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World Cup Final Long 2021: Maps and Results

leg_00_.png (2)

Tove Alexandersson (Sweden) and Kasper Fosser (Norway) were yet again in another league than the other runners at the Long distance race of the World Cup final in Cansiglio, Italy today. Both had  a winning margin with more than 5:30 down to the second place – and both had Swiss runners closest on the results.

In the men’s class a new generation of long distance runners are on the way up, but still two of the three podium places are occupied by the old generation – with Matthias Kyburz (Switzerland) in second and Daniel Hubmann (also Switzerland) in third. And the rest of the Top-10 also shows that experience is not a drawback in long distance orienteering.

Simona Aebersold (Switzerland) was closest to Alexandersson in the women’s class, with Natalia Gemperle (Russia) some seconds behind. Gemperle was in position for second place at the last controls, but Aebersold had a stronger finish.

The terrain looked tough and challenging, but route-choice wise and with respect to orienteering technical difficulty the courses seemed to be less decisive than one could have expected. Here are a two of the more interesting leg – for Saturday’s middle I would expect terrain more similar to the last leg, i.e. very interesting middle distance terrain:

leg_00_.png (1)

leg_00_.png (3)

Race development men’s race

Looking at the race development, one clearly sees how Kasper Fosser dominates the race – with Matthias Kyburz keeping up with the Norwegian the first 5 controls. From control 5 until control 19 Fosser’s speed is out of another world, while Fosser is more on the level with the rest of the field from control 19 to the finish.

plot (86)

Looking at the rest of the field, Matthias Kyburz was in second spot throughout the race, but both Hubmann in third and Audun Heimdal (Norway) in fourth had a stronger finish and nearly caught up on the last controls.

plot (87)

Race development women’s race

In the women’s class Tove Alexandersson is even more dominant than Fosser from the start, never letting any of her competitors get close, and increasing the speed compared to her competitors as the race progresses.

plot (88)

Looking at the rest of the field, one can see how Aebersold and Gemperle have a tight battle for the second place, being within 50 seconds of each other from the start until the finish. Andrine Benjaminsen (Norway) was also in the battle until control 11, but lost too much on the long leg to control 12 and on a mistake on the 22nd control, and had to settle for 4th place.

plot (90)

Maps and GPS-tracking

GPS-tracking from TracTrac is available here – see below for maps with courses for men and women, respectively.





1 Kasper Harlem Fosser Norwegian Orienteering Federation 1:39:51 5:13
2 Matthias Kyburz Swiss Orienteering 1:45:23 +5:32 5:30
3 Daniel Hubmann Swiss Orienteering 1:45:56 +6:05 5:32
4 Audun Heimdal Norwegian Orienteering Federation 1:46:25 +6:34 5:33
5 Martin Regborn Swedish Orienteering Federation 1:47:48 +7:57 5:37
6 Eskil Kinneberg Norwegian Orienteering Federation 1:49:16 +9:25 5:42
7 Miika Kirmula Finnish Orienteering Federation 1:50:24 +10:33 5:46
8 Florian Howald Swiss Orienteering 1:51:44 +11:53 5:50
9 Gernot Ymsen Austrian Orienteering Federation 1:52:00 +12:09 5:51
10 Max Peter Bejmer Swedish Orienteering Federation 1:52:01 +12:10 5:51
11 Lukas Liland Norwegian Orienteering Federation 1:52:25 +12:34 5:52
12 Pascal Buchs Swiss Orienteering 1:52:57 +13:06 5:54
13 Tomas Krivda Czech Orienteering Federation 1:53:29 +13:38 5:55
14 Martin Hubmann Swiss Orienteering 1:53:44 +13:53 5:56
15 Mathieu Perrin French Orienteering Federation 1:53:46 +13:55 5:56
16 Jens Ronnols Swedish Orienteering Federation 1:53:54 +14:03 5:57
17 Isac von Krusenstierna Swedish Orienteering Federation 1:53:56 +14:05 5:57
18 Riccardo Scalet Italian Orienteering Federation FISO 1:54:04 +14:13 5:57
19 Emil Svensk Swedish Orienteering Federation 1:54:40 +14:49 5:59
20 Jannis Bonek Austrian Orienteering Federation 1:54:58 +15:07 6:00


1 Tove Alexandersson Swedish Orienteering Federation 1:20:59 6:09
2 Simona Aebersold Swiss Orienteering 1:26:41 +5:42 6:35
3 Natalia Gemperle Russian Orienteering Federation 1:27:10 +6:11 6:37
4 Andrine Benjaminsen Norwegian Orienteering Federation 1:28:10 +7:11 6:41
5 Sara Hagstrom Swedish Orienteering Federation 1:29:10 +8:11 6:46
6 Sarina Kyburz Swiss Orienteering 1:31:33 +10:34 6:57
7 Lisa Risby Swedish Orienteering Federation 1:32:59 +12:00 7:03
8 Hanna Lundberg Swedish Orienteering Federation 1:34:04 +13:05 7:08
9 Tereza Janosikova Czech Orienteering Federation 1:34:44 +13:45 7:11
10 Lotta Karhola Finnish Orienteering Federation 1:35:05 +14:06 7:13
11 Denisa Kosova Czech Orienteering Federation 1:35:10 +14:11 7:13
12 Megan Carter Davies British Orienteering 1:36:13 +15:14 7:18
13 Karolin Ohlsson Swedish Orienteering Federation 1:36:37 +15:38 7:20
14 Susen Loesch Deutscher Turner Bund 1:37:03 +16:04 7:22
15 Marie Olaussen Norwegian Orienteering Federation 1:37:06 +16:07 7:22
16 Victoria Haestad Bjornstad Norwegian Orienteering Federation 1:37:10 +16:11 7:23
17 Paula Gross Swiss Orienteering 1:37:55 +16:56 7:26
18 Veronika Kalinina Russian Orienteering Federation 1:38:11 +17:12 7:27
19 Vendula Horcickova Czech Orienteering Federation 1:38:19 +17:20 7:28
20 Synnoeve Braaten Norwegian Orienteering Federation 1:39:05 +18:06 7:31

Full results

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