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WOC Relay 2015: GOLD for Denmark and Switzerland


Denmark’s women and Switzerland’s men were in a different league than the others today – running in the lead nearly from start until finish, and deciding the relay already after two legs.

The Danish women had a 4 minute lead after two legs – Switzerland’s men “only” around 2 minutes.

Fantastic race by Ida Bobach

After a late change in team setup, Maja Alm ran the first leg in a fabulous way – giving second leg runner Ida Bobach a clear one minute lead – running along nearly from the start. Bobach extended the lead to more than 4 minutes, and Emma Klingenberg on the last leg could run safely to victory. Meanwhile there was a tight fight for the medals behind Denmark – a fight which Norway’s Anne Margrethe Hausken decided ahead of Sweden’s Emma Johansson.

Hertner and Hubmann decided on the first two legs

In the men’s relay Fabian Hertner ran a good first leg and managed to get a gap to the main contenders. Only Belarus managed to keep up with Switzerland – Norway was nearly 2 minutes behind – France more than one minute, and  Sweden more than 2 minutes down. Daniel Hubmann on the second leg ran a very stable race, and could hand the map over to Matthias Kyburz on the last leg with a gap of 1:30 down to Great Britain in second and around 2 minutes to France in third. Norway chased half a minute behind France. Magne Dæhlie on Norway ran a great last leg, deciding the silver medal fight for him ahead of France’s Frederic Tranchand.



GPS-tracking will be available for free late tonight – this article will be updated with links to GPS-tracking then. For now here is a map with the women’s course. relay1


Updated with GPS-tracking links:

WOC Relay 2015 Men - leg 3

» See map in omaps.worldofo.com




1st 101:40 102 Switzerland SUI 33:22 (1st) 33:37 (1st) 34:41 (3rd) Fabian Hertner/Daniel Hubmann/Matthias Kyburz
2nd 103:30 104 Norway NOR 35:11 (13th) 34:13 (3rd) 34:06 (1st) Oystein Kvaal Osterbo/Carl Godager Kaas/Magne Daehli
3rd 103:52 103 France FRA 34:38 (6th) 34:16 (4th) 34:58 (4th=) Vincent Coupat/Lucas Basset/Frederic Tranchand
4th 104:29 107 Great Britain GBR 34:44 (8th) 33:49 (2nd) 35:56 (10th) Scott Fraser/Graham Gristwood/Ralph Street
5th 105:25 106 Czech Republic CZE 34:40 (7th) 35:31 (9th) 35:14 (8th) Jan Prochazka/Jan Sedivy/Vojtech Kral
6th 105:39 109 Estonia EST 34:49 (9th) 35:51 (12th) 34:59 (6th) Sander Vaher/Lauri Sild/Timo Sild
7th 106:28 101 Sweden SWE 36:17 (17th) 35:13 (7th) 34:58 (4th=) Jonas Leandersson/Olle Bostrom/Gustav Bergman
8th 106:31 118 Lithuania LTU 35:15 (14th) 36:06 (15th) 35:10 (7th) Vilius Aleliunas/Simonas Krepsta/Jonas Vytautas Gvildys
9th 106:59 120 Bulgaria BUL 34:37 (5th) 36:46 (16th) 35:36 (9th) Kiril Nikolov/Ivaylo Kamenarov/Ivan Sirakov
10th 107:15 108 Austria AUT 33:51 (3rd) 37:21 (18th) 36:03 (11th) Gernot Kerschbaumer/Helmut Gremmel/Robert Merl


1st 109:06 2 Denmark DEN 35:40 (1st) 35:11 (1st) 38:15 (5th) Maja Alm/Ida Bobach/Emma Klingenberg
2nd 112:08 4 Norway NOR 39:09 (8th) 36:56 (2nd) 36:03 (1st) Heidi Bagstevold/Mari Fasting/Anne Margrethe Hausken Nordberg
3rd 112:17 3 Sweden SWE 37:41 (5th=) 38:08 (4th) 36:28 (2nd) Helena Jansson/Annika Billstam/Emma Johansson
4th 112:41 5 Finland FIN 37:41 (5th=) 38:26 (6th) 36:34 (3rd) Saila Kinni/Merja Rantanen/Minna Kauppi
5th 114:14 1 Switzerland SUI 37:33 (3rd) 38:36 (8th) 38:05 (4th) Julia Gross/Judith Wyder/Sara Luescher
6th 117:49 9 Czech Republic CZE 37:43 (7th) 38:54 (9th) 41:12 (7th) Denisa Kosova/Adela Indrakova/Jana Knapova
7th 122:59 14 Latvia LAT 39:26 (10th) 39:43 (10th) 43:50 (13th) Laura Vike/Inga Dambe/Liga Arniece
8th 125:07 10 France FRA 42:19 (13th) 41:30 (11th) 41:18 (8th) Isia Basset/Lea Vercellotti/Amelie Chataing
9th 125:43 6 Great Britain GBR 45:20 (22nd) 37:58 (3rd) 42:25 (10th) Claire Ward/Catherine Taylor/Jessica Tullie
10th 127:18 21 Hungary HUN 37:38 (4th) 45:13 (16th) 44:27 (15th) Fanni Gyurko/Virag Weiler/Ildiko Szerencsi

[Sorry for the delayed report here at WorldofO. Although the organizers try their best, the Internet has been very, very variable in the arenas, and it has been difficult to deliver normal quality on time after the events. Focus is therefore put on more thorough analysis the day after the events]

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