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WOC of the future: What will it look like?


Significant changes will be introduced in the WOC program from 2014 – or even earlier – but the only thing which is certain is that more races will have a format in which the first runner to the finish is the winner. During the XXV IOF General Assembly held in ...

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WOC Relay: Maps and Results


As always: A very dramatic WOC relay with France in one of the main roles in the mens class. In the end Russia took the gold medals in the mens class whereas Finland took the gold medals in the womens class. Norway took silver in both mens and womens class. ...

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WOC Middle Final: Grouping analysis


A quick grouping analysis from WOC 2010 Middle Final. See this article for background information and information about the method. As expected, there is much less grouping in the middle distance – the maximum grouping time in the mens class is of 23 minutes and the maximum time a runner ...

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WOC Middle: Map, Routes and Results


Very popular victories to Carl Waaler Kaas (NOR) and Minna Kauppi (FIN) in today’s middle distance at the World Champs in Trondheim.  While Kauppi had a clear victory, the mens class was tight all the way until the end – Kaas finishing only a few seconds ahead of Peter Öberg. ...

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WOC Middle Live from 12.40: Favorites and Background


The middle distance starts at 12:40 CET – with the winner in the mens class in the finish around 16:20 CET. Again the excellent live services including live GPS tracking, video streaming and Live Blog will make this a very interesting day for all orienteering lovers. The two big favorites ...

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WOC Long men: Map and Route-choices


Double Norway with gold for Olav Lundanes and silver for Anders Nordberg. A very disappointed Thierry Gueorgiou (FRA) took the bronze and is very hungry for showing his strength on the middle distance on Saturday. Francois Gonon (FRA) came 27 seconds too late for the bronze medal in 4th. The ...

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WOC Long women: Map and Route-choices


Gold for Simone Niggli ahead of Marianne Andersen in the WOC Long distance in Trondheim, Norway today. The bronze went to Emma Claesson after an impressive last half of the course. This was Simone Niggli’s 17th WOC gold medal for Simone Niggli – that is a hard one to beat! ...

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Pictures, pictures, pictures…


Pictures for you to use on the Internet from all qualification races and the sprint final are now sorted by runner and country – and are available at the team pages. As long as the source is given as WorldofO.com along with a link back to WorldofO.com, you may use ...

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