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Kauppi: Outside the map on the long leg

Minna Kauppi run the fourth best time on the long leg in the womens class at the WOC long distance utilizing a route choice which went outside the map. A small gamble, but it took her from 9th to 5th place…

Extract from WOC news number 11:
– The women had a map exchange at the beginning of the long leg which prevented them from being able to plan the route choice in advance. One of the southern options resulted
in the fastest time, utilising the roads which avoid the valley in the beginning (4.65 km / 90 m). The best time on this leg was achieved by Bernadett Kelemen of Hungary (22‘20‘‘) who ran it together with Sofia Johansson (22‘26‘‘).

– Hausken, who opted for a route far left all the way, and even through the village (4.67 km/150 m), ran the third best time on this leg (22‘52‘‘). Minna Kauppi with her route choice across the field off the map even further north followed closely with a split time only 15 seconds slower. Here Minna climbed up from 9th to 5th place. The next best time (23‘17‘‘) was run by Andersen who made the exact same choice as Hausken. Sarah Rollins, who did not go to the village but preferred to run nine contours up over a spur to a road, was 15 seconds slower. Dana Brožková made a 24‘20‘‘ split time.

See complete map and read complete routechoice analysis in WOC news number 11

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  1. Is it allowed to run outside the map? I thought it was a rule, at least in some countries that you had to stay on the map?

  2. Minna got lost there, as she said by herself. So she was not outside the map on purpose. I think she would have been disqualified if it was against the rules.

  3. It’s hard to believe that such a good orienteer could get lost by that much going down that slope.

  4. I wonder how you are so sure about Minna’s o-skills. Those things actually happen on daily basis heheheheheheee – if she is not in the right mood. I don’t know about the rules but I know that Minna would not complain if she would be disqualified after all…