Christmas Orienteering


Christmas is a perfect time for orienteering – take a look at some of the nice “Christmas special” orienteering courses here. Have you got your own “Christmas special” or “New year special” orienteering course? Why not post it as a comment below?

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Route to Christmas: Day 24 2017


The final leg in the 2017-edition of Route to Christmas is a more than 3000 meter long leg from the ultralong distance race Blodslitet in Norway last October. The leg has been suggested by Oleksandr Kratov, who says “I didn’t run this leg, but still I think it is one of the best ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 23 2017


Today’s leg in Route to Christmas from the Legends-class in a tough, long night orienteering race organized in the Oslo-area in Norway in October this year: The Harry Lagerts final race. In the middle of Nordmarka at dead of night, in a rough forrest terrain, shrouded in mist and rain for the occasion.  ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 22 2017


Today’s leg in Route to Christmas takes us to Italy and the Dolomites – to a relay called “Relay of the Dolomites”. The relay is a 5-person relay combining different age groups and men/women. The leg is as usually first provided without routes – you may take a look at ...

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Lucky voters: Check if you won fantastic prizes!


Christmas present: Check here if you won any of the prizes worth more than 5500 Euros in total in your voting or nomination for “The Orienteering Achievement of 2017″!  Winners of “The Orienteering Achievement of 2017″ were Tove Alexandersson and Thierry Gueorgiou – read more about their fantastic achievements and read interviews with ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 21 2017


Today’s leg in Route to Christmas is a very complex leg from the World Military Championships Long distance organized in Finland. The leg in question is the first leg, where the runners were thrown into an interesting routechoice problem. Thanks to regular reader “Color converter” for another excellent tip.  The leg is ...

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Did you win a Lucky-voter prize this year?


Lots of sponsor prizes to be given away! A big thank you all for voting and nominating courses for “Course of the Year 2017″  – in the end WOC Middle 2017 won the “Course of the Year 2017″ overall. Read on to see if YOU won a prize as a “Lucky voter” this ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 20 2017


Today’s leg in Route to Christmas is from one of the Swiss Testrace X, organized in one of those green Swiss forests where you have got to fight hard in the green forest and run really fast when you are on a path or road. Thanks to regular reader “Color ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 19 2017


In today’s edition of Route to Christmas we are travelling to Finland and the world’s largest orienteering relay: Jukola. We are joining around 1400 runners at the 6th leg in the relay – a long leg between control point 13 and 14.  The leg is suggested by Tobia Pezzati, who ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 18 2017


Today’s leg in Route to Christmas is from the “Course of the Year 2017″ – WOC Middle in Estonia – and the leg is chosen by the course setter  Sven Oras. He has chosen the 19th leg in the Men 21 course as his favourite. Oras says about the course ...

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