Route to Christmas: Day 15 2014


In today’s Route to Christmas we travel to the other side of the world: Australia! The chosen leg is leg number 47(!) in the M21 course from the Wildfire Sports Australian Ultra Long Championships at Kooyoora organized at August 31st 2014. I asked for legs for more exotic places – ...

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Achievement of 2014: Vote Now – Last Chance!


One day to go – here is Top 3: Søren Bobach, Daniel Hubmann, Rune Haraldsson, Svetlana Mironova, OK Pan Århus and Judith Wyder are the ones fighting for the top positions in Achievement of the Year 2014 with one day to go. Voting closes at Monday December 15th at 23:59 ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 14 2014


We have visited WOC 2014 and WOC 2016 terrain in this Route to Christmas – now we travel to some WOC 2015 relevant terrain, “Balmoral – Race the Castles”.  The chosen leg is the first leg in the M21E course – and the race was organized October 18th 2014. This ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 13 2014


Today we move to the Baltics to a leg from the Baltic Championships with routes from several top stars. The chosen leg is leg number 5 in the M21E course – the race was organized at May 31st 2014. The leg is as usually first provided without routes – you ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 12 2014


Today we have got a great leg from Slovenia in early spring – with several world class runners participating. The race is Lipicia Open, the terrain is both hilly and stony – and you have got several paths of various size to choose from. The leg in question is the ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 11 2014


Today’s leg in Route to Christmas takes us to the WOC 2016 area – we are only one kilometer away on the other side of the fjord. That is probably also part of the reason why we have so many top names on the startlist on a cold November day. ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 10 2014


Today we travel all the way to USA to a nice, long leg in the US Championships Ultralong which was organized less than a month ago close to Washington. The area for the first part of the course were we found today’s leg has never been used for orienteering before. ...

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Orienteering Achievement of 2014: Vote Now!


Read about the fantastic achievements of 14 athletes and 2 teams who are nominated for The Orienteering Achievement of 2014. Then post your votes for your favourites – and be part of the drawing for prizes worth more than 4000 Euros! The stories behind the medals and the achievements  is ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 9 2014


Todays leg in Route to Christmas is from the last leg of the World’s lagest orienteering relay – Jukola. The chosen control is the 17th control – a leg towards the end of the course where all teams are running in full daylight. The leg is as usually first provided ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 8 2014


In today’s edition of Route to Christmas the challenge we have got this year’s first sprint leg – a leg from the Women 21 course in Vårsprinten in Halden, Norway in April this year. The chosen leg is the 7th leg in a course prepared by former sprint World Champion ...

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