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WRE Middle Scotland: Gristwood and Kinni

WRE Middle 20 june 2015 - utsnitt i bedre kvalitet

Gristwood and Kinni fastest – Kauppi and Bertuks starting to move ahead of World Championships. Several top runners used the World Ranking race middle distance in Scotland on Saturday as preparation ahead of the World Championships in Scotland in July/August.

Graham Gristwood (Great Britain) won 1:18 minutes ahead of Edgars Bertuks (Latvia) with Alasdair McLeod (Great Britain) in 3rd at +1:43. Gristwood is starting to look like a real outsider for the World Championships on home ground – a man to look out for.

Above you can see the map from the men’s course (thanks to Øystein Kvaal Østerbø for providing map). The orienteering was not very tricky, with some parts being open with good visibility. Based on the old map from WOC this terrain does not look very relevant for the middle distance at the World Championships.

Below is a splitsbrowser view showing how Gristwood did a good performance for most of the race, but lost some time towards the end of the race. Gristwood’s speed was significantly better than Bertuks today. Bertuks did a better technical race, though.

Women: Kauppi fast when it works – some technical errors

Saila Kinni (Finland) won 18 seconds ahead of Minna Kauppi (Finland) with Merja Rantanen (Finland) in 3rd at 0:51. The women’s race was characterized by quite a few mistakes.

Kauppi had the best speed, but some big mistakes early in the course and some smaller mistakes towards the end of the course made her lose the victory. Kauppi does however seem to be very much on the right way – and now everything is possible at the World Champs in Scotland. Looking at the performance index Kauppi is way ahead of the others in this race.


Pictures @ Twitter by Østein Kvaal Østerbø


1. Graham Gristwood FVO 40:36 (+0:00)
2. Edgars Bertuks TuMe 41:54 (+1:18)
3. Alasdair McLeod CLYDE 42:19 (+1:43)
4. Hector Haines INT 42:25 (+1:49)
5. Douglas Tullie RR 43:50 (+3:14)
6. Miika Kirmula Finland 44:25 (+3:49)
7. Nicolas Simonin Lidingö 44:42 (+4:06)
8. Severi Kymäläinen Finland 45:06 (+4:30)
9. Fredric Portin Finland 45:29 (+4:53)
10. Bartosz Pawlak Poland 45:38 (+5:02)
11. Timo Sild Estonia 45:41 (+5:05)
12. Michal Olejnik Poland 45:45 (+5:09)
13. Bojan Blumenstein GER 45:49 (+5:13)
14. James Tullie BASOC 46:24 (+5:48)
14. Jarkko Huovila Finland 46:24 (+5:48)


1. Saila Kinni Finland 42:01 (+0:00)
2. Minna Kauppi Finland 42:19 (+0:18)
3. Merja Rantanen Finland 42:52 (+0:51)
4. Sofia Haajanen Finland 42:55 (+0:54)
5. Jessica Tullie BASOC 43:29 (+1:28)
6. Annika Rihma Estonia 44:12 (+2:11)
7. Charlotte Watson EUOC 44:23 (+2:22)
8. Fanni Gyurko FVO 45:07 (+3:06)
9. Hollie Orr LOC 45:37 (+3:36)
10. Lizzie Ingham Halden SK 46:17 (+4:16)
11. Paulina Faron Poland 47:13 (+5:12)
12. Elo Saue Estonia 47:37 (+5:36)
13. Christiane Tröße GER 47:39 (+5:38)
14. Venla Niemi Finland 48:15 (+6:14)
15. Helen Bridle ESOC 48:28 (+6:27)

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