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Swiss OLV Baselland aiming for Jukola success


At Jukola 2015 Swiss top runners Fabian Hertner, Kaspar Hägler, Sebastian Hägler, Christoph Meier and Matthias Leonardt along with Swedish Anders Holmberg will this year run for their Swiss club OLV Baselland instead of their Finnish and Swedish clubs. 

Usually most of the non-Scandinavian runners have been running for their Scandinavian clubs in the big relays. OLV Baselland’s excellent team this year is an exception. This means that the OLV Baselland has a team which may fight for a top result in this year’s Jukola relay.

In an article at Järla’s webpage  Järla’s elite responsible Anders Asplund explains the background for this choice.  Järla Orientering and OLV Baselland in Switzerland have had a cooperation for five years to develop each other. Several of the OLV Baselland runners have been competing for Järla (not Fabian Hertner who has been competing for Kalevan Rasti).

This year’s Jukola relay is a one-time common agreement between OLV Baselland and Järla where OLV Baselland will have their own team in Jukola. Hertner also got the possibility to run for his Swiss club in agreement with his Finnish club Kalevan Rasti. Read all about it at Järla’s webpage (Swedish text).

OLV Baselland’s team

1 Stefan Lombriser
2 Sebastian Hägler
3 Kaspar Hägler
4 Matthias Leonhardt
5 Christoph Meier
6 Anders Holmberg
7 Fabian Hertner

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