Route to Christmas: Day 23 2014


Todays leg in Route to Christmas is from the women’s class in the long distance race “Blodslitet” – organized in the Fredrikstad area every autumn. The chosen leg is the second leg on the last loop in the W21 course. Thanks to Terje Mathisen for the tip! The leg is ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 22 2014


– I have the feeling that this was the leg this year were i spent most time. Today we take a look at a leg from the sprint course of the year – the PWT Stirling Race the Castles in Scotland. The chosen leg is leg number 14 in the ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 21 2014

partiel1011_nationaleSELD_A (1)

Todays leg in Route to Christmas is leg 11 in the M21E course from a race in France – NationalSE. Thanks a lot to Mathieu Kern-Gillard for the tip and for course setter Franck Dechavanne for the analysis. This is how the course setter describes this leg: – Indeed, 10-11 ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 20 2014


Today Route to Christmas travels to Tasmania for the 2015 World Cup terrain. We do however do something out of the ordinary in Route to Christmas today: Instead of using an actual course from 2014 as is the usual requirement, we have made a fictitious leg in the terrain where ...

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Lucky voters: Check if you won!


Check here if you won any of the prizes worth nearly 4000 Euros in total in your voting for “The Orienteering Achievement of 2014″! 8 great sponsors – nearly 4000 votes! Even if you did not win – please support the sponsors and see if the races and services they ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 19 2014


Today we offer a 23 year old “classic” leg – which has been used as an example in the Norwegian course setting book (“Løypeleggerboka”) as an example of a good leg according to my source. The special thing about this leg – and the reason for it appearing in Route ...

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Haraldsson and Wyder: Orienteering Achievement of 2014


Judith Wyder and Rune Haraldsson have been awarded with “The Orienteering Achievement of 2014″ titles in the men’s and women’s class, respectively! Wyder  – the new Queen of orienteering  – won the award with more than one third of the votes. Among the men, 96 year old Rune Haraldsson has ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 18 2014


Todays leg in Route to Christmas is one of those legs where it feels like there is no route which is really good. A long leg in very stony terrain. The paths looks like they are too far away from the line – but on the other hand the more ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 17 2014


The most tricky sprint leg of the year? This leg has been requested by several both on Twitter and in the comments, and thus today is the day for you all. Todays leg in Route to Christmas is leg 8 in the M21E course from Imatra Sprint at June 11th ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 16 2014


Today we have got some really exotic terrain in Route to Christmas. This Croatian terrain on the island of Krk looks very special because of all the stone walls. The varying runnability in addition to all these stone walls also makes the route choice challenges quite interesting. Should you go ...

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