’s not too much about the small technical details, but a lot of the orienteering is about choosing a good route choice and being consistent throughout the leg. A really fun and unique orienteering experience in a fantastic area, course setter Gjermund Urset did a really good job.

    Map with course:


    PS: there are supposedly marks on the controls for H21 for whoever wants a unique orienteering experience.

    • Thanks, Hallvard. Already suggested by Eva above. I actually considered travelling there when I saw which map it was organized on (but it looks a bit on the long side ….)

  35. Svein Terje Kolstad

    I will nominate the midle distance Moskusspretten, which was held at Dovrefjell in Norway. The Moskusspretten was the first orienteering competion at this location ever. The terrain, which in located 1000 meter above sea level, was suitable for a midle distance run. The course setter Arne Inge Kolstad from the club Wing in Trondheim had limited map size, but was able to utilize the terrain in a great way. The course was fun and the runners passed several scenic spots.

    In addition, the weather was extreme lovely this summer day.

    No muskox in the competion area this day, but maybe there will be next summer.

    The course with GPS routes:


    Price: Murcia O-Festival

  36. I nominate the JWOC sprint course from Kecskemet.


    Big contrast. Fairly simple terrain, with a high level, challenging course.

    prize: OCAD 2018 or Antaya O Fest

  37. Wolfgang Pötsch

    I want to nominate the sprint Course at oringen this year for Elite. Great Course planing from Young Course planner, nearly each leg great route choice.. for me great work—

  38. Best I run – Kapa-3 first day https://www.tractrac.com/viewer/index.php?target=https://www.o-track.dk/api/v1/courses/5721/params_file.json;
    overall best – European Championships Long in Switzerland
    Prize: Murcia O-Fest

  39. Hi!
    My suggestion is the Italian Sprint Championship in Martina Franca, Puglia, south of Italy held in early september this year.
    Amazing terrain and tricky orienteering in my opinion :-)

    Part 1: https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-nZRp0j3Q-pU/W5-gHFYD8kI/AAAAAAAAttI/CDgd5ZspKBUyJAF7eUcQLi4Crzev3hGYACLcBGAs/s1600/OCAD9%2BPercorsi%2Bmartinafranca%2BDEFI2.ME.jpg

    Part 2: https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-GAf3pdqpQDM/W5-gHAyse_I/AAAAAAAAttE/f2qWI_m7cj474vUum60eLMWrBRIzMjw9wCLcBGAs/s1600/OCAD9%2BPercorsi%2Bmartinafranca%2BDEFI2.ME2.jpg

    Prize: WMOC 2019 Public Race

  40. Wawel Cup 2018 Rocky Sprint.

    Fast and furious rocky fun!


  41. Oh and Easter 4 Day in Slovenia as a prize :)

  42. I want to suggest the 3’rd stage of the Danish easter competition (Påskeløb) on Fanø, a small island. It was a very good course with varied orienteering challenges, in one Denmarks best terrains.

    Prize: MOC 2019

  43. One of the best courses that i ran this year was the prolouge to Grövelsjöorienteringen. It was both a very fast and technical terrain.

    Map: http://edtek.se/kartor/show_map.php?user=oskar&map=1081

    Prize: MOC

  44. Hello!

    Regarding my own international competitions, the OOCUP and Jukola have gotten their nominations already and they are definately worth them.
    However so far I think there aren’t any nominations from Estonia (where the winner of last year course was).

    Therefore I want to nominate the M21 Estonian championships ultralong distance from this year.
    Map and GPS: http://sportrec.eu/ui/#1dpia6s
    This quite typical but somewhat more varied South-Estonia terrain is both technically and physically challenging and the area also hosted the Baltic orienteering championships in 2016.
    The course setter exploited the terrain well and finding the right route choices was challenging (even afterwards the right choices are not very clear because the number of competitors was small and the physical capabilities quite different). Also the cumulative tiredness from fighting the ‘green’ terrain and making pace changes made it hard to keep stable flow. The short controls in the forkings made it necessary to keep the concentration high.
    Since the Estonian champs in ultralong are held with mass start then the course setter also managed to disperse the runners well and the green terrain gave the forking an extra boost.
    Personally I was beaten by the toughness of the terrain and fighting the green so the physical ‘wall’ in the last third of the course meant I had to hike to the finish.
    So in conclusion this course brought out everything the ultralong needs to offer – one had to be both mentally and physically strong and it was easy to give up – so pushing yourself was a must.

    Prize: OCAD


  45. Hi!
    I nominate the Relay of the Dolomites in Italy, you could find map here: https://mldv.it/doma/show_map.php?user=lucia_ire&map=106

    This race was one of the funniest race here in Italy because it is a big relay with teams of 5 people with different ages, something like the classical relay in Scandinavia. Was really challenging for club to find the best solution to be competitive!

    The race was perfect, super location with spectacular view, great course setted by the strongest italian orienteer, Misha Mamleev, who had the difficult task to find the best solution for a funny course for elite, young runners and master; he had a great job!
    I think this is one of the best place in Italy for orienteering.

  46. Michal Krajčík

    I suggest tricky first stage of Tatry orienteering 2018 (4 day event). It was middle distance in awesome mountain terrain of High Tatras in Slovakia. Course was challenging from start to finish and without flexible orienteering technique you could lost a lot of time on most of the legs. That’s how middle distance in my opinion should looks like! Mountain views at start and in finish area were a nice bonus..
    Map: http://rg.orienteering.sk/cgi-bin/reitti.cgi?act=map&id=173
    Prize: OCAD Orienteering 3-year license

  47. I have been following the “course of the year” regularly. For some years now, I have thought that there should be a wider range of nominations than Elite courses only/mostly.
    What I think is really very very important for our sport, and very challenging for a course setter, is to make good courses for children and youth runners.
    Every youth coach or parent in our sport knows how much happiness and joy the children get from mastering courses with the right level of challenge.

    So I want to nominate the D11-12/H11-12 course from “Sport 8 serien finale” in Halden, Norway, Saturday 15. september 2018. The course setter was Tore Sandvik, Halden SK.
    Link to the D11-12 course: https://www.livelox.com/Viewer/Sport8serien-finale/D-11-12?classId=169906
    Link to all courses: https://www.livelox.com/Events/Show/34459
    And link to the event: http://eventor.orientering.no/Events/Show/9510

    My reasons for nominating the D/H11-12 course:
    – Right level of challenge for the age group
    – Very good route choices and alternatives for the age group: Straight or around to 2, 4 and 7; different path alternatives to 3; different runnability to 5 (in the marsh or on the hill); cutting pointed-angle triangle out of control 5 and into 6.
    – The children that feel safe in map reading can choose the shorter way to the control. The children needing the security of paths or large terrain features (marshes) can coose to use them
    – Variation: Varying length of legs, direction changes. Terrain with downhill, uphill and flat parts. Running on paths, marshes and (by choice) open forest.
    – It is obvious from the quality of this course (and the other courses of the race) that Tore, the course setter, used his best skills and a lot of time to make very good youth courses. Thank you, Tore!

    Price: Easter4, Slovenia

    • Thanks, Frauke. Interesting choice – and although I definitely see your point, I think it is difficult to consider this course against elite courses?

  48. Hi!
    I would like to suggest the Long distance from XXX International Trophy Murcia Costa Calida, Spain. It is an hard terrarian. You have to read the map carefully, and navigate without mistakes.
    Map: http://www.sprintseries.org/doma/show_map.php?user=gswede&map=3065
    Prize: Sprint Scotland

  49. Hi
    I suggest the sprint of Lorca O-Meeting 2018 in Spain.
    I think the course setter did a great job and routchoices. Really enjoying to be there.
    Map: http://kok-o-maps.com/kartarkiv/show_map.php?user=Sebastian&map=4434

    Price: Sprint Scotland

  50. Hello!
    I suggest Sprint Race Tour in Merate (Italy). Not the best map, but very tricky course.
    map: https://www.fisofvg.it/doma/show_map.php?user=stefano.collodet&map=229
    Price: Sprint Scotland

  51. O-Ringen 4th stage was the most interesting long distance course I ran this year. Technically challenging, long route choices, exceptionally beautiful terrain almost without paths and scenic arena making it a great orienteering experience. Runability changing from very fast on top of the bare rocks to rather rough on the slopes. Altogether probably the best O-ringen stage I have been too: https://www.livelox.com/Viewer/O-Ringen-Hoga-Kusten-Etapp-4-lang/H21-Elit?classId=155171

    For those interested a course I have planned last October for University champs (Tim Robertson being fastest) and I am still very satisfied with. Around Vienna International Centre (United Nations Organization). Lots of modern architecture, multiple-levels, unique features: https://www.plohni.com/maps/map_images/1984.blank.jpg

    Prize: Murcia O-Festival

  52. Hello!
    I suggest Sprint Race Tour in Merate (Italy). Not the best map, but very tricky course.
    map: https://www.fisofvg.it/doma/show_map.php?user=stefano.collodet&map=229
    Price: Sprint Scotland

  53. Hi!
    I suggest The 4th Italian Cup held in Costalovara Map, in the Dolomites area, because it was a fast but very tricky middle distance with both short and long legs. The detailed terrain forced to remain focused all the time.

    Also the forest and the view of the surrounding mountains were amazing!

    Link to the Map: https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-T8J0gKUyDfs/Wyt5sadY_YI/AAAAAAAAs-c/eLtnKPucU-cuda2gbi8Z5ZyN2_GKA1fIwCLcBGAs/s1600/Costalovara.jpg

    Prize: Murcia O-Festival

  54. Hi!
    I want to suggest Italian Cup middle distance in Passo Lavazè.
    Map: https://www.fisofvg.it/doma/show_map.php?user=andrea.rivetta&map=205
    A very though course with a lot of good routechoices that decided the race.
    Price: Sprint Scotland

  55. Hello!
    I suggest the Andalucia O Meeting, Sprint distance from the Spain. The course contains lots of interesting route choices, even I made several mistakes.
    Map: http://karten.guedels.ch/show_map.php?user=pascal&map=1809
    Prize: Sprint Scotland

  56. Hi!
    I suggest the EYOC sprint course in Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria)
    Because the first part in the fortrest was very tricky and hard to complete with fast speed. And there were also some tricky routechoice. And it wasn’t easy to change the orienteering style and speed up for the second part.

    Link to the map:


  57. Hi!
    I would like to suggest the Long Italian Cup in Valsalega (Cansiglio Forrest), Italy.
    You can find elite maps here: https://events.loggator.com/Cansiglio2018M

    I think that this forrest is one of the most beatiful place for an orienteering competition in Italy.
    This race was very hard but even very funny.

    Prize: Sprint Scotland

  58. Hi!
    I would like to suggest the Italian Sprint Realy Championship in Mezzano, Trentino, Italy.
    You can find elite maps here: http://sprintorienteering.blogspot.com/
    and at the following links the master 35 maps.
    Part 1: https://www.fisofvg.it/doma/show_map.php?user=stefano.collodet&map=281
    Part 2: https://www.fisofvg.it/doma/show_map.php?user=stefano.collodet&map=282

    This map has been used for the Junior World Championships in 2009, but I think that the course setter did a very good job with this map and used a lot of control points and root choises.
    The runners needed to be focused on map during all the race, it was not possible to run very fast and there have been many mistakes (missing or wrong punches).

    Prize: WMOC 2019 Public Race

    • Thanks, Marta! The Italian Champs sprint was already suggested, now also the sprint relay. Lots of Italian courses this year…

  59. I would like to nominate OWC 2018 Prague Middle distance, since it was the most BOTH physically and technically middle distance in top-level orienteering for last 5 years.
    Map: https://www.wcup.cz/upload/dokumenty/20181006-middle-men.png
    Prize: OCAD2018

    • Thanks, Adam. Not sure if it was really the most physically & technically demanding middle in top-level orienteering the last 5 years, but definitely a fantastic course and race!

  60. I would like to nominate Swiss Long Championship 2018 Ftan Beautiful scenery , long routechoices and perfect weather.
    Price : Kainuu

  61. Daniel Fehervari

    Hello! :)

    I want to suggest, my favourite participated run at this year: The 10 mila ( nice and tricky terrain)
    Link to the map: http://omaps.worldofo.com/?id=230918
    i think the best course in the year. The World cup middle distance at Czech Republic. I ran this terrain 5years ago. Very beautiful and got a lot of really good route choice possible in this terrain.

    Prize: Orienteering Adventure

  62. Hi!

    My favourite course this year was the M21 course at the Australian Capital Territory long distance championships held in September.
    Aside from the challenging mix of both detailed and vague areas of terrain, I especially enjoyed the several well balanced long legs (although I certainly didn’t make the best route choice decisions!).

    Map: https://doma.orienteering.asn.au/show_map.php?user=markg&map=3241

    Prize: Murcia O-Festival

  63. The best course I set 2018 was W75 on Grövelsjöorienteringen August 2nd in Swedish Mountains. The course is good because it combines interesting orienteering and very nice terrain, unusual or maybe unique for Sweden, and in a not physical too demanding area. Also includes that the map was produced after crowfunding where more than 100 backers supported with money. The map is now for free under a CC licence.

    I asked one of the competitor on the course, Lena Leandersson, and she admitted she liked it very much! But as she loves orienteering, she also likes most of the courses she run… :) She ran 2,5 km on 39 minutes, as she is in very good shape!

    Often W75 gets some boring terrain Close to the arena, but this time I Think it was possible to get to the nicest area of the map for also this length of course.

    The course on Livelox:
    The map (OCAD-file / PDF): http://o-resa.se/

    OCAD-price sounds most interesting! :)

    • Thanks, Sven. This is the second suggestion from this race at Grövelsjöorienteringen – and the second non-Elite course suggested. We’ll see which one is nominated…

      • Aha, I see it now. He suggested a course as runner, and me as course setter. Pick the best.

        His course had map exchange at control 11, I can send you better maps in pdf/jpg of that course in case you choose to use his suggestion. Difficult to see the course when taken from Livelox. And also W75 of course.

  64. triO’thlon!
    Givat Ela, Israel. 8.9.2018
    the best (and only :) courses I set, 1 race, mass start, 3 parts: sprint, mtbo and swimming orienteering.
    those courses are one of my first courses I set so the courses are not perfect but I like the concept and hope to see a triO’thlon races all over the world!
    the maps:
    swimming: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_vlvOe2hR-dRXY0d3JIYUF3Mm92MEFVc29kQl9vejZ1X3Jj
    mtbo: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_vlvOe2hR-dcF9DNGdLR1BxWGRKU0dxMERvT2lTeW5HZ2xr
    sprint: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_vlvOe2hR-dRXJlV3M1NnNnLXJjODZidGNKUkVfMkhkX21v

    prize: MOC 2019 / Easter4 / 52nd Kainuu Orienteering Week / anything else :)

  65. I would like to suggest following course in the category SPRINT: ASOM- sprint 2 Chasing Start in Kortrijk – Belgium 30/6/18.
    The reason for this nomination is the innovating concept of a double sprint with second sprint with a chasing start for both women and men elite races.
    The second sprint was very exciting for the audience (and the runners of the other classes) to watch this spectacular race.
    Especially in the finish area with the different entrances to the square with the several loops. Very nice idea and worked out very well by course setter Dirk Goossens.

    link to the map: http://www.numberoneaucklanddoma.com/maps/show_map.php?user=Max&map=1683
    (thanks to Max Griffiths)

    Some pictures of the race: (thanks to Frank Weyler)

  66. My favourite course of the year, which I ran this year was Latvia O-Week Day 2 in Carnikava. The W21E course was on a specific coastal terrain with very good runnability and visibility in the pine forest. The course offered spectacular views, tricky areas with micro-relief and sand dunes, as well as some very flat areas where distance and azimuth had to be carefully considered. I enjoyed the running flow, while navigating the beautiful coastal relief features.

    Map: https://www.woc2018.lv/results/oweek/5.08/results/Maps%20M21E-W21E.pdf
    Prize: Kapa 2019

  67. My favourite for the Course of the Year is Croatian Open 2018 first day at Petehovac, class H50. The terrain was a perfect fit for both competitive runners and motion orienteerers. The sun kept shining, but due to Delnice somewhat cooler climate, it was still very nice to run. There were even some quite technical, demandinding parts in the race and the organisation seemed to enjoy their part as well. There was a low number of competitors, but I think all had many positive experiences and therefore bring some friends joining the next Croatian Open. More familiar with Nordic terrains, I really liked the different terrains in Croatia.

    Map (course H21) : http://www.mapy.rouman.eu/subdom/mapy/show_map.php?user=romanz&map=853
    Price: OCAD

  68. Venice Meeting: http://www.o-team.it/doma/show_map.php?user=alessio.tenani&map=360
    Finally I had the chance to be on the other side of the flag ;) setting the course intead of running in this magic city
    Price: EON Tours – Turkey

  69. Carl-Henry Andersson

    I suggest a course I have set myself, H21 from OK Orintos national event 10/5 2018. I don´t think it´s the best terrain of the year, but I tried to get as much as possible out of it. Tried to vary terrain, length of legs, directions and to get some interesting route choices.

    The course on Livelox:

    On Livelox you don´t see the course overprining of the competiton maps. I can send a pdf.
    You can see 22 runners routes, but if you don´t pay a fee, you can just look at one at a time.

    Price: Antalya O-Meeting.

  70. The Stockholm regional championships, M21 long.
    Nice area just north of this year 10mila, varied terrain, both detailed and flat fast pine forest. Long rout choices and a nice arena in the forest. The event was also elected and awarded as the top Stockholm orientering event of 2018.


  71. I have already nominated a course earlier here but I would like to add one more. The long distance from the World Cup in Skolleborg, Halden, Norway. I was test-running the women’s course early in the morning before the actual race, tired and still sleepy, making a lot of mistakes, and I was immediately thinking, that I should run it again later, to fully enjoy both the wild terrain and the orienteering challenges. It is not so easy to set a course with many route choices in Östfold terrain, most of the time you run close to the line, but here the course setter Öyvind Helgerud managed to find several legs where you have to think carefully about the route choice.

    • Thanks, Eva – another very nice long distance (which I spent some hours analyzing). Definitely worthy to be on the list here.

  72. Well, I cannot help it… I nominate one more course. I hope you do not mind. This https://www.dropbox.com/s/59nz9csk5wh66rw/KorriDiamond-Akselas.1.gif?dl=0 is one of the 20+ multi-technique courses set by Matthieu Puech, which I have in my computer. The course called KorriDiamond is set for Halden SK’s training, on one of the nicest maps here, Akselås. There are 8 forking alternatives so several runners can start (almost) at the same time. For those who might find it too difficult, a rescue map is available: https://www.dropbox.com/s/92982hf2m4yosf8/KorriDiamond-Akselas.rescue1.gif?dl=0 It takes 4-6 hours for Matthieu to draw a multi-technique course like this and prepare all files for printing, tracking etc.

  73. Hi, I was one of staff by WOC final round 2018 in Czech republic. Middle Distance took place near the ruined Castle Valdstejn in fantastic nature with sandstone rocs. The course for men was both physically demanding and tricky on lot of points. So I suggest it. https://www.wcup.cz/upload/dokumenty/20181006-middle-men.png.


  74. I would like to suggest the Long distance of the Modal 2018. http://omaps.worldofo.com/index.php?id=224614

    Amazing tricky terrain. A mix of pine forest, vegetation and rocks that required from the athletes a lot of attention and an agressive orienteering.

    Price: OCAD

  75. Arttu Syrjäläinen

    Finnish championships long distance http://www.tulospalvelu.fi/gps/2018smpH21/ mens course.

    One of my favourite terrains in Finland near by my childhood home. Great job by coursesetter Mika Ahola- classic long distance course with some really nice long legs ( 8-9 great leg for roadtoXmas).

    Prize: any

    • Thanks, Arttu. This definitely has to be one of the highlights in Finland this year as it is one of the most often suggested course. Looking forward to find a leg here for Route to Christmas!

  76. Hello!!!
    I want to offer an amazing distance (in my opinion):
    Distance M21 (variant B) from Unofficial World Orienteering Championships 2018, held this year in Riga Latvia (on the day of the sprint relay at the World Championships 2018)
    link map: http://telpuorientesanas.lv/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/distances.Ms-14162140-B_0001.jpg
    link event: http://telpuorientesanas.lv/rezultati/
    The work of the distance planner struck, after 40 minutes of unsuccessful attempts to take at least the first point I gave up) Who could have guessed that almost all the points were taken through the top 11 and 12 floors

  77. I suggest the world cup final, Middle distance. Well terrain and course.

  78. Lasse Falck Weber

    I have chosen a course from WMOC 2018 Long distance in Denmark. The course planner had put a lot of energy in making this race. Therefore all courses were interesting with very good routechoices, and it was difficult to choose the best routechoice at each control, even though the forest seemed to be quite easy. In addition, the map was brand new, and extraordinary good. Men 35A is the one i like to submit.
    Map: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipPDX5TkP6AwgTetNuOSVT1qRCyTb_tIr4rLHOnGEllX6oN6I_q8WOEgXRDpQ1rEEg/photo/AF1QipPLChPBgGf7ptOyjO8hEz202c84A_EY4aR3Txci?key=dmJyaVBuUS1DaTJUWHU1NWswTmxBbUt0aHlNa2p3

    Prize: Murcia O-Festival or Easter4 2019

  79. I would to suggest stage 3 of MOC2018 in Tarragona. Super sprint in an tancient Roman city. Tarragona is Unesco site, and has a lot of ancient Romans monuments, and has in your old village narrow streets, amazing monuments, Romans walls envolving all the old city, neighborhood judish, and a lot of old buildings. A super sprint with spectator control and map change to make more amazing the race, and with a large last control in the city hall square to make it more espectacular. Some differents route choice and micro route choice again…
    For our small club was so important the organization of this race, with a lot of woc medalist in the start list.

    Prize: WMOC 2019 Public Race. July 4th – 12th (Latvia)

  80. Daniele Pagliari

    The most beautiful course I ran in 2018 was at Lahti-Hollola Jukola 2018: http://www.pan-kristianstad.nu/doma/show_map.php?user=Gernot&map=1190 (thanks Gernot :)

    Terrain there was fast and exciting, not so common in Finland but very tricky especially in the depression part, where the visibility became suddenly low and you had to trust your compass – and yourself of course!

    Prize: Easter4 2019

  81. I’ve seen and run some of the courses then were already nominated, but i di not see the 2nd stage of the O-week in Latvia in Carnikava. A beautiful race with all orienteering tecniques and some different terrains in the same map. Above all, was a in a beautiful location, near the sea in a magic forest. One of the best race in 2018 in my opinion!
    Link to Elite maps: https://www.woc2018.lv/results/oweek/5.08/results/Maps%20M21E-W21E.pdf
    Prize: KOW – Kainuu Orienteering Week

    • Thanks, Giorgio. This looks like a really nice one, and actually already suggested by Maiki Maalberg above:)